The best eyeshadow for green eyes—palettes and inspiring looks to make peepers pop

Pro tips on eyeshadow for green eyes plus the buys to flatter them

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Finding a flattering eyeshadow for green eyes will make those beautiful emerald irises stand out even more.

If you have green eyes, congratulations! Green is the rarest eye color with an estimated 2% of the population lucky enough to have emerald eyes. With such a striking natural feature it would be easy to just pop on the best mascara and call it a day, but knowing which eyeshadow shades will make your color pop can be a real game-changer. 

"Green eyes always look stunning set against plum or golden, bronze, copper shades," says Caroline Barnes, Max Factor UK Makeup Artist Ambassador. So, if you're stuck in a rut with your eyeshadows, give these complementary colors a go and see your eyes stand out in a whole new way. 

How to choose the right eyeshadow for green eyes

With so many eyeshadow palettes, textures, and colors to choose from, where do you start? The simple way to choose a flattering eyeshadow for green eyes is to take a look at color theory.

Color theory is how humans perceive and view different colors in our world. In order to make your green eyes pop, you want to avoid matching colors and opt for a contrasting color on the color wheel.  "When selecting colors to make your eyes pop go for contrast rather than a match," says Caroline. "The contrast will bring your eye color to life and is often opposite each other on the color wheel. If you match your eye color, it simply doesn’t have the same effect."

Because green lies opposite to red and purple tones on the color wheel, these are the most flattering and complementary shades. 

As a simple guide, the best eyeshadow shades for green eyes will be:

  • Purples, from plum to violet
  • Rich browns
  • Oranges, from copper to gold

The best eyeshadows for green eyes

Max factor masterpiece nude eyeshadow palette rose nudes

(Image credit: Max Factor)

1. Max Factor Masterpiece Nude Eyeshadow Palette

The best affordable eyeshadow palette

RRP: $17/ £14.99
No of colors: 8
Reasons to buy
+Affordable+Easy to blend+Mix of mattes and shimmers
Reasons to avoid
-Not as pigmented 

The best makeup palettes aren't always expensive, this affordable option is packed with purple-based shades that are fantastic for blending across the lids and making green eyes pop. (Its price tag also makes it one of the best beauty gift ideas too)

While the formula may not be as pigmented as some high-end alternatives, it is easy to build up in layers for more color pay-off if you need it. We love the mix of shimmers and matte plum shades for creating pretty daytime looks and more sultry evening eyes. If you're nervous about the punchier shades, apply one light layer and create a sheer wash across the lids instead. 

Viseart Paris Minxette Étendu

(Image credit: Viseart Paris)

2. Viseart Paris Minxette Etendu

The best multitasking eyeshadow for green eyes

RRP: $44/£33
No of colors: 12
Reasons to buy
+Incredible pigment+Lightweight+Mix of shimmers and mattes
Reasons to avoid
-Bold shades not for everyone

Not only is this palette from Viseart Paris incredibly pigmented and easy to blend, but it's also great for travel as the packaging is light enough to throw into a bag. The shades are generally copper and bronze-hued, which is a perfect combination for emphasizing green eyes or bringing out jade flecks in hazel eyes. 

For daytime, stick with shades from the top row in a single layer. For evening, layer up two tonal colors from the middle and bottom row, using the deeper one as an accent around the socket line. All you need is the best lengthening mascara to complete your eye look and you'll be set!

Tom Ford Eye Colour Quad visionaire

(Image credit: Tom Ford)

3. Tom Ford Eye Shadow Quad Palette

The best luxury eyeshadow for green eyes

RRP: $89/£68
No of colors: 4
Reasons to buy
+Intense pigment+Limited colors+Easy to blend
Reasons to avoid

Tom Ford always serves up the most luxurious versions of staple products, and this quad eyeshadow palette in the shade Visionaire is no exception. The packaging is beautifully made and will last you years. The lovely mixture of copper, bronze, and plums truly has everything you need to bring out emerald tones, making it a must for green eyes.

Learn how to apply eyeshadow in layers and you'll be able to create a soft smoky look or something a bit more natural. Nervous about color? Draw a little of the deeper brown shade along your lash line then smoke it gently out with a cotton bud for a flattering, soft eyeliner effect. 

Nars cosmetics eyeshadow Quad singapore

(Image credit: Nars)

4. Nars Cosmetics Eyeshadow Quad

The best curated eyeshadow for green eyes

RRP: $52/£41
No of colors: 4
Reasons to buy
+Mix of mattes and shimmers+Intense pigment+Easy to blend
Reasons to avoid
-Limited shades

If you like to keep your makeup simple this eyeshadow quad, in the shade Singapore might be for you. You can create a plethora of easy makeup looks with this orange, bronze, and plum palette, from smoky and intense to soft and shimmery. Try one shade at a time for a color-block look or all at once for a statement eye. 

Despite having fewer shades than some other palettes on this list, NARS values quality over quantity and the intensely pigmented formula lasts all night on the lids and produces minimal fall-out onto cheeks as you apply. 

Too Faced Limited Edition Cinnamon Swirl Sweet & Spicy Eyeshadow Palette

(Image credit: Too Faced)

5. Too Faced Limited Edition Cinnamon Swirl Sweet & Spicy Eyeshadow Palette

The best bold eyeshadow palette for green eyes

RRP: $49/£40
No of colors: 18
Reasons to buy
+Huge range of colors+Mix of mattes and shimmers+Pigmented
Reasons to avoid
-Sweet scent won't be for everyone

This 18 shade palette is a must if you like experimenting with your look. From rich copper hues to vibrant purples, green eyes will look great with almost any combination you choose.

We particularly recommend the shades I'm Toasted, Food Court and Ready, Steady, Bake for green eyes, or hazel eyes with green flecks. Much like the best primers for the face, these eyeshadows grip onto lids so you'll experience minimal fall-out. 

One last thing—this palette smells like cinnamon rolls. Either you'll love that or you won't, but we found it sweetly appealing. 

Inspiring eyeshadow looks for green eyes

Bronze beauty

Emma Stone

(Image credit: Getty)

Emma Stone's auburn hair, porcelain skin, and emerald eyes are perfectly emphasized with a bronze, copper eyeshadow across the lids. 

The winged-out eyeshadow and glossy lips make for an easy Christmas makeup look you can recreate at home. 

Recreate the look with...


L’Oréal Paris Mini Eyeshadow Palette in Maximalist

Affordable and a great mix of shades for green eyes. It's easy to blend with great color pay-off. Use the vibrant orange/copper shade mixed with the deeper brown to create Emma's look. 

Lilac Eyes


(Image credit: Getty)

Rihanna is known for experimenting with her look and this purple eyeshadow look is particularly fabulous. Teamed with huge false lashes and a deep berry lip, this isn't a look for the faint of heart but makes a real statement for a special occasion. 

If it's too much for you, try a smaller pop of purple on the inner corner of the eyes, rather than all over the lids. 

Recreate the look with...


3inA Makeup The Cream Eyeshadow in Purple

This cream formula is great if your eyelids tend to crease with powder eyeshadows. It's a bold color but, worn with lots of mascara or falsies you can create a very fun party look!

Glimmer and shimmer

Jenna Dewan

(Image credit: Getty)

A mix of brown and bronze shades makes actress Jenna Dewan's green eyes look striking. This more natural makeup look suits anyone looking to highlight their best feature without going mad on color. 

To create this look, keep your eyeshadows warm-toned and team with black mascara and gel liner. 

Recreate the look with...


NYX Professional Makeup Ultimate Shadow Palette in Warm Neutrals

This palette has a huge range of bronze and nude colors, perfect for creating Jenna's look. We love the affordable price point and luxe feeling formula. 

Golden girl

Mila Kunis

(Image credit: Getty)

Mila Kunis is known for her amazing eyes but the way her makeup artist has utilized gold tones and a black gel liner, makes her natural eye color really pop. 

A true gold looks amazing on all eye colors but especially fabulous on green eyes as it brings out the honey tones within the green iris.

Recreate the look with...  


Hourglass Scattered Light Glitter Eyeshadow in Foil in Gold 

Packed with pigment, this glitter eyeshadow is a true gold that's perfect for emphasizing green eyes. To avoid pigment fall-out on the cheeks, use your finger to press the color onto lids. 

Pared-back purple

Drew Barrymore

(Image credit: Getty)

A pale lilac isn't the only option for making green eyes stand out, a deep, more natural muted mauve can be just as effective (plus, it's a little more wearable!)

This look on Drew Barrymore makes her green eyes glisten without looking too much. To get the look smoke out a rosy-hued brown on lids and underneath the bottom lash line then complete the look with the best mascara in your makeup arsenal. 

Recreate the look with...


MAC Eyeshadow X 9 in Burgundy

This purple-hued palette contains a lovely mix of shimmers and mattes. Use the best makeup brushes you have to blend out the powder on lids, then finish with mascara. 

womanandhome thanks Caroline Barnes for her time and expertise

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