Pluto retrograde 2023 - how cosmic shift will affect your luck and finances, depending on your star sign

Pluto retrograde 2023 comes to teach you that some secrets are worth keeping, especially if you’re a Scorpio or a Capricorn

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Only a few months ago - on March 23, 2023 - there was much rejoicing, as Pluto, the planet of transformation arrived in the humanitarian sign Aquarius at long last. Following its absence of over 200 years from the justice-loving sign, it was to herald a period of change, environmentalism, and social reform.

And now it is turning retrograde, less than eight weeks later. We're all familiar with the challenges presented by Mercury retrograde 2023, but Pluto retrograde 2023 brings its own difficulties.

Soon Pluto will dip back into Capricorn. There hasn’t been much opportunity for social change, and the small progress made can potentially be turned on its head. This isn’t a retrograde that is likely to be felt on an individual level but will have a serious impact in terms of politics, activism, and potentially even revolutions.

Is Pluto a planet?

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Any conversation around Pluto in the astrology space, is a little bit painful since 2006, when Pluto was downgraded from ‘planet’ to ‘dwarf planet’ officially. In astronomy, there are no longer nine planets in the solar system, only eight. In astrology however, we still discuss Pluto in the same way we always have done, since 1930 when it was first discovered.

Pluto is one of the generational planets, because it takes between 12 and 31 years to pass through a sign. Most people born between the years of 1983-1995 had their Pluto in Scorpio, for example. They’re a generation with many commonalities. Known as Millennials, they share similar attitudes towards finances, spirituality and health. 

Their acceptance of the esoteric world can be attributed to their Pluto in mystical Scorpio, for instance, compared with the previous generation, GenX born 1971-1983, whose Pluto was in balanced Libra, and who aren’t completely sold on alternative spirituality.

This planet rules death and rebirth. Massive changes, political revolutions and the shifting of borders and policies. On the personal level, Pluto rules change, and when it moves, it is time for a personal metamorphosis.

What happens when Pluto is in retrograde?

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When a planet is said to be going retrograde, it means that it’s seen to be going backward in the sky. Of course, planets don’t go backward but hurtle endlessly along their personal orbit. As we view them from our seats here on Earth, their direction appears to be changing.

Pluto reverses its course for about six months out of every year, and so the impact won’t feel too unfamiliar. It is a swinging pendulum, concerning change. Every successful transformation creates a backlash, so as political tendencies swing back and forth, and personal directions pivot every six months, this consistent six-month retrograde would appear to be the natural way of the world.

Since Pluto is the planet of transformation, when it goes retrograde, it slows transformation down to a halt, even reversing the subject of the transformation. It's an important shift in the astrology 2023 calendar.

If you’d gone vegan, then during the Pluto retrograde you may trip up on a prosciutto pizza. Governments that signed a peace treaty may deal with an attack during the Pluto retrograde.

In the year 2022, Pluto went retrograde from April 29 to October 8. Think back to those months and see which challenges you faced then – they might repeat for you during this present Pluto retrograde.

When is Pluto retrograde 2023?

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  • May 1 – Pluto stations retrograde in Aquarius. The actual retrograde has begun, and the good goals you’ve achieved in terms of leaving the materialistic self behind, start to become undone. You find that you think about yourself more than about others, and you are uncertain about who the person staring at you in the mirror is. The transformation has begun.
  • June 12 – Pluto enters Capricorn. As Pluto moves backward, it returns to the previous sign, Capricorn. The shift from humanitarian Aquarius to business-loving Capricorn is stark. When picking holidays you go for luxury over carbon-offset journeys. In the stationery shop, you pick a leather-bound notebook over recycled paper. You’ve got every right to do that, of course, but didn’t you promise yourself to try and be more sustainable?
  • October 11 – Pluto goes direct in Capricorn. The feeling of uncertainty is gone, you’re more confident and secure in your decisions, and your everyday changes, and even bigger life changes, don’t backfire anymore. You feel accepted by those around you and more at ease with yourself.
  • January 21 – Pluto, still direct, enters Aquarius. Your commitment to humanitarian and environmental issues has returned. You have a newly reinforced belief in the need for a new way to operate within this global village, and you’re happy to make personal sacrifices which benefit the greater good.
  • February 1, 2024 - the shadow period of the Pluto retrograde, which is the time during which the planet travels across the same distance that it will later reverse through, is January 8 2023, and until February 1, 2024. Since it overlaps with the shadow period of the previous and the next Pluto retrogrades, there’s no need to worry too much about the shadow, as it is practically a constant.

Pluto retrograde 2023 horoscope

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Read on to discover how Pluto retrograde 2023 will affect your luck and your career, depending on your star sign. For the most accurate reading, look at your sun sign moon sign, or rising sign according to your astrology birth chart.


As the first sign of the Zodiac, death, and rebirth are no strangers to you. Pluto doesn’t frighten you. When retrogrades take place, it puts plans and opinions at risk – but your plans are ‘maybes’ at best, and your opinions aren’t based on anything tangible. Let others worry about the need to start fresh when they were planning to stay on course. You start fresh every day of the week, and you won’t feel worried at all.


Metamorphosis is not your natural state, Taurus, so your relationship with Pluto is hit-and-miss at best. This transformation planet drags you outside of your comfort zone, and when it stops pushing, you may find that you’re more lethargic, less interested in carrying on with your personal growth, and retreating back into the shadows. Ensure that you bounce back into your routine after Pluto retrograde 2023 is done.


You are the celestial butterfly, ever ready to change, ever ready to transform, always in mid-metamorphosis. So this retrograde, which enforces metamorphosis on all, doesn’t phase you in the least. You might not even notice that it happened! As friends around you will be panicking, with last-minute cancellations of parties and gym dates, you weren’t even sure if you were turning up in the first place!


You love to be surrounded by a large, warm, contented family, and this would be hard when such a mixed-up retrograde is taking place in the sky above. Some people will feel it and you’ll watch them change during Pluto retrograde 2023. Some people won’t worry too much and will take it in their stride, but for you, Cancer, who is so dependent on the well-being of those around you, the change in domestic dynamics will be stressful. Remind yourself that everyone has their own challenges, and prioritize rest and self-care.


This whole retrograde isn’t your style, Leo. You favor clear-cut, direct ways of communicating with those around you, and the season of transformation just messes with your carefully-laid plans. It’s one thing when everyone around you changes and evolves, it’s inconvenient but you can think on the go. It’s another matter entirely when you’re called upon to transform yourself. You’re simply not interested in any constructive criticism. But growth benefits everyone, so it’s worth you trying to go with the flow this time.


If anyone were to ask whether you enjoy changes, Virgo, you’d say no, you like to be predictable, you like routine, you like to have a plan. But if life was always so predictable, then how would you ever be able to showcase your incredible initiative, and ability to fly by the seat of your pants? Your quick-thinking nature and pragmatic approach have seen you through many a retrograde in your day, and this one is no different. You’ll cruise right through it and feel amazing.


Going through transformations can be challenging and naturally, you’re not going through life-courting challenges. You’re a very peaceful sign. But in your heart of hearts, you do love a reinvention. Elegant and sociable, you love seeing how people metamorphose themselves through life. You embrace aging, you adore the shifting sands of a checkered career, and you even like sudden endings, which bring about new beginnings.


Pluto is your personal planet, and so its shifts and changes feel like they touch you personally, not just politically and Pluto retrograde 2023 is no different. As your belief system and social ideals mature over the years, while the planet progresses through the signs, you also find that you feel blocked and demotivated during the retrogrades. The only constant thing is change, so go ahead and retreat if you want to – but ensure that you keep some transformation going, even if it’s only mindset and thoughts.


Don’t even try to pretend that you don’t love it, Sagittarius. Even the most challenging of astrological transitions, even the most complicated of situations to navigate, and even the most hectic of schedules, are undoubtedly entertaining. And between you and me, this is all you truly care about – having fun. So Pluto retrograde 2023 demands that you change something about yourself – your approach, your attitude, your styling. No problem! Roll with the changes because they are the spice of life.


This retrograde involves you, Capricorn, and so it feels more than a little bit personal. Pluto was in your sign for 15 years, and oh, how epic were they! Financial crises across the world, changes in leadership, even wars – and then Pluto left you and went to Aquarius. And now, as it’s about to return to your sign, you’re reluctant to have the same kind of attention on you. Will there be a power grab? Will politics change again? At any rate, it’ll be short-lived, as Pluto leaves you for the final time in January, not to return for over 200 years again.


Pluto retrograde 2023 is a little upsetting for you, Aquarius. For over 200 years you’ve been waiting for Pluto to come back into your sign, thinking of all the fun you had together last time. The wars! The revolutions! The independence! And it finally returned, and not eight weeks later it’s turning its heel and going back into Capricorn. But patience, my friend, it will be back. And you’ll get to do it all together next year.


Your symbol is the fish, with its shimmery scales and mystical nature. Like the fish, you appear suddenly, and disappear often, keeping your unique ways a mystery. A retrograde like this, which calls on people to explore their ability to change, is child’s play to you. Super easy to achieve, even enjoyable. You’ll experience the urge to change your style, experiment with your accent, and live by your dreams - why not!

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