JLo’s light pink hummingbird nails are the perfect summer-to-fall manicure solution

Shocking to no one, we can't stop thinking about the new chic mani that JLo just debuted

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We're obsessed with another creative look from JLo's nail artist, Tom Bachik, who opted this time for a light pink hummingbird design. 

JLo is back again with another super chic and accessible manicure and this time, she's letting the nail designs speak for themselves. 

In the past, JLo has debuted some of the most popular nail trends of the past few years, including the vanilla chrome manicure, the lip gloss nail trend, and even the Gothic word art nail trend - but this time, her loyal manicurist Tom Bachik took a softer approach to her nails, incorporating a nature theme into his design.

Tom posted a picture of this soft and chic mani on his Instagram, sharing a mani of JLo's from the past that gained some traction amongst his fans. 

For this mani, Tom started by filing JLo's nails into a short almond shape, a far cry from her usual longer tipped nail, and then painted on a baby pink base. After solidifying the light pink base, he painted some nature-influenced designs on her nails with a crisp white color, drawing some images of dainty flowers, and even a really detailed element of a hummingbird. 

Although we've never seen a hummingbird (or any bird, for that matter) on someone's nails, honestly it's super fabulous and we might just be asking for a hummingbird design on our next mani. 

Plus, it certainly helped that JLo was wearing a ring with a truly massive sage green gem - because a mani certainly isn't complete without just a little bling on your finger. 

Not only is this manicure super versatile in terms of matching with outfits due to the neutral colours Tom combined, but it also is a great manicure for those trying to make a slow transition from summer vibes to autumn vibes as the summer months draw to a close. 

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In the comments of Tom's post, fans shared their thoughts about the super chic and minimal mani, saying just how luxe it looked on the singer's nails. 

"My favorite .. I love hummingbirds," one fan commented. 

"you are a true nail god, Tom ! you know it too," another fan said. 

One follower even said that this mani might be one of their favorites that Tom has done - which is saying a lot, considering that he does the nails of other high-profile celebrities like Selena Gomez and Margot Robbie. 

"These are perfect 😍 definitely one of my favs," they said. 

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