What are almond nails? The popular and elegant shape explained - and how to achieve it yourself

If a chic manicure is your goal, almond nails are the answer - and we've asked the pros how to recreate the popular style...

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Almond nails are timeless for a reason, but what lengths do they suit and how do you achieve the refined shape? We've quizzed the pros...

When it comes to a manicure, the shape of the nail is as important as the chosen nail colour itself - hence why styles and lengths are just as present on the list of 2024 nail trends. Indeed, the shape you opt for has the power to inform the entire look and feel of your talons, and when it comes to almond nails, in particular, they're often the go-to for an elegant impression. Like squoval nails, they feature a rounded edge but are geared towards longer lengths, offering an elongated look to both the nails and fingers.

So, if you're looking for a new signature and are considering an almond nail shape, we've asked the experts to outline how to recreate them at home, what lengths they suit best and how to request them...

What are almond nails?

For those not versed in manicure lingo, almond nails - as their name would suggest - mimic the shape of an almond. Similar to oval nails, they tend to be longer, with the tips curving into a rounded and soft point.

Elaborating on the style, Kirsten White, founder of London Grace nail salon explains that they are, "shaped by filing along the sides. The nail is tapered to create a rounded peak, resembling the shape of a real almond."

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White adds that this shape has become so popular in recent years (it's also one of the trendiest nail shapes for spring 2024) because of its versatility: "It's a great way to show off a bright colour or fun nail art, but also looks effortlessly chic with a natural nude hue."

How to shape almond nails correctly

As for recreating the expensive-looking shape, White says: "Almond shaped nails require some focus and practice to perfect! To save time while filing, cut the sides with a nail clipper before filing them inward toward the centre. Be careful not to file too much on one side and keep checking that both sides are even."

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What nail lengths suit the almond shape?

"The almond shape is best suited to longer nails," says White, because you can better achieve that signature, tapered point that almonds have - which offers a very dainty and elongated finish.

If your natural nails are on the shorter side though, you can still recreate a similarly pointed edge or else, opt for gel extensions or acrylic nails in an almond shape.

How to request almond nails from your nail artist?

Like that of stiletto and square nails, an almond shape is very timeless and with them being so popular right now especially, your nail tech will be more than familiar with it - so you can just simply request 'almond' when discussing what you'd like.

"We love Pinterest and Instagram for nail references," says White, before recommending that you, "find your favourite almond shape nail online and show this to your nail artist so they can better understand what you're looking for!"

Who should get almond nails?

This, of course, comes down to personal preference because even if you don't have naturally long nails right now (or ever - we feel you there), you can opt for extensions. That said though, if your nails are very damaged we would recommend holding off until they feel stronger and healthier, as with all nail treatments, there is a risk of further damage. For instance, your extension might get accidentally ripped off and so on.

If you can't hack long nails though, you can still mimic the subtle, tapered tip that's so synonymous with the shape and still achieve a very neat - but more understated - nail look.

Woman&home's Digital Beauty Editor, Aleesha Badkar always opts for almond nails as she says: "I have quite short fingers, so it's a really flattering shape on my hands. It adds length and a more streamlined appearance, plus I just think they look really elegant as it's a classic shape." So, if you're looking to achieve an expensive-looking manicure, almond may indeed be the way to go.

How to look after them

For all your almond nail needs, we've rounded up a few staples to help achieve the signature shape...

The 5 luxe and versatile almond nail looks we love

And in case you're taking suggestions for your next almond manicure, we've rounded up a few chic looks to consider...

1. Classic red almond nails

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Red never fails to look chic and sophisticated, especially when it's paired with an almond nail shape.

2. Milky White almond nails

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If you're looking for a transitional season nail design or prefer a more minimalistic manicure, a milky-white hue and an almond shape make the perfect pair.

3. Short French tip almond nails

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For our French tip nail fans, nothing beats this timeless design when paired with a similarly refined almond shape.

4. Glazed Almond nails

For a formal occasion (like a wedding) or just an elevated everyday look, we'd recommend opting for a glazed almond set.

5. Pink almond nails

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If you're on the hunt for a new signature a nude, or soft pastel pink always pairs perfectly with almond talons.

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