Saturn retrograde 2023 - how Saturn will affect your career and love, depending on your astrological sign

Saturn retrograde 2023 comes to teach you that personal growth is no less important than financial growth and here's why you'd better listen

Saturn retrograde 2023: Saturn planet in clouds surrounded by stars. Elements of this image furnished by NASA.
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Saturn retrograde 2023 is on its way and is here to help you learn that personal growth is just as vital as financial growth in our human lived experience. In Astrology, Saturn is often referred to as the planet of Karma - so what does that mean for us when it goes retrograde?

We've all heard of Mercury retrograde 2023, and maybe you recently read about Pluto retrograde 2023 - but Saturn retrograde 2023 is about to shake things up with its own unique planetary power.

Saturn embodies all the trappings of being a grown-up - such as ambition, productivity, and achievements on a measurable scale. It's also the planet of terms and conditions, rules and regulations, and discipline, control, and authority.

Saturn rules the parts of our lives that are mature and serious, such as responsibility and denial. This is the planet that makes us lock the door at night and hide our valuables in safe places. Saturn is the reason we stop drinking at 30 and join the gym at 50. Thoughts and behaviors that call on us to be sensible and ‘act our age’ are rooted in Saturn’s embrace.

One of the clearest indications of this planet's power is the life-changing astrological experience that is Saturn return, which I'll also explain.

Here's everything you need to know about Saturn retrograde 2023 - from when it is, what to expect, what the deal is with Saturn return, and your horoscope.


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  • March 11 2023 - Pre-retrograde shadow phase starts. The shadow period is the time that Saturn spends going over the same journey which it will later retrograde over. During the shadow period, the retrograde discomfort begins, so a certain amount of discord and confusion will begin to affect your luck.
  • June 17, 2023 - Saturn retrograde begins. The day that Saturn starts to reverse its course is June 17, 2023 - at the end of Gemini season 2023. Saturn is in romantic, dreamy Pisces, so the change will be linked with illusions and personal fantasies. The retrograde starts only hours before the New Moon in Gemini, June 18, 2023. This will double up the feelings of change – we may even note a change in the weather on those days.
  • June 17 to November 4, 2023 - Saturn will be going retrograde from June 17 to November 4, 2023. The lessons of that period will bring a slowing down of romantic processes, and interfere with mature love and even with your manifesting. If you’re doing everything right and seeing no results during the retrograde, wait until after November 4 to see changes.
  • November 4, 2023 - Saturn goes direct. At that time, Jupiter planet of generosity, Uranus planet of rebellion and Neptune planet of dreams all remain retrograde themselves, so there will still be uneasy moments, but at least Saturn’s are over.
  • February 7, 2024 - Post Saturn retrograde shadow period ends. The post-retrograde shadow will last until February 7, 2024, which allows us to find our feet and try to achieve our desired goals, before certain success which will follow February 7, 2024


Saturn retrograde 2023: Saturn planet with rings in outer space among star dust and srars. Titan moon seen. Elements of this image furnished by NASA.

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Saturn’s influence is not often exciting. It’s a planet charged with setting out your tasks for the future, setting the foundations for all that will happen in the future. Training for a new career, and saving for a house deposit, are all Saturn’s jobs.

The planet is associated with authority and responsibility. Tenacity and productivity. The retrograde can switch things around in the most extreme way, and put those grown-up endeavors on the back burner.

When the practical foundations of life are abandoned, you can find yourself focusing on what’s going on inside. Emotional and spiritual responses, for example. Looking into different religions and focusing on personal growth.

As the retrograde rebels against Saturn’s most natural urges, you may find that you take your eyes off the ball and lose traction in areas where you’ve been working hard for decades! Rejecting Saturn’s message of maturity can be risky, although no doubt it will be fun while it lasts.

Be prepared in advance and lock down any progress you’ve already made – ask your manager for an appraisal so you have a written document stating your competence. Lock away some funds into savings that can’t be touched for six months or longer.

Pisces, a romantic water sign which blurs the lines between reality and illusion, is where the retrograde happens. Pisces is not at all committed to progress and forward motion – its symbol is the fish, swimming in two directions at once, and you might find yourself losing direction completely. Pisces is romantic, however, so you’ll be focusing on love and making up for lost time in that field.


Saturn retrograde 2023: Planet Saturn over a dead tree in the Namib Desert.

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Saturn Return has been in the headlines of late, as it’s a massive deal in celeb-land. Saturn Return was mentioned in Harry Potter actor Emma Watson’s birthday Instagram post. It is also the name of UK celeb Caggie Dunlop’s podcast, and singer Adele had spoken at length about her own Saturn return.

Saturn is a relatively slow-moving planet. Unlike the Moon, for example, which takes a month to complete its journey through the Zodiac, or the Sun, which takes a year – Saturn takes around 29.4 years.

This means that approximately 29 years after we’re born, Saturn reaches the exact same position in the zodiac, as it visited at the time of our birth. And again, 29 years later, and if we’re very lucky, also 29 years after that.

Since Saturn is linked with maturity and tangible matters, the Saturn return period is a time for growing up. Lessons that may occur during our Saturn return would have to do with shedding our youthful persona. Perhaps switching careers, or changing our friends circle.

When we experience our Saturn Return, people often leave their old relationships behind, sometimes partners of many years. Letting go of the perfect job to pursue new directions, or moving to the other side of the world are all in a day’s work for Saturn.

Modern psychology teaches us, that we’re still developing as adults until age 29-30, which is why risk-taking behaviors which are seen as immature, can carry on well past the legal adulthood age of 18. In 2019, scientists explained our brains don't reach adulthood until our 30s. In astrology, we knew this all along.

Saturn retrograde 2023 horoscope

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Read on to discover how Saturn retrograde 2023 will affect your love and luck, depending on your star sign. For the most accurate reading, look at your sun sign moon sign, or rising sign according to your astrology birth chart.


Everything about this retrograde is a little alien to you, Aries. Saturn as a planet, relates to concepts of strictness and forward planning, that you don’t accept. It looks at the bigger picture, whereas you’d rather zoom right in. It looks at long-term plans, whereas you struggle to see past lunch. And then it goes retrograde, and becomes more dreamy, but this doesn’t help – you’re a ‘here and now’ kind of person, and fantasies mean nothing to you. This retrograde period is likely to make no difference to your life at all!


You find the planet Saturn quite relatable, Taurus. You love planning for the future, and Saturn loves planning for the future. You love discipline and structure, and Saturn does too. So you don’t need for it to be going retrograde and throwing all the planners and diaries out of the water. And yet it does, and it means your meticulous self feels a little lonely. Long-term plans can go a bit askew, so keep your planning low-key.


It’s your season now, Gemini, so own the chaos! Saturn retrograde 2023 will take a long time to complete, but it starts as you’re celebrating your birthday, so it will touch you in a more personal way. As you’re called on by Saturn to dream about all your goals, you obey – but it’s not news, you’ve been dreaming, manifesting and creating since childhood, whether consciously or otherwise.


This retrograde takes place in Pisces, your fellow water sign, so you feel like you’re speaking its language, Cancer. The changes around you are right up your street – you notice people are happier to commit to their dreams. You notice people are happier to accept other people’s dreams! You absolutely accept this conscious shift which makes everyone be a bit more like you.


Neither Saturn nor Pisces are very much like you, Leo, so why is this a fun time for you? Because Pisces is such a creative sign, and Saturn has stopped being so strict. Saturn retrograde is the anti-strict, and you do love creativity. You’ve had ideas around movie production, sound engineering, a creative industry that can allow you to be your whole self – and now is the time to dream, and dream big.


Saturn likes to organize the bigger picture, and you like to organize minute detail, Virgo. Therefore, as Saturn stations retrograde, you feel a little lost, as if no one is left to convince everyone else to keep their drawers tidy and put 10% of their income in a savings account. For the period of the Saturn retrograde, you’ll just have to keep doing your own thing and ignore any of the tendencies of those around you, who want to throw caution to the wind.


The impact of Saturn retrograde 2023 will be a little confusing for you, Libra. Like all dual signs, you find it hard to decide which way is your way. Wild or tamed, joyful or serious, carnivore or herbivore. When retrogrades come in and switch things up, this shakes you to your very core. Saturn demands your focus and tenacity, except when it swings retrograde, then it asks you to ignore those things. You’re easygoing and happy with either approach, but the sudden changes flummox you.


For the period of the retrograde, Saturn happens to be in Pisces, which is a water sign like you, Scorpio. Emotions are central in private as well as global events, and you quite honestly like it. As a water sign, dwelling on your emotions is neither awkward nor embarrassing, it’s natural. As the rest of the world becomes a bit more watery, you feel very seen and very catered-for in this Saturn retrograde 2023 in Pisces.


When Saturn goes direct, it does not speak your language, Sagittarius. Saturn is a stern planet, interested in goals and achievements, not personal feelings and preferences. However, when Saturn goes retrograde, you can get on board with that. As your most important values are freedom and adventure, when Saturn is retrograde it loves freedom and appreciates the value of adventure.


Saturn is your ruler, so this dreamy retrograde feels personal, Capricorn. You align with Saturn’s traditional values of responsibility and you’re used to serious, intentional action, so when Saturn goes backward and decides to ignore those values, it’s a struggle. Go with the flow, however, and let yourself turn into a retrograde dreamlike state. Since this is your personal planet, you’ll survive the retrograde and grow from it.


A life that is entirely imagined is a life you want to live, Aquarius. Saturn is one of your ruling planets, which is where you get your discipline from, and your ability to stick to the plan – but in your heart of hearts you’re an air sign, and love to live in your head. Ideas, imagination and half-baked plans are what you’re about, and at times they might just succeed! This is where the Saturn retrograde comes in, allowing you to imagine with greater force and accuracy.


This entire period of Saturn retrograde 2023 takes place in your sign, Pisces. All eyes are on you and your hot take on life – nothing matters as long as you can dream. Now you’ve managed to get mature, responsible Saturn to think that, so your approach to life is shared by many. Be the hero of the day and let your friends know how to cope with a life that’s all about dreaming.

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