Save money on Body Shop products with their new recycling scheme

If you're keen to reduce your impact on the environment in a simple, totally do-able way, The Body Shop's new recycling scheme is a great place to start.

The popular high-street shop will, on 5th June, be introducing a new 'Return. Recycle. Repeat' initiative, where customers who return used bottles (and jars or pots), of Body Shop products, will get £5 off their next purchase.

The scheme, aimed at reducing plastic pollution, means shoppers can now bring their clean, empty packaging into stores, to pop in a bin for recycling.

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You'll need to bring in five empties to receive a £5 voucher to spend in store, and you'll have to bring them in all at the same time to qualify for the voucher.

After you've done your bit, the bottles and jars will be sorted by Body Shop partners TerraCycle, before being 'repurposed and recycled into raw materials for new products'.

On The Body Shop website, they explain, 'TerraCycle®’s mission is to help the world recycle and upcycle products using circular methods, so less recyclable products are incinerated or sent to landfills. This will help us all achieve a cleaner environment and live more sustainably.'

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Almost all of The Body Shop's stores will be taking part in the recycling scheme. However, some stores are not participating, and you can see the full list HERE.

But of course, this isn't a new initiative for the bodycare and skincare shop.

Back in 1993, the company's founder Dame Anita Roddick introduced one of the very first recycling and refill schemes in store. So it seems this new recycling initiative is a great way to hark back to The Body Shop's pioneering days helping to save the planet.

And that's not all The Body Shop are doing to help combat the issue of plastic pollution across the UK. They're currently also working with small waste picker communities in developing countries, to make use of plastic waste that already exists. Find out more about the schemeHERE.

The Body Shop customers were full of praise when they announced their new recycling scheme, with one shopper saying, 'This is amazing news, I will be switching to more body shop products because of this initiative'.

Another commented, 'Such an amazing step forward!', while a third said, 'This makes me so happy to hear, everyone’s getting on that eco wave 🌊 ♻️'

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