JLo's espresso nails are the trendy, lowkey mani we're adding to our beauty arsenal

Latte girl makeup? Old news. Espresso nails? In.

 Jennifer Lopez engaged to Ben Affleck - JLo's espresso nails
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We're totally obsessed with JLo's espresso nails - a trendy mani with a colour that totally passes the autumn vibe check for 2023.

When you think of autumn, you probably immediately conjure an image of pumpkins, falling leaves, and likely, hot drinks - specifically, hot coffee. While there's simply no doubt a hot latte on a crisp autumnal day just can't be beat, we think that JLo just may have found the next best thing, and it comes in the form of a manicure. 

Introducing JLo's espresso nails - the unfussy fall manicure that is bound to trend this year, much like all of JLo's other inspirational nail looks.

Her designated celebrity nail manicurist, Tom Bachik (who is also the genius behind the pink hummingbird manicure and the vanilla chrome manicure), posted a close-up of JLo's long, round nails on Instagram, which were evenly covered in a light brown polish. 

"Dulce de Leche 💅🏼 for @jlo," he captioned the post, alluding to the popular Spanish dessert. 

While nail designs, chrome powder, and maximalist manis continue to reign in the trend universe, it goes without saying that there's nothing more timeless and chic than a solid-coloured mani, and an espresso shade just might be the perfect choice for fall, as displayed by JLo.

In order to get this chic and simple mani, all that's needed is your basic manicure essentials, including a base coat, your brown hued nail polish of choice, and a glossy top coat - and in no time, you'll have an espresso mani that looks good enough to drink.

Churro polish, $9 (£7) | Lights Lacquer

Churro polish, $9 (£7) | Lights Lacquer

This creme nail polish has a smooth, creamy, and opaque finish - and is perfect if you're looking to achieve the chic JLo espresso nails that will be trending this fall.

"LOVE LOVE LOVE this color," someone commented under Tom's Instagram post that featured JLo's espresso nails. 

But don't take it from just us and JLo (although, really, did you need more convincing)? TikTok is sprawling with espresso manicure ideas, from chic, monochrome nails to designs that let the brown poke through in minimalistic designs and patterns. 


♬ awkward sped up sza - rem

Not only are espresso nails super on trend for fall 2023, but they also are so versatile. By choosing a neutral, solid shade of brown, you can ensure that your mani will match with truly any outfit you pair with them, taking the guesswork out of getting an intricate design that could potentially clash with future outfits. 

Plus, this mani can translate to whichever technical manicure preference you have, so whether you're a fan of acrylics, dip, gel, BIAB nails, or anything in between, you're set up for success no matter what with espresso nails.

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