Neptune retrograde 2023 - how Neptune will affect your romantic life and financial decisions, depending on your star sign

Neptune retrograde 2023 reassures you that dreaming is good for you and that an inspired idea is the first spark of creation

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The thing about Neptune retrograde 2023 is that the outer planets, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto, are not as straightforward in their astrological influence as the classical planets. We know that Mercury is for communication and Venus is for love via the ancient myths and classical astrology which are thousands of years old, but the outer planets weren’t even discovered 250 years ago, and can’t be seen with the naked eye.

We've all heard of Mercury retrograde 2023, and maybe you recently read about Pluto retrograde 2023 - but Neptune retrograde 2023 is about to shake things up with its own unique planetary power.

Though the outer planets may be out of sight, they exist and they influence us - but they do so in a much broader way. For example, if you happen to have your Uranus in Taurus, so does everyone you went to school with. This means that the qualities which this planet bestows are ‘generational’. They encompass an entire decade or two.

Neptune, which is going retrograde very soon, is the planet of illusion. It’s a planet that influences inspiration, fantasies, dreams, and the subconscious. Neptune is the ruling planet of Pisces – a dreamy sign that just loves to daydream and avoids reality whenever possible.

Neptune stays in each sign for about fourteen years and takes 146 years to complete its spin around the Sun.

Neptune’s position in your personal chart will show where your dreams and inspirations are. Do you tend to daydream when you study, or fantasize about asking someone out for weeks before you actually do it? This may have to do with Neptune’s position in your chart.


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When we say a planet goes retrograde, it means that the planet appears to be going backwards in the sky. Naturally, no planet goes ‘backwards’, as they each have their own orbit to follow, but it only appears to turn around from our perspective, here on Earth.

Neptune retrogrades about once a year, for about five or six months, so it’s always preparing for a retrograde, experiencing a retrograde or recovering from the effects of a retrograde.

Neptune is the ruler of the sign of Pisces, which is an elusive and creative sign. This Neptune retrograde 2023 just happens to be in Pisces, so the mysterious quality of this period of time is doubled up.

Our ability to pick up on information intuitively, using nothing but our minds, is increased, but since the planet is retrograde, we may bite off more than we can chew, and receive information which doesn’t benefit us, or question what we see.

Pisces has a love-hate relationship with reality at the best of times, and so during the Neptune retrograde, we may favor illusion over proven fact, and that can be confusing.

Confidence will be your secret weapon during this Neptune retrograde. You can rely on your intuition without questioning your ability to do so, and you can dig deep into your creative reserves and love what you’re putting on the canvas. Let your heart take the lead, and your mind will have no choice but to follow.

Previously, between June 28, 2022 and December 2, 2022, Neptune was retrograde in Pisces, just like in 2023. What happened to you at the time around your love life, work, home and luck? The same could happen during the 2023 retrograde.


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Neptune stations retrograde on June 30, 2023, and then it immediately reverses its course, and hey presto! It is sliding backward for five months and a week. Neptune is in dreamy, romantic Pisces on the day, so love lives may be a bit unsettled for everyone at that time.

The pre-retrograde phase is called the shadow, and it is the period during which Neptune covers the same journey which it will later reverse during the retrograde. It starts on March 9, and it means that we start to prepare for the retrograde. Some confusion will be inevitable during that time, and it’s a good idea to safeguard your dreams and relationships, lest the retrograde’s confusing energies ravage them. Journal your fears, worries, and plans, so that you can refer back to them and read how you felt before the retrograde.

The period of Neptune retrograde 2023 is from June 30 2023 to December 6, 2023. The entire retrograde is in Pisces, as Neptune has been in Pisces constantly for over ten years now, and as it will be for the next two to three years.

Neptune then goes direct on December 6, 2023. Jupiter and Uranus are retrograde at the time, so it’s not really plain sailing for everyone yet.

The post-retrograde shadow will last until March 25, 2024, which will allow us to understand the lessons of the Neptune retrograde.

Keep in mind though, that the Neptune retrograde is frequent and lengthy enough, that we’re rarely ever outside of a Neptune retrograde or a shadow period, so we are always processing a lesson on inspiration and illusion in one or another way.


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Neptune is a planet of romantic behavior, creativity, dreams, and glamor. It is also associated with the flip side of all those – illusion, delusion, fantasy as well as lying and cheating in love.

When it’s inspirational, it can assist an artist, an author, or a producer to put together an incredible creation. But it can also lead to delusions of grandeur, or passing off another’s work as your own.

The retrograde takes all these influences and passes them through a shadow reality, where nothing is plain to see. As you navigate life during the Neptune Retrograde, beware, for nothing is as it seems.

A job offer may be a scam. Someone reaching out to help you could be trying to pick your pocket. A romantic new partner who love bombs might bring with them emotional risk-taking.

Proceed with caution. Life doesn’t stop for five months, but you’ll benefit from keeping as grounded as possible, and from questioning everything.

Neptune retrograde 2023 horoscope

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Read on to see how the Neptune retrograde 2023 affects your love life and creativity. For the most accurate reading, look at your sun sign moon sign, or rising sign according to your astrology birth chart.


You know, you might not even feel this Neptune retrograde so strongly in your life, Aries. You’re a fan of taking action and not into navel-gazing. Questioning yourself isn’t something that comes naturally to you. The whole lesson in this retrograde is to follow your own lead and trust your own mind, and this is a lesson you learn every day. The only difference you may feel, during this period, is that your dreams may be stronger, more vivid, and full of symbolism.


You’re as creative as they come, and never miss an opportunity to develop that creativity, Taurus. The intense Neptune retrograde in Pisces may feel confusing, you’ll struggle to trust your own instincts when it comes to your usual creative discipline. See this as a golden opportunity to practice another – creative writing, sculpting, jewelry making. What a great moment to try something new, and your mind can’t tell you you’re getting things wrong, because you’re only just starting.


As much as you like to be clear and direct, and as much as you like to be constantly on the go, this Neptune retrograde can slow things down for you a bit, Gemini. Communicative and playful, Neptune retrograde 2023 can cause people to be deceitful, and you struggle to process the lies. Fun-loving and forthright, the retrograde can influence people into being vague and canceling plans, and you’ll hate having to deal with unpredictable promises. Remember you’re an ideas person, so when you need to pivot your plans, create a swift plan B.


Neptune is a planet that’s super aligned with parts of your personality – the romantic streak, the fantasy, the intuition. And Pisces is a sign that’s very similar to you, as you’re two of the three water signs. So this period of Neptune in Pisces, since 2011 and till 2026, doesn’t feel alien to you at all. For this reason, the retrograde impacts you greatly – you’ll be questioning your intuition, and you’ll be suffering from writer’s block. Preparation is key, remind yourself that it’s not you, it’s Neptune retrograde 2023.


Neptune is a planet of illusion, and you favor clarity. Since your life is practical without fantasy – you make big plans rather than just dream big – your relationship to the Neptune retrograde is non-existent. You may find that people around you are being less straightforward, more confusing, and they might be more influenced by the Neptune retrograde 2023. But your life is about to experience no change at all. Your career won’t be affected, your love life is as open and direct as ever, and you may even gain an edge over your competitors since you’re immune to Neptune's influences.


You’re a communicator through and through, Virgo, and therefore when people aren’t communicating efficiently with you, you can tell, and it’s annoying. This Neptune retrograde will impact communication because people, including you, will be less truthful, less direct, and more uncertain. As much as you love creativity, you’ll feel a bit lost and long for a time when you can depend on another’s words. In the meantime, gravitate towards fire signs who will scarcely feel the change. Surround yourself with people for whom this retrograde is a big nothing, and you’ll absorb their resilience.


You love balance and stability, a healthy equilibrium, and Neptune retrograde 2023 is anything but. This is a time for living in your head, which you like, but nothing is clear or certain, which you hate. Stop those confusing times from disrupting you, by refusing to look for someone to blame. When you’re stressed you need someone to take responsibility. Try to avoid that instinct and the retrograde will be much simpler – just use the time to invest in your creativity. Painting or flower arranging would help.


Neptune was the Roman God of waters and seas, and you are a water sign. Like that God, and like that planet, you too are inspirational, volatile, and dreamy. When the planet is retrograde, it’s easy to lose focus, it’s easy to lose your cool, and worry about what’s real and what isn’t real. Keep dreaming, Scorpio, you are one of the watery dreamers of the Zodiac and you can’t be tamed.


Freedom and adventure are important to you, Sagittarius and every change starts with a dream. Neptune retrograde 2023 can make your dreams seem unrealistic or over the top, but stick with them. If you can’t do it, nobody can. Whatever your crazy dream is – move to Europe, drive a supercar, start a festival – you can do it. You need to ignore the retrograde voice that tells you it can’t be done, and just wait for the right moment to have a go!


Tidy and well-prepared, you enjoy being inspired by others, Capricorn. Neptune is a planet of inspiration, and since it is going retrograde, you may find yourself confused. People who inspire you turn out to be frauds. Others, whose value you fail to see, turn out to be secret success stories. Turning your perceptions upside down is actually fantastic. Challenge your preconceived notions and let this Neptune retrograde teach you that things aren’t always as they seem.


You’re an ideas person, Aquarius, so the months of Neptune retrograde 2023 will be an interesting time for you. You love having ideas and appreciate them being quirky, so as your creative juices flow, your completed offerings may be very different from what you expect. You may enjoy writing, but now your poems are in a very different style. You could still sew, but none of your items have two sleeves anymore. Let the inspiration of Neptune take over, who wants to be normal anyway!


It’s your planet, in your sign, Pisces. This one’s absolutely for you. Inspirational as Neptune is, when it’s in retrograde in your sign it spells worries. Your intuition is working just fine, it’s not let you down before and it’s not going to abandon you now, but you have to believe it’s still there for you. Seek solace with other Pisceans, if you know any. The Neptune retrograde is a challenging moment and sticking together will make you all feel a lot less concerned.

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