How did JLo wake up looking *that* good with yesterday’s eye makeup still on?

Her latest Instagram selfie proved that, even with bare minimum effort, she still looks perfect

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Yes, she really can do everything. In a new Instagram post, JLo posted a no-filter selfie of her waking up with yesterday's makeup still on - and of course, she looks flawless.

OK, so we all know by now that JLo is the queen of looking fabulous in all that she does. From her iconic and trendy manicures (like her super chic pink hummingbird mani and her elegant espresso nails that are taking the internet by storm), to her bold workout outfits that sometimes include neon yellow snakeskin leggings, she looks totally chic for any and all occasions. 

And, after months of getting her new album This Is Me Now ready to release later this year (and album that will follow up to her OG record This Is Me), the multi-hyphenate Hollywood A-lister has certainly earned herself some well-deserved rest and relaxation. Although, she was just sailing around the Amalfi coast while on holiday - but hey, we're not keeping track. 

"Good morning and Happy Monday! It’s going to be a great week!! A lil #MondayMotivation #Limitless #ThisIsMeNow," she captioned her post, which includes a pic of her taking a selfie while cozied up in her bed.

In the picture, you can see that the star has some subtle eye makeup on, indicating that she did not, in fact, wash her makeup off from the previous evening. Stars - they're just like us! Of course, we know that we're supposed to wash our faces every night before bed, but sometimes, life happens and you just can't be bothered.

Although JLo usually keeps to a strict skincare routine to keep her skin taut and glowing, sometimes, just like the rest of us, she just can't because she's probably just too damn tired - and we respect her for it. 


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Fans of JLo's appreciated her honest, filter-free post, admiring her openness and vulnerability to post herself in a candid light. 

"thanks for posting this mamaa, I miss content like this 🥲❤️ and you! I love you! ❤️," one fan sweetly commented.

"While it looks like you have makeup on (bad girl for sleeping w makeup😉) I love that you’re rocking the botox free forehead!," another commented. 

In the selfie, you can see JLo sporting a really chic green satin pajama tank top - and we love her even more knowing that she wears matching PJ's to bed. 

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