Venus retrograde 2023 will sizzle with spicy drama, romantic twists - but are you ready for the heat?

Venus retrograde 2023 brings all kinds of cosmic chaos, especially for these signs - so what does it all mean for you?

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Summertime will sizzle with spicy drama, romantic twists, and sensual lust thanks to Venus retrograde 2023! Passion will become inflamed during this time since this cosmic event will put matters of the heart on display. Although this could be rather enticing, Venus retrograde 2023 will undoubtedly bring out the melodrama. 

We've all heard of Mercury retrograde 2023, and maybe you recently read about Neptune retrograde 2023 and Pluto retrograde 2023 - but Venus retrograde 2023 is about to shake things up with its own unique planetary power.

Prepping for this cosmic event, which kicks off in Leo season 2023, begins with understanding Venus’ role in astrology. This lovely planet is called a minor benefit, suggesting that it has a favorable presence, since it usually coincides with abundance. Typically, Venus is associated with love, beauty, and money. 

Venus’ role in love may correspond with love languages or dating styles, so its position can speak volumes about how love may transpire. As a result, this planet is often associated with commitment, which extends to marriage. Depending on the position of Venus, this could speak volumes to how a commitment may develop and if it will stand the test of time. More importantly, this planet can represent what should be done for romance to flourish. 

Since Venus rules over beauty, this can include appearances, practices, fashion, aesthetics, and more. It can represent what one can use to appear more attractive, like a color palette or flattering silhouette. But beauty doesn’t stop here since Venus can rule over the beautification process of anything. Art, music, and decor are a few ways for Venus to flaunt its glamor.

In addition to love and beauty, the planet can also be connected to wealth and value. Value can refer to what’s valued in commitment or beauty as well as financial practices. When Venus pops up, it may correlate with the opportunity to commit to a financially advantageous partnership or arrangement. Given it can speak volumes about the relationship with money or how to procure money, this could be a fantastic indicator of wealth!

Everyone also has their own personal Venus placement, which is enclosed in their individual birth charts. Your personal placement of this lovey-dovey planet will usually refer to what you need in a romantic relationship, how you can amplify your attraction, what you value for aesthetics, and how you even handle your money matters. You can use Venus to advance in the areas of love, glamor, and finances!

So, what happens when Venus stations retrograde? Well, Venus retrograde doesn’t occur very often since it happens every 18 months. Plus, Venus retrograde is incredibly important since this transit could drastically impact the commitment to love, beauty, and money.


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Retrogrades, sometimes referred to as 'Rx' for short, occur when a planet appears to be moving backward. Thanks to our vantage point on Earth, it may appear like the planet is physically traveling backward. However, the planet doesn’t actually physically move, so retrogrades are the ultimate optical illusion! Usually, the majority of the planets will station retrograde at least once throughout the year.

There are three key phases to any retrograde - the pre-shadow period, the retrograde, and the post-shadow period. The pre-shadow period begins when the planet slows down in anticipation of stationing retrograde. As the pre-shadow period unfolds, the themes for the forthcoming retrograde will become clearer, meaning that some initial problems or situations may arise.

When the retrograde begins, this will be the time to rethink, review, then revise anything that has either already happened or is currently in motion. Retrogrades offer the chance to reflect, so this can be an excellent opportunity for closure!

After the retrograde commences, the post-shadow period will begin. Similar to the pre-shadow period, the post-shadow period will represent a chance to work through residual details from the retrograde before closing out this cycle. Each retrograde will be unique since it will be characterized by the planet and zodiac signs in that it takes place.


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Venus retrograde occurs every 18 months and will last about six weeks. Since Venus doesn’t station retrograde often, this is a unique cosmic experience! When Venus stations retrograde, this will primarily influence the Venusian themes of love, beauty, commitment, and money. So, Venus retrograde 2023 may encourage reflecting and reconnecting with past connections. It could also be an excellent time to revamp your aesthetic, beauty standards, and budgeting practices!

Venus retrograde 2023 will be the hottest transit of the summer since this is occurring in fiery Leo. The lion’s energy will color Venus retrograde 2023 with flair! The underlying themes of Venus retrograde 2023 will correlate with Leo’s attributes, including romance, sex, pregnancy, self-expression, and creativity. 

As Venus retrograde in Leo begins, this might be the perfect time to reconnect with romantic connections. Flings, situation-ships, crushes, exes and more may come back for another round this summer. A few things may occur. Venus retrograde in Leo this could be the perfect time for closure or to try again with an old lover. However, it’s probably not the best time to start a new connection unless it’s intended to be a fun, summer fling. Conversations about future commitment might be up in the air, so proceed with caution when it comes to matters of the heart and bedroom.

Aside from love and lust, Venus retrograde in Leo may bring back past hobbies and ventures. Now is the time to reconnect with your inner child by focusing on your past-times that spark joy. Pleasure is a must, so Venus retrograde in Leo will help prioritize passion projects worth reworking. Plus, this could be an excellent time to bring back an old idea or venture that could be worthwhile to commit to.

In addition to romance and joy, Venus retrograde in Leo could be an excellent time to revamp your style. Your beauty standards may change during Venus retrograde 2023 and for the better! Experimenting with clothes, colors, aesthetics, and more could help you freshen your means of self-expression. Play around with your options to see what works for you!


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Venus stations retrograde in Leo on July 22, 2023, and will take over the remainder of the summer since Venus retrograde 2023 will last until September 3, 2023. However, some clues as to how Venus retrograde 2023 will go were apparent during the pre-shadow phase which began around June 19, 2023.

During this pre-shadow period, there might have been allusions to creative ventures that are worth re-exploring or fantasies of old lovers popping back up for a fun, summertime fling. Problems in current connections may have also become clearer during this time, especially if you and your loved one were going through more trials than triumphs. The pre-shadow period could have also presented as a creative blockage, like not knowing where to take a passion project or how to expand through self-expression.

Once Venus retrograde 2023 begins, this will launch everything related to romance, commitment, self-expression, and aesthetics into focus. Venus retrograde 2023 will encourage us to pause and consider who and what we want to commit to - not only during the summertime but afterward too. 

Throughout Venus retrograde 2023, there will be other additional retrogrades to consider. Pluto retrograde 2023, Saturn retrograde 2023, and Neptune retrograde 2023 will be in effect. However, these outer planet retrogrades have a subliminal effect, so these retrogrades may not feel as effective as Venus retrograde 2023. However, the end of Venus retrograde 2023 will coincide with Mercury retrograde August 2023.

Mercury, the planet of communication, will station retrograde in Virgo from August 23, 2023, to September 15, 2023. Although only a slight overlap, Mercury retrograde 2023 could offer new insight to consider before Venus retrograde 2023 commences. However, the information may come up accidentally, like omitting a secret that shouldn’t have been told or through a Freudian slip.

Finally, Venus will station direct on September 3, 2023. Although the retrograde period is over, the post-shadow period will be activated until October 7, 2023. Like the pre-shadow period, the post-shadow period may echo themes from the retrograde that you might still be working through. However, the pre-shadow period can be thought of as an opportunity to wind down from the retrograde and to make peace with what the retrograde may have brought to your attention.


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With all of the hype around Venus retrograde 2023, you might be wondering what you should expect from this transit. Since everything in astrology is cyclical, it might be helpful to reflect on the last time Venus stationed retrograde in Leo, which was from August 1, 2015, to September 6, 2015. Not only could old themes pop up, but there might even be situations or connections from 2015 that could come back during this retrograde! 

No matter what, Venus retrograde 2023 will encourage everyone to review their commitments. Commitment could refer to romantic opportunities, passion projects, financial agreements, and forming plans with others. So, this is probably not the best time to start anything new. Instead, it could be an excellent time to revisit old commitments. An opportunity for closure and clarity may arise. You could even finally finish whatever you started during this period.

Love will be the number one theme during Venus retrograde 2023. Romance will pop up in two different ways. The first way will be the return of old lovers, exes, flings, and crushes since this cosmic event may present an opportunity for closure. You could use this as a chance to right any wrongs or to get the answers you have been seeking through reconnecting with old loves. For some lucky lovebirds, Venus retrograde 2023 might be the second chance that some couples need! The second way will allude to the start of new love with a cutie that’s caught your eye. Although tempting, starting a new relationship may not pan out as hoped for since this time can go both ways.

Since love is intertwined with sex and pregnancy, these romantic subtopics may also be apparent themes during Venus retrograde 2023. Some individuals may have a change of heart about what they want in the bedroom, like exploring their kinky side or reconsidering their boundaries for sex. Others may see a difference in their outlook on having a child, either generally speaking or with a specific someone. Just be careful! Safe sex practices will be the best way to avoid a surprise pregnancy during the retrograde period.

While love is a hot topic, money will be another one during Venus retrograde 2023. Similar to love, money will also come up in two different ways. Like love, one way the retrograde will affect financial matters may refer to old budgeting habits, goals, or financial ventures. The other way may influence new, potential financial endeavors. However, Venus retrograde 2023 could be a better time to negotiate than to sign onto anything new. 

The most surprising topic of this period will have to do with self-expression. Venus retrograde 2023 will encourage us to find ourselves by revisiting old aesthetics, styles, hobbies, and other pleasures. So, this could be an excellent time for a makeover or to honor your inner child by reconnecting with whatever brings you joy.

Although this cosmic chaos will undoubtedly impact everyone’s lives, this might be more apparent for the fixed signs - Leo, Aquarius, Taurus, and Scorpio. The fixed signs may feel like Venus retrograde 2023 is an exceptionally personal experience. Aside from the fixed signs, those who have a natal Venus in Leo placement and or a natal Venus retrograde placement may be more susceptible to this transit.

Venus retrograde 2023 horoscope

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Read on to see how the Venus retrograde 2023 affects your love life and creativity. For the most accurate reading, look at your sun sign moon sign, or rising sign according to your astrology birth chart.


All is fair in love and war, Aries. Usually, fast and furious is how you handle matters of the heart since you don’t typically have any time for drama. But Venus retrograde in Leo may bring back old lovers from the last eight years that could be worth revisiting. Exes, flings, situationships, crushes and more could resurface. Luckily, you can always use Venus retrograde to pivot your attention to any old hobbies or past-times that have caught your eye. When in doubt, avoid the romantic drama and focus on reconnecting with your inner child.


What’s been swept under the rug, Taurus? Every family has a secret or two that they don’t talk about, including yours! As Venus retrograde in Leo begins to unfold, you may find that the tension in your home life is hotter than the summertime sun. Old grudges and other conundrums may resurface during this transit. On one hand, it may bring back some hurt feelings between family members. But on the other hand, you could use this Venus retrograde to let go of any issues that hinder the closeness that you could have in your home life. Choose wisely!


Finding your community can be challenging, Gemini. Some of your closest friends and immediate connections will come into question during Venus retrograde in Leo. As the conversations unfold, the social dynamics may become increasingly clear. You may realize that some of your friends bring more drama than positivity to your life. Some connections may even appear to be more self-absorbed than you may have previously noticed. Think about who you want to keep in your inner circle during Venus retrograde since some relationships may not be worth continuing post-retrograde.


Money may come to a halt, Cancer. As Venus retrograde in Leo begins, your financial avenues may seemingly end. This isn’t to say that you’ll go bankrupt or lose everything precious to you. You may just find that Venus retrograde isn’t the best time to try new avenues to make a quick buck. If financial restraints pop up, then you could always use Venus retrograde to revise your budget accordingly. Luckily, Venus retrograde may bring back long, lost opportunities for security and trinkets with sentimental value when you least expect it.


Where’s your confidence, Leo? It’s not like you to feel out of sorts about your appearance or identity, but Venus retrograde may just ding your morale. Although this transit will feel personal, it could actually be an excellent opportunity to reconsider what you want to do with your personal image. You may feel inspired to use Venus retrograde to revamp your style, such as experimenting with your clothes or make-up. Venus retrograde could even encourage you to maximize your glowing attributes so that you can emerge this transit as the best version of yourself!


Take your time, Virgo. Your subconscious realm will be activated during the Venus retrograde in Leo. Since Venus retrograde will have a subliminal effect, you may find yourself thinking more about old loves, drama, connections, and aspirations. These thoughts may even infiltrate your dream state! Although it might be tempting to reconnect or start something new based on the synchronicities that you may be receiving, it might be better to wait until Venus retrograde is over. You will have a clearer perspective of your course of action in the post-shadow period.


Who will stand by your side, Libra? Community is important to you, so Venus retrograde in Leo may expose your friend's true intentions over the next few months. Significant connections and long-standing friendships may suddenly seem questionable during Venus retrograde. How others treat you will be more apparent if you find the confidence and courage to pursue a dream or give your attention to a different community. Keep the old saying, “When people show you their true colors, believe them”, in mind as Venus retrograde slowly but surely exposes your connections throughout the summer.


Talk is cheap, Scorpio. What others say or think about you shouldn’t affect you, but it might just get under your skin when Venus stations retrograde in Leo. You may feel incredibly accomplished in your career path and in other areas of your life. However, your achievements may accidentally attract a jealous vibe. Instead of focusing on the latest gossip circulating the rumor mill, you could think of Venus retrograde as an opportunity to reframe your trajectory. Think about what you want to do or accomplish next while making an effort to ignore the haters.


What do you believe in, Sagittarius? As a Jupiter-ruled zodiac sign, your usual mentality is “onward and upward” since there’s no corralling your voracious appetite to learn new things. However, Venus retrograde in Leo may pump the breaks on your educational experiences. Instead of focusing on a new school of thought or forming a new opinion, you may need to work on letting go of old dogma that no longer serves you. Allow yourself to let go of any residual restraints that old teachings or beliefs may have on you. Doing so will promote spiritual and intellectual growth!


Entanglements of all kinds are up in the air this summer, Capricorn. Venus retrograde in Leo will highlight how much power you have in your private romantic relationships, interpersonal connections, and financial matters. On one hand, Venus retrograde could be ideal for course-correcting any financial issues, like looking into ways to alleviate your debt or opportunities to refinance your loans. On the other hand, Venus retrograde may address the lack of boundaries in your close partnerships, which might be worthwhile to address to feel in control. Tread lightly with making any decisions about your entanglements!


Pause for the cause, Aquarius. New and old relationships will challenge you this summer while Venus retrograde in Leo unfolds. You might be unsure about who to commit to and if the arrangement would even be worth your time. Venus retrograde isn’t the time to make new commitments since any promises could easily become undone. Instead, think of Venus retrograde as the perfect time to consider your options. What do you want to renegotiate or change in your partnerships? Make a list of what you do and don’t want so that you’re focused on what truly matters.


Redefine your daily rituals, Pisces. Your Venus retrograde in Leo experience will be primarily focused on your health and wellbeing. What goes into your satisfaction may include your interpersonal relationships, commitments, and outlook on beauty. So, you may feel like it’s time to take control of who or what affects your everyday life during Venus retrograde. You might feel encouraged to separate yourself from any negative situations or connections that don’t add to your routine. This could also be an excellent time to revamp your habits to feel better about yourself!

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