The best rabbit vibrators for first-timers, couples, and those on a budget

Our round-up of the best rabbit vibrators has something to suit everyone

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Finding the best rabbit vibrators is no easy task, with so many to choose from it can be hard to know which one is right for you. To help you with your search, we put some of the most popular rabbit vibrators to the test. You can thank us later.

Investing in one of the best vibrators is a fun way to take your pleasure to the next level, whether alone or with a partner. If you've never tried a rabbit vibrator before they can seem a little intimidating, but it's all about finding the right one for you. 

If you’ve only heard about rabbit vibrators from the hit TV show Sex And The City, you’re not alone. “Rabbit vibrators have been popular since the 1990s and were developed in response to the growing female demand for more pleasurable sex toys,” says Annabelle Knight, sex and relationship expert for sexual wellness brand Lovehoney. “Their popularity was boosted after an episode of HBO's Sex And The City (The Turtle and the Hare) featured a rabbit vibrator, making it a bestseller.” 

And the reason they're still so popular with women today is their ability to help deliver explosive, blended orgasms.

 If you're looking at rabbit vibrators vs clitoral stimulators, you should know that rabbit versions target both the G-spot and clitoris at the same time, which is why they're able to give you those blended orgasms. 

Simply put, a rabbit vibrator features a clitoral stimulator, which closely resembles rabbit ears. By design, it allows for penetration and clitoral stimulation at the same time. If you've just gotten the hang of how to use a vibrator, whether that's with bullet vibrators or body wand vibrators, you might have to adjust your technique when it comes to rabbit vibrators to get familiar with the double stimulation. 

To help you on your search for the best rabbit vibrator for you, we put popular brands to the test including the iconic Happy Rabbit G-Spot Vibrator and the We-Vibe Nova 2 App Controlled Rabbit Vibrator. 

How we tested and selected the best rabbit vibrators 

From the moment we unboxed the rabbit vibrators for testing, we put each sex toy through its paces. 

First off, we considered how discreet the packaging was—a factor that can be incredibly important to shoppers who don't want others in their household or their neighbours getting a peak of their delivery. We also looked at what the vibrator came with, if there were any additional extras such as cleaning products or storage pouches, the price of each rabbit vibrator, and how noisy they were when switched on. 

When it came to actually trying the best rabbit vibrators, we assessed each toy on how easy it was to use, how easy it was to charge and how long the charge lasted for, how many settings it offered, and, most importantly, how easy it was to orgasm with the rabbit vibrators. 

How to choose the best rabbit vibrator for you

When it comes to finding the right rabbit vibrator for you, as a first-timer there are a few things to consider. 

"Rabbit vibrators are an entire category, describing anything designed to stimulate both internally and externally at the same time," explains sex and relationships expert Annabelle Knigh. 

"The best ones are versatile and adjustable to fit a range of different body types and made of high-quality, non-porous materials," Annabelle adds. "And, like a lot of the other vibrators, most of them are now waterproof, rechargeable and offer multiple speeds and vibration patterns to help you find the sensations that work best for you. Rabbits are great for women who love penetration during sex and also look for G-spot stimulation.”

Before taking the plunge, you should also consider: 

  1. Dimensions: Examine the size, as you may want a device that's larger or small depending on your desired level of comfort. Yours shouldn't be too cumbersome or feel like it's there during play. Rather, the dimensions should lend intuitive and seamless pleasure, without much fuss or bulk.
  2. Lubrication offered: By material and design, some rabbit vibrators feel more comfortable than others. Therefore, it's important to invest in the best lube, ideally a water-based lubricant. Water-based options are generally inexpensive, safe, and non-staining. Figure out which lubricants can be used with your toy: if you don't, you can easily damage the material. 
  3. Volume: Look out for decibels and note: anything 40db or below is very quiet and worthwhile. For context, a soft whisper is around 20db-30db, give or take.

The best rabbit vibrators as chosen by our experts

Happy Rabbit G-Spot Vibrator

(Image credit: Lovehoney)

1. Happy Rabbit G-Spot Rechargeable Rabbit Vibrator

Best rabbit vibrator overall

RRP: $99.99 (£59.99)
Length: 240mm
Waterproof: Yes
Battery: Rechargeable via USB
Reasons to buy
+Very powerful+Curved design for targeted stimulation+Quiet+Waterproof
Reasons to avoid
-Slightly pricier than some other models

Our top rabbit vibrator pick is the Happy Rabbit G-Spot Vibrator. While it’s a little bit of an investment buy, its versatility means you’ll use it again and again. Not only do the shaft and bunny ears move independently, but the specially shaped G-spot curve ensures it hits the right spot every time. If that's not enough, it's also fully waterproof allowing for lots of fun sex in the shower.

With two very strong motors that power a choice of three ear speeds and three shaft speeds, plus nine vibration patterns to choose from, the choice of pleasure is endless with this pick. Yet, despite its impressive size (and it is BIG!) this rabbit vibrator is relatively quiet and won’t wake the neighbors. 

Once fully charged the battery lasts for two hours. What's more, the handy travel lock makes it ideal to take away on a mini-break. While it’s not the cheapest buy, this rabbit vibrator will last a long time, however regularly you use it.

See our full Happy Rabbit G-Spot Vibrator review

Turquoise Lelo Soraya 2 rabbit vibrator sex toy

(Image credit: Lelo)

2. Lelo Soraya 2

Best premium rabbit vibrator

RRP: $219.99 (£199.99)
Length: 220mm
Waterproof: Yes
Battery: Rechargeable via USB
Reasons to buy
+Great shape+Ultra soft to touch+Quiet+Sleek design
Reasons to avoid

There’s no denying this is a pricey piece of kit but, with the Soraya 2, the extra money you’re spending can be clearly seen in the quality of the product. Firstly, the silicone is super soft, which means it feels amazing on your skin and against all erogenous zones

Secondly, with most rabbit vibrators, a big complaint from women is that the standard one-fits-all size doesn’t always work for them, meaning that while the G-spot shaft is in the right position, things don’t quite line up for the bunny ears and vice versa. However, the extra money you are spending here goes a long way to help reduce that problem because the angle of the clitoral stimulator has been changed by 10° to ensure the right spots are hit at the right time. 

This toy is also quiet, looks stunning, comes in luxurious packaging, and has an extensive range of 12 different vibrations to choose from. If you make the investment, you won’t be disappointed.

Basics Beginner's Rabbit Vibrator sex toy pink

(Image credit: Lovehoney)

3. Lovehoney Basics Beginner’s Rabbit Vibrator

Best budget rabbit vibrator

RRP: $24.99 (£19.99)
Length: 203mm
Waterproof: Yes
Battery: 2 x AA
Reasons to buy
+Great value+Waterproof
Reasons to avoid
-Batteries not included-Can be noisy

When it comes to female masturbation, what one woman loves may be the very thing someone else can’t stand. While you don’t want to spend a fortune on a vibrator you might only use once, you also want something that’s decent quality and won’t fall apart or break after a couple of uses. Step forward—the Basics Beginner’s Rabbit Vibrator. At this price, it’s an ideal beginner’s buy for any woman who would like to try out a rabbit vibrator. 

Bright purple and semi-transparent, and with a phallus-shaped shaft, there is no denying what this is. And, yes, you may be missing out on the ability to select from multiple different types of pulsations, but there are plenty of speeds on offer – all you have to do is twist the black nozzle on the base. 

While it’s just as powerful as some of the more expensive rabbits available, just watch out, as it does get a little loud on the highest settings.

Lovehoney Mantric Rechargeable Rabbit Vibrator

(Image credit: Lovehoney)

4. Lovehoney Mantric Rechargeable Rabbit Vibrator

Best rabbit vibrator for travelling

RRP: $74.99 (£59.99)
Length: 177.8mm
Waterproof: Yes
Battery: Charging cable
Reasons to buy
+100% waterproof+USB rechargeable+Travel lock
Reasons to avoid
-Buttons can be tricky to manipulate

If you're looking for a discreet but power-packed rabbit vibrator to take on the road with you, then this is the one. Not only is it USB-rechargeable so that you can conveniently refuel it using the same charging plug as your phone, but it also boasts a travel lock to stop it from powering up at any inopportune times where it might just be nudged by something packed next to it in your overnight bag. 

This might also be one of the nicest-looking rabbit vibrators we've come across, with its sleek silhouette and pretty color—and it has a snazzy color-changing panel that helps you remember your favorite setting.

Satisfyer Pro + G Spot rabbit vibrator sex toy

(Image credit: Satisfyer)

5. Satisfyer Pro + G-Spot

Best rabbit vibrator for sensitivity

RRP: $76.29 approx (£53.95)
Length: 225mm
Waterproof: Yes
Battery: USB magnetic charging cable
Reasons to buy
+Won’t bruise the clitoris+Plenty of vibe combinations
Reasons to avoid
-Loud underwater

Tried a rabbit vibrator before and found it left you feeling extra sensitive down below? The fierce vibrations can definitely be too much for some women, but the Satisfyer Pro + G-Spot is a great (and addictive!) alternative. While G-spot penetration is still the same as a traditional rabbit (there are 10 vibrations to choose from) this one replaces the typical bunny ears with a pressure-wave head to place over the clitoris. 

There are 11 different pressure waves to enjoy and you don’t have to worry about anything actually pressing directly onto you. Not only does the sleek white and rose gold design look stylish, but this rabbit vibrator has also been carefully ergonomically shaped so your hand won’t cramp up when using it for long periods. Plus, the buttons are easy to reach at all times.

Happy Rabbit Mini Ears Clitoral Vibrator sex toy rabbit purple

(Image credit: Lovehoney)

6. Happy Rabbit Mini Ears Rechargeable Clitoral Vibrator

Best mini rabbit vibrator

RRP: $49.99 (£39.99)
Length: 115mm
Waterproof: Yes
Battery: Rechargeable via USB
Reasons to buy
+Discreet+Easy to hold
Reasons to avoid
-Limited use-Not for penetration

Rabbit vibrators can be a little intimidating at times—and not just for you, as wielding one about can be off-putting for your partner if you don’t only want to use it solo. That’s where the Happy Rabbit Mini Ears Clitoral Vibrator really comes into its own. 

Unlike other rabbits, this one is all about the ears—there isn’t a giant shaft for G-spot penetration. Yet with nine different vibrating patterns and three speeds to choose from, you still get just as much power and variation as the larger models where you need it most. What makes this mini rabbit even better is that it’s easy to pinpoint exactly where you want those buzzing ears to go. 

Plus, not only can you use it in the bath or shower, it also has a handy travel lock, so you don’t have to worry about unwanted vibrations coming from your bag. 

We-Vibe Nova 2 App Controlled Rechargeable Rabbit Vibrator next to phone displaying app

(Image credit: We-Vibe)

7. We-Vibe Nova 2 App Controlled Rechargeable Rabbit Vibrator

The most innovative rabbit vibrator

RRP: $149.99 (£129)
Length: 215.9mm
Waterproof: Yes
Battery: Rechargeable via USB
Reasons to buy
+Unique technology that allows for customization+Quiet in use+Excellent for G-spot and clitoris stimulation
Reasons to avoid
-Could be too advanced for beginners

For those in long-distance relationships seeking pleasure or looking to mix things up in a sexless marriage, look no further. We-Connect's Nova Rabbit Vibrator can be controlled by the brand's specialized app, which enables users to adjust and customize the power from virtually any location. 

Tech aside, this option integrates top-tier design elements for stimulation: an arched, clit-kissing arm that stays in place while you thrust, plus an internal arm and bulbed end for G-spot stimulation. Sleek and ergonomic, it's made of smooth, waterproof silicone, and incorporates easy-to-use buttons for alternating between vibration modes. Ultimately, this nifty gadget excels in delivering pleasure at all angles and in all the best sex positions: second to absolutely none.

How to clean your rabbit vibrator

Knowing how to clean sex toys property is key to making them last as long as possible and getting the most out of your cash. 

Without proper maintenance, your rabbit vibrator will become a petri dish of bacteria that may cause infection. Always wash your device with unscented, antibacterial soap, warm water, and a damp cloth before and after every single use. But, avoid putting your whole toy in water as you could damage the motor. 

Cleaning is not just important, it's mandatory: especially if you've used your toy with another person, or switched between vaginal and anal play.

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