The 3 salon treatments a hair expert swears by for lasting, reflective shine

A pro hairstylist has shared the three shine-boosting treatments to get - if you're looking to banish dull and lack-lustre locks...

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Shiny hair is the goal for many of us but if you find serums and conditioners just aren't doing the trick for lasting radiance, these are the salon treatments to consider...

With shiny-glassy hair topping the 2024 hair trends and the reflective finish often being regarded as the ultimate tell-tale sign of healthy strands, naturally, we're all looking to achieve some sort of sheen to our locks. And while we can turn to the best conditioners for fine hair, for instance, or the best hair masks - for deep hydration and therefore shine - sometimes you just need to call in the professionals

Several popular salon treatments are touted for their smoothing and gleam-boosting powers, many of which are designed to last for weeks (if not months) and Celebrity Hairstylist and co-founder of The Hair Consult, Edward James recommends three in particular...

The age-old question of 'how to get shiny hair?' plagues us all at one time or another and though there are steps we can add to our haircare routines to promote healthier strands - like not overlooking our scalp for shiny hair - sometimes a trip to the salon is necessary.

This is especially true for those seeking lasting, low-maintenance results and luckily for us, there are many techniques geared specifically towards that enviable shine...

1. Glossing treatments

For gleaming strands, James says to, "Ask your stylist for a clear gloss treatment."

This, as James explains, is a semi-permanent solution that, "adds a reflective shine and smooths the hair cuticle, often lasting several weeks."

2. Deep conditioning treatments

"Dry hair reflects less light," says James, thus supercharging your hair with hydration is key to achieving a natural, shimmering shine.

"Salons offer deep conditioning treatments that can restore moisture and enhance shine. Aveda's Botanical Repair Professional Treatment deeply penetrates to repair and strengthen hair, leaving it shiny and soft."

This style of treatment is also very beneficial for those struggling with damage and broken ends, whether from colouring, bleaching or heat styling.

3. Keratin Treatments

Keratin is something of a hero ingredient when it comes to achieving smooth and luscious locks. As James notes keratin treatments, "can smooth the cuticle and eliminate frizz, resulting in shinier hair. Ensure it’s done professionally to avoid any damage."

'Hair Botox' or the Brazilian Blowout are all great keratin options, as is the British Blow-dry (an Edward James exclusive).

For those considering a British Blow-dry, James says it can, "smooth and condition hair without sacrificing volume." So, if you're also looking to achieve a fuller finish with your hairstyling - like that of a '90s blowout - this could be a great option for you. You can also find several popular at-home keratin treatments to add to your routine.

Products the pros suggest for at-home shine

While you mull over these shine-boosting treatments, we've also rounded up a few products - recommended by the pros - to help promote healthy gleam in the meantime...

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