The best hair dryers for fine hair: our top picks for volume and hold

Get a bouncy, pro-worthy blowout at home with with the best hair dryers for fine hair in the market

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When it comes to scouting out the best hair dryers for fine hair, it's important to remember that not all hair dryers are made equal, so you need to find something that won't frazzle your ends or leave you with wispy locks.

In our bid to find the best hair dryers for fine hair, we took into consideration several factors: drying/motor power, volumizing potential, and, of course, ease of use. For this, we tried and tested dozens of models on the market—and while the overall winner might not come out of left field, there are some unexpected surprises in the mix too.

With some of the industry's best hair dryers and best straighteners under its belt, it's no surprise that longstanding hair styling titan topped our list with their newest creation, the GHD Helios, which is packed with power and comes in a gorgeous selection of colors. We also love the shiny finish we get from Cloud Nine’s futuristic-looking Airshot Pro, while Dyson’s pioneering Airwrap makes achieving a whole gamut of at-home, blow-dry looks a cinch.

How to choose the best hair dryers for fine hair

When trying to pick the best hair dryer for your hair type, it's always a great idea to pick a product with multiple heat and power functions. For fine hair, in particular, low speeds can give you more styling flexibility—especially if you tend to opt for short hairstyles or bob hairstyles—while a quick shot of power will help when you want to create volume. In addition, lower heat settings will stop too much damage, which is a good thing for finer, more delicate strands—which is why a lot of the best hair dryers for fine hair offer lower settings to begin with.

“With finer hair, you need to control the direction of the blow-dry so that you can stop it blowing out of the brush—a low-speed button can help with this, so make sure your hair dryer has this,” reiterates Craig Taylor, creative director at Hari’s. “Personally, I like a hair dryer that is simple (just a few heat settings and a cold button) and not with too much functionality, as I think they last longer and have better motors.

“I also like a cold button for when I'm trying to set movement into the hair or root; blowing cold air helps set the bend and body that you're trying to mimic in the hair. My favorite brand to work with is Parlux, as they are long-lasting, have a great motor, and come with a cold button, a few heat settings, and different speeds.”

The best hair dryers for fine hair as reviewed by our experts

plum and gold GHD Helios hair dryer, one of w&h's picks for the best hair dryers for fine hair

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Best overall hair dryer for fine hair

Weight: 1.495kg
Power: 2200W
Speed settings: 2
Heat settings: 3
Cord length: 3m
Warranty: 2-year guarantee
Available colors: Black, neo-mint, powder pink, ink blue, white, plum
RRP: $249/£178
Reasons to buy
+Fast and powerful for soft and shiny finish+Gorgeous design  +number of striking colours
Reasons to avoid
-Pricy-Slightly heavy

Eight years after the straightening-iron powerhouse entered the hair dryer arena with their Air blow dryer, GHD dropped the irresistible Helios. And it seems that with its most recent offerings, the cult brand has stepped up its design game, as, just like its newest Platinum+ hair straightener, the Helios hair dryer will take any vanity from bleak to chic.

It tops our best hair dryers for fine hair list, as not only does it look fabulous in every one of the six stylish color options, but it also packs a serious punch when it comes to power. A mega-high wattage means that you’re getting a forceful 120km/h shot of air through the concentrated nozzle, which goes a long way in adding volume to fine hair and will leave you with a shiny, bouncy look in seconds.

It is at the high end of the price spectrum and comes in heavier than most of the rest, but it is so streamlined that you can’t feel the difference in weight when using—so grab one of the best hair dryer brushes and give yourself an easy blow dry to see how this tool is definitely worth it.

See our full GHD Helios hair dryer review

black and rose gold Babyliss Salon Pro 2200, one of w&h's picks for the best hair dryers for fine hair

(Image credit: Babyliss)

2. BaByliss Salon Pro 2200 Hair Dryer

Best cheap hair dryer for fine hair

Weight: 940g
Power: 2200W
Speed settings: 2
Heat settings: 3
Cord length: 2.7m
Warranty : 5-year guarantee
Available colors: Black & rose gold
Technology: Tourmaline-ceramic
RRP: $33/£24
Reasons to buy
+Fast and powerful+High-end look
Reasons to avoid
-Results not as sleek as with others-Quite noisy

One minute into unboxing this glossy-black masterpiece, and you would probably mistake it for a high-end splurge. The modest dryer boasts of curvy contours in its sleek barrel, with an attractive clinched vent at the back that can be easily popped out for regular cleaning to avoid any overheating. And for such a humble offering, its energy is staggering, which is why it made it onto our list of the best hair dryers for fine hair. The forceful jet of air allows for quick drying and accurate styling; however, on the highest speed it can almost be a bit too powerful to control fine hair, so if your locks tend to be on the wispy side, we'd suggest opting for the lower setting. Plus, the robust airflow does make the dryer one of the louder ones we’ve tried. 

We did also find that, despite the use of hair-strengthening tourmaline-ceramic technology, results weren’t as sleek as after using some of the other dryers on our list, but for such a reasonably priced option it definitely holds its own against the industry’s best.

white and grey Hershesons Ionic Professional Hair Dryer, one of w&h's picks for the best hair dryers for fine hair

(Image credit: Hershesons)

3. Hershesons Ionic Professional Hair Dryer

Best hair dryer for controlling wispy fine hair

Weight: 900g
Power: 2200W
Speed settings: 2
Heat settings: 2
Cord length: 3m
Warranty: 180 days
Available colors: White
RRP: $174/£110
Reasons to buy
+Smoothes as it dries+Attractive and sleek+Professional xl cord
Reasons to avoid
-Heavy-Nozzles require force

Hershesons Ionic Professional Dryer flies a little further under the radar than some of the other top hair dryers, but it's definitely worth knowing about. It certainly feels professional, with its long 3m cord, large hanging hook, designer travel bag and full range of speed and heat settings, but what really makes this one of our best hair dryers for fine hair, is the soft and frizz-free look it delivers, thanks to the effective ionic technology, which sends out negative ions to smooth positively charged frizz and break down water in the hair to cut down damaging drying time.

The heat settings also help towards this, as even at their highest, they don’t feel super hot or damaging but they still make for a fast blow-dry. It’s not the quietest dryer out there but we wouldn't say that it was too loud. And with two smoothing nozzles of varying widths, it does allow for different styles to be created, with the narrower one working well to add volume to the roots of those with fine hair. On paper, this is quite a heavy model, but you don't really feel it when drying your hair, as the ergonomic design feels comfortable in the hand and easy to control.

Dyson Airwrap tool, one of w&h's picks for the best hair dryers for fine hair

(Image credit: Dyson )

4. Dyson Airwrap Complete

Best hot air brush for fine hair

Weight: 660g
Power: 1300W
Speed settings: 3
Heat settings: 4
Cord length: 2.62m
Warranty: 2-year guarantee
Available colors: Grey & fuschia, black & purple
RRP: $549.99/£394
Reasons to buy
+Light, compact+Clever attachments to create styles
Reasons to avoid
-Expensive-Not as powerful as a dryer

While professionals make achieving a bouncy blow-dry look effortless, anyone who’s ever gone the DIY route will understand the perils of wrangling different-sized barrels and brushes and how one wrong move can leave you looking the worse for wear. Enter the Dyson Airwrap: It caused ripples among blow-dry fans with its intriguing attachments that claim to do all the hard work for you. While the multi-functional tool does take some getting used to and it might not quite be for everyone, if you’re one who relies on a plethora of different hair tools or changes up your look day to day, then this one is definitely up your alley.

While the Airwrap does give your monthly mortgage a run for its money, its strenuous, all-purpose attachments do mean that you’re really getting the most bang for your buck. Not only is there a dryer attachment that essentially transforms it into the wishlist staple Dyson Supersonic hair dryer, but if you invest in the complete set, it also comes with two different-sized barrel attachments to easily create waves and curls, two brush attachments for straightening and smooth drying, and a round brush to create a dreamy blow-dry. It’s not quite powerful enough to leave a smooth, frizz-free finish on thick and curly hair—for that you might need to pair it with one of the best straighteners for curly hair—but for fine hair, it does the job in seconds, so it's definitely worthy to be classed as one of the best hair dryers for fine hair.

And hailing from the brand that somehow turned vacuum cleaners into a luxury asset, it boasts some serious airflow technology. Powered by a Dyson digital motor, the Airwrap uses the "Coanda" effect, which is generated by a forceful spinning impeller that creates a pressurized flow of air to pull hair towards the attachment. Temperature-controlled air is then blown on to the magnetized strand, drying it and setting it in place without using any surplus heat. The result: A bouncy, shiny, healthy-looking mane that could rival the results from even the most talented hair stylists around.

white and rose gold T3 Featherweight Dryer, one of w&h's picks for the best hair dryers for fine hair

(Image credit: T3)

5. T3 Featherweight Compact

The best travel hair dryer for fine hair

Weight: 394g
Power: 1200W
Speed settings: 2
Heat settings: 2
Cord length: 2.75m
Warranty: 2-year guarantee
Available colors: White & rose gold, black, hot pink, soft lavender
Extras: Folding handle
RRP: $150/£108
Reasons to buy
+Light and sturdy+Gorgeous design+Smooth finish
Reasons to avoid
-Slow drying

Going away on vacation is all fun and games—until you have to brave the hotel hair dryer tucked in your room’s dusty bathroom drawer, or worse, the stock version hooked up to the bathroom wall. T3’s Featherweight Compact is here to save you from the horrors of sub-par vacation hair dryers with its light, portable design, effective performance, and enviable results. Oh, and it looks like something straight out of a five-star salon, so there's that!

With a folding hinge that makes it a breeze to fit into your carry-on, the dryer has an unusually small barrel that can look slightly strange, but makes for painless styling. Despite being a bit slower than our other favorite hair dryers (as you would probably expect from a smaller, travel-friendly product), it packs a stronger punch than most tools you’ll find in a hotel room and comes with a cool-shot option and a concentrator nozzle for sleek styling. It's also great for if you prefer to sport hairstyles with bangs and need a tool to keep your fringe in check on the go. It may not give the other best hair dryers for fine hair a run in the power stakes, but for a post-beach session, we’ll take it.

Parlux 2000 Superturbo hair dryer, one of w&h's picks for the best hair dryers for fine hair

(Image credit: Parlux)

6. Parlux Superturbo 2000

The best salon-quality hair dryer for fine hair

Weight: 570g
Power: 1440W
Speed settings: 2
Heat settings: 3
Cord length: 2m
Warranty: 1-year guarantee
Available colors: Black
RRP: $105/£74.95
Reasons to buy
+Salon-like results+Affordable price
Reasons to avoid
-Not as powerful as others-Quite basic-looking

Walk into any hair salon and chances are you’ll glimpse a Parlux on every counter - so of course it has to be one of our best hair dryers for fine hair. It’s the signature dryer you’ll see your stylist using to give you the gorgeous bouncy look that you somehow always fail to replicate yourself. That said, investing in this humble purchase could give you a better chance at mastering the perfect blowout. Despite being one of the brand’s most basic dryers, it still boasts a punchy motor and sleek durable casing.

It is less powerful than some of the other offerings on the market, but when it comes to working with fine hair, that can actually be a pro, as a slower air flow will give you more control over wispy locks and stop them from escaping your styling brush. A concentrator nozzle also makes for fast drying, despite the lower wattage. It’s not the prettiest hair dryer around, but for the super-pleasing price and the even more exciting salon-like results, it definitely deserves a place on our list.

white and pink Cloud Nine The Airshot Pro hair dryer, one of w&h's picks for the best hair dryers for fine hair

(Image credit: Cloud nine)

7. Cloud Nine Airshot Pro Hair Dryer

The best hair dryer to reduce carbon footprint

Weight: 480g
Power: 1600W
Speed settings: 3
Cord length: 3m
Warranty: 2-year guarantee
Available colors: White & pink
Technology : Ceramic mineral-infused heating element
RRP: $278/£199
Reasons to buy
+Fast and powerful+Quiet+Luxe look and feel
Reasons to avoid
-Lower wattage 

Even the name gives us an inkling that this hair dryer is one to look out for. Cloud Nine’s Airshot Pro, which hails from one of the founders who created the legendary GHD, really does give you a professional-like shot of air for more control over your style - making it one of our best hair dryers for fine hair. And not only does it shoot out a mega dose of power, but, in keeping with the brand’s kindness ethos, it’s also good for the environment: Its Eco-Precision Motor monitors velocity to hyper-optimize air flow at fast speeds and cut drying time in half (literally, by 50 percent), while its lower wattage uses less energy than competitors on the market.

Like ceramic straighteners, it has a ceramic mineral-infused heating element that distributes healing minerals tourmaline and sericite on to your locks to nourish and strengthen, while leaving a healthy and shiny finish. And for any fine-haired types out there who also suffer from frizz, the Airshot Pro also features clever technology that works to get rid of frizzy hair and flyaways for a salon-worthy finish.

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