Best Skin Care Products For Every Decade

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  • The best skin care products for you in your 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s and 70s

    Looking for the best skin care products for the age you are now?

    When was the last time you shook up your skincare regime with a new product? 

    If you have to cast your mind back through the mists of time to answer my question, you’re not alone. Once we’re out of our twenties, not only have most of us got the measure of our skin type and texture, but you probably also know which brands you love and which you won’t be trying again in a hurry. Let’s face it, beauty products aren’t cheap, so it’s no surprise that once we find what we think are the best skin care products we’re not all that tempted to deviate into the unknown. 
    But what happens when your skin starts to change? Even if you’re not suddenly afflicted by adult acne, rosacea or sensitivity, the slowing down of sebum, elastin and collagen production – all that joyful business – means your skin will inevitably change through the decades, and it’s needs will change with it. That means the best skin care products for you will change.
    Without suggesting you give up your time-honoured regime for an entirely new set of products, there are plenty of great buys developed for each stage your skin goes through, so it’s absolutely worth slotting one or two of these best skin care products in. Even one new product is enough to garner some great results – if you don’t love them, keep trying one new product every six weeks – you’ll at least have kept your skin on its toes, never a bad thing in my book. 

    Read on to discover the changes your skin experiences every decade, and the best skin care products to slot onto your skincare regime now…
    30s Brighten and Protect
    Cell turnover is starting to slow down, which can lead to dullness as well as more fine lines due to collagen and elastin breakdown. This is also a key time to protect yourself from environmental damage. 
    40s Soothe and de-puff
    Previously oily skin types should be drier thanks to a slowing of sebum production – if your skin was already dry this means you need moisture, moisture, moisture. Lymphatic drainage is not as efficient as before, so you may retain more fluid and appear puffy around the eyes. 
    50s Nourish and brighten
    If you’re experiencing the menopause, you’ll notice skin feels more dehydrated and you’ll need richer formulas to feel comfortable and plump up lines. Pigmentation can also start to appear so you’ll want to think about getting some retinol in your routine, stat. 
    60s Firm and peel
    As skin loses elasticity, cheeks can ‘sink’ a little and the jawline looks less defined – it happens to  us all! Skin texture can also change with pores more visible, which makes exfoliation so important at this stage. 
    70s Cocoon and cheat!
    If you’ve always taken care of your skin, you’ll be reaping the benefits by now! The biggest issues at this age tend to be dryness, further loss of elasticity and deep lines. Not keen on going down the Botox route? Us neither. There are plenty of fun cheats that can temporarily ‘fill’ lines with hyaluronic acid, and now’s the time you can really enjoy using indulgently rich creams and oils.