7 amazing hair straightener uses that you may never have considered before

Add these clever new hair straightener uses into your styling repertoire

woman with sleek bun hairstyle
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This is not a trick question: what do you use your hair straighteners for? It’s safe to assume that top of the list of uses for hair straighteners is, well, straightening your hair. But did you know there is so much more you can do with a pair of hot irons?

In fact, the best hair straighteners are specifically designed to be multipurpose tools, as adept at creating beachy waves or sealing frizz as they are coaxing hair into smooth glossy sheets.  

Whether you’re a daily hair straightener or only use styling tools every now and then it’s well worth learning how many amazing uses for hair straighteners there are. Why? Because according to 2017 Mizzouri statistics, 79% of UK women aged 15-50 use an electric hair tool and for 45% of said women that tool is straighteners. So considering more of us own a pair of straighteners than a bicycle (43%, according to CyclingUK) it makes sense to learn all the clever ways to take those stylers of ours for a spin. 

If there’s one group of people who know their way around a heated hair tool, it’s professional hair stylists. From salon styling to the red carpet and photo shoots in remote locations, A-List hair stylists know which tools are worth investing in. And once a pair of hot irons earns a precious spot in their styling kit you can bet they’ll learn 101 ways to work that pair of hair straighteners, covering every hair type, texture and styling need.

So I’ve compiled my favourite tips from the cream of the UK’s hair styling community (plus one from yours truly). Read on to learn seven amazing uses for hair straighteners, make the best of your multipurpose device and probably save a bit of cash on other heated tools into the bargain.

7 amazing uses for hair straighteners

1. A faux bouncy blow-dry

Recommended by: Frankie at Jo Hansford Salon

“Prep the hair using a root spray such as Jo Hansford Voluminous and distribute evenly through hair when damp. Rough-dry the hair, lifting it at the roots.

"Take even sections and, using straightening irons, glide them through the ends of the hair, twisting at 90 degrees to create a flick.

"Do this in alternating directions. Gently backcomb the roots to create extra volume.”

2. A tousled wave

Recommended by: Stephen Glendinning, session stylist and T3 ambassador

“Create a smooth wave by wrapping the hair around the iron from the middle section and pulling down slowly, holding the iron horizontally to created a tousled look.” 

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3. To seal in a pollution-proof treatment

Recommended by: A-List stylist Zoë Irwin

“Pollutants often suck the moisture out of your hair and scalp. GHD Advanced Split End Therapy is a heat-activated treatment that works instantly to fortify split ends and leave hair sleek, smooth and shiny for up to 10 washes.

"Simply comb through shampooed hair, blow-dry and then pass your styler over hair to seal in the product.” 

4. To disguise root regrowth

Recommended by: Jonathan Soons, Headmasters creative ambassador

“To really hide roots the best thing to do is increase movement and add volume. Reach for a straightening iron, or anything that you can use to make loose waves. 

"Wave hair away from your face, even at the top, then shake and shake. Blast in a texture spray and create a wavy natural parting.”

5. Easy beach texture

Recommended by: GHD ambassador Patrick Wilson

“Section your hair into four parts, like a hot cross bun. Plait each section and secure the ends with an elastic.

"Then gently run the GHD Platinum+ styler over each braid. Leave to cool down, then unleash the texture.”

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6. The sleekest, smoothest bun

Recommended by: A-list stylist Jen Atkin

“Take one-inch sections and use the Dyson Corralle straightener to smooth the hair from roots to tip. Using an elastic band, secure the hair into a low ponytail.

"Twist the hair into a bun and secure with French hair pins and a light spritz of hairspray for hold.” 

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7. For your clothes

Recommended by: w&h beauty editor Fiona McKim

This one’s for you if, like me, you think ironing clothes is almost always unnecessary labour and only resort to doing it in the most critical circumstances (read: wedding guest outfits and linen).

For everything else I find a crisp collar hides a multitude of sins, and my hot irons are more than adept at straightening the wrinkles out of a small surface area.

Would straightener brands recommend this? Probably not. But it’s fast, effective and saves me the hassle of dragging the ironing board out of the hall cupboard – so what’s not to love?