Meghan Markle wore an iconic lipstick on her Time cover and you probably have it in your beauty stash

Meghan Markle wore an incredibly popular shade of lipstick for her Time magazine cover—if you don't already own it, you might want to invest

Meghan Markle
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Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex wore a classic Charlotte Tilbury lipstick for her cover photo on the Time magazine photoshoot.

The Duchess rarely makes a blunder when it comes to her makeup and wardrobe choices and although royal fans were confused by a strange detail of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s new photos, everyone could agree that Meghan Markle's make up was on point.

The Duchess wore a sleek all-white jumpsuit and delicate gold jewelry for this photoshoot. She also wore her hair in blown-out soft waves that framed her face and showed off her delicate makeup and perfectly nude-pink lipstick.

After seeing this image, many of us wished to emulate this look, and finally—thanks to Meghan Markle's makeup artist Linda Hay—we can!

The makeup artist has just revealed that Meghan Markle opted to wear Charlotte Tilbury's Pillow Talk lipstick for her magazine cover shoot with Time—a popular shade that many of us may already have in our make-up bags.

Charlotte Tilbury's Pillow Talk is one of the best nude lipsticks on the market and is adored by women across the globe due to its smooth application and nude-pink subtle, but sexy, look.

This is by far one of the brand's most popular products and reportedly, one Pillow Talk Original Matte Revolution lipstick is sold every two minutes across the world!

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Although Meghan wore Pillow Talk for this photoshoot, this is actually not Meghan Markle's favorite lipstick.

It is reported that the Duchess of Sussex's favorite shade of lipstick is actually another creation of Charlotte Tilbury's named, 'Very Victoria.' This is another nude shade lipstick that is slightly more brown in its tint. 

This lipstick is actually named after Victoria Beckham who was also one of the guests at Meghan and Prince Harry's wedding back in 2018.

In contrast, the Duchess of Cambridge's go-to lipstick is a much duskier pink than the Duchess' of Cornwall's taupe favorite. Kate's favorite lipstick is Bobbi Brown's Lip Color in Sandwash Pink, a shade that she even wore to her wedding in 2011.

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