Is the clavicut the most universally flattering hair trend of 2023?

Have you heard of the clavicut? Hair pros explain why we'll be seeing this long bob style everywhere this season

Julianne Moore with a clavicut hairstyle in a white blazer on the red carpet
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Clavicut may sound more like a medical term than a hairstyle, but don't let the name fool you – this flattering and chic look is about to be your new season style inspiration.

This not-too-short and not-too-long cut is on the lips of A-list hairdressers (and on the heads of their coolest clients) And we can see why it's so popular. 

It's no secret that bobs are one of the top hair trends 2023 has to offer, with styles such as the box bob, boyfriend bob and chopped bob all making waves. But where does that leave those of us who prefer a bit more length? The clavicut, that's where! We've spoken with hair experts to get all the details on this cool, versatile look. 

The clavicut explained, by the experts

What is a clavicut hairstyle?

The clavicut is the perfect happy medium hairstyle, with ends that just brush over the bone at the tops of the shoulders, also known as the clavicle. "The cut is set at the collarbone (hence its name)," explains Bernardo Vasconcelos, Living Proof pro expert and celebrity hair ambassador. One of its major selling points is versatility. The clavicut is short enough to pass as a long bob yet still long enough to pull back into a ponytail, which is not the case with most bob hairstyles.

Joel Goncalves, artistic director at Nicola Clarke at John Frieda Salon agrees these types of long bobs are trending in salons, and the pros are loving this undone shape. "We want to make a bob that looks like it was cut six weeks ago," explains Goncalves. "This is a great example of where bobs are slightly grown out below the chin, a lot more relaxed. We're exploring the little tweaks and techniques you can do for each client to make it uniquely theirs." 

Who does the clavicut suit?

"This cut suits any woman, depending on the length of the neck and the shape of the face," explains Vasconcelos, however he does add that it works particularly well as a hairstyle for fine hair. "The clavicut is specially designed for those with fine hair as it adds volume and texture. It creates invisible layers in the hair to achieve a rejuvenating effect and brings incredible movement to the hair," he adds.

As with other trending bobs, such as the slob haircut, the clavicut can be tailored to your own hair type, face shape, and styling needs. "You can add more volume by asking your expert colorist to create some babylights underneath the top layers, so it creates a visual effect," advises Vasconcelos. This haircut's inherent softness also makes it the perfect palette for any color you fancy - be that your natural hue or something more dramatic if you're keen to experiment with a trend (mushroom blonde, anyone?)

How to style the clavicut

Priyanka Chopra Jonas with a clavicut hairstyle

Priyanka Chopra Jonas

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The hair styling world is truly your oyster with a medium-length cut like this, but you can never go wrong with an undone wave (and if you're in the market for a foolproof waving tool, our Babyliss Wave Secret Air review has you covered) 

Goncalves recommends styling long bobs like this with the best hot rollers, but using them in a modern, relaxed way. "There's nothing more beautiful than a bob with 'swing,' and within five minutes we can create this '90s swoosh and swish," he advises. "Just put five heated rollers in for a few minutes. You don't have to spend time trying to be neat, the attitude is very relaxed."

As for styling products, John Frieda Salons' creative director, Zoe Irwin, recommends another '90s throwback that's riding high again in 2023 – mousse. The trick is knowing how to use it to create modern root lift without the crunch. "Placement of the product is key," explains Irwin. "With mousse, it's amazing to put it on a wide tooth comb, lift that up and drag it through the middle of the hair and the middle of the back of the hair."

Our beauty editor recommends... 


Living Proof Full Thickening Mousse | RRP: $30 / £26
Add volume and density to help your clavicut swish against those collarbones with this non-sticky modern mousse. It also includes heat protection and smells gorgeous, as an added bonus. 


Sam McKnight Happy Endings Nourishing Balm |  RRP: $42 / £30
Goncalves recommends this frizz-smoothing and style-defining cream to finish off your long bob with swish, saying "It's a light product but gives hold and texture."

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