Love Getting Your Legs Out With The Best Body Make-Up

Cover veins and bruises plus smooth and slim with the best beauty products for body confidence

So, who’s ready for a bit of spring sunshine, then? 

A show of hands in the Woman & Home office would be pretty much unanimous, but that’s not to say May’s promise of glorious weather is without it’s beauty dilemmas, namely, getting your legs out for the first time. 

Chances are, your legs have been safely wrapped up in 40-deniers since September, so the thought of baring them again can be more than a little daunting. Whether your skin is so fair that the veins show through, or you have thread veins, bruises, ingrown hairs or cellulite to worry about, there’s no reason why you can’t use body make-up to cover the bits you don’t like and enhance the bits you do. 
You may not immediately think of perfecting your legs with make-up the way you do with the your face, but the best body make-up is hard-wearing, flattering and so subtle that nobody would ever know it’s there. No make-up artist would dream of showing up to a photo-shoot without body foundation – because contrary to popular belief, celebrities and models need plenty of help in this area too – so this year we’ll be taking our lead from the professionals and getting a little help from MAC, Charlotte Tilbury et al to bare our legs with pride. 
Our pick of the best body make-up includes a brilliant new spray-on that makes shedding your tights simple, a supercharged serum that fades bruises with just a hint of a tint, a cover-all behemoth that makes light work of disguising scars (or ill-advised tattoos) and a cool shimmery roll-on that gives circulation a jump-start to boot. 
So prepare to shed those tights and enjoy going bare-legged this spring with our round-up of the best body make-up for every skin concern…