Where did Princess Diana live while she was married to Prince Charles?

Where did Princess Diana live when she was married to the Prince of Wales? - and where did she move to after their divorce?

Where did Princess Diana live when she was married to the Prince of Wales? - and where did she move to after their divorce?
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Princess Diana lived in a number of royal households while she was married to Prince Charles, here is a breakdown of all the palaces and stately homes that the Princess of Wales called home.

The Princess of Wales's first home was Park House, on the Sandringham Estate. Lady Diana Spencer, as she was known at the time, then moved to her Althorp House, the stately home that is still owned by the Spencer family. Diana then moved to London and lived in a flat at Coleherne Court, a building in South Kensington. 

Diana was living in the London property when she first became engaged to Prince Charles and swapped her flat for royal palaces. Here's a breakdown of all the places Princess Diana lived while she was married to Prince Charles.

Clarence House

Clarence House

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During her engagement to Prince Charles, Princess Diana primarily stayed at Clarence House in London which is just a stone's throw from Buckingham Palace. 

The property is currently used by King Charles and Camilla as their London abode. However, since the Queen's passing, it is expected that the King will be heading to Buckingham Palace in place of Clarence House.

Highgrove House

Highgrove Gardens

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Highgrove House was another property that the former Prince and Princess of Wales used as their country home while they were still married.

The Prince of Wales bought the home in 1980 around the same time that he began dating the Princess. Some believe that the Prince bought the home so that he could be close to his lover (now wife and Queen consort), Camilla Parker Bowles, who lived just a 45-minute journey away from the property. 

Kensington Palace

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It is thought that Princess Diana was not a fan of this home and much preferred to be in London where there was more going on. Despite this, there are many iconic photos of the Princess and her family enjoying Highgrove House and the surrounding gardens. 

The property still belongs to King Charles today and is a private property, rather than a residence that belongs to the Crown.

Kensington Palace

Kensington Palace

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Kensington Palace was the main location where Princess Diana and Charles lived and raised their children, Prince William, and Prince Harry. The family lived in apartments 8 and 9 within the palace. 

It was this property that the Princess continued to live in after her divorce from Charles. In memory of Diana on her 60th birthday, a Princess Diana statue was unveiled in the garden of Kensington Palace in July 2021.

This property was recently the home to Prince William and Catherine and their three children. However, in the summer of 2022, the family made the decision to move to Adelaide Cottage in Windsor. 

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