The unexpected positive impact lockdown had on peoples' sex lives

People's sex lives got a little bit more inventive, according to recent research

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The impact lockdown had on sex lives has been of great interest to researchers across the globe. Factors including relationship status, age, sexuality, and a million other things have affected people's sex lives in this strange time. However, it looks like solo exploration has been soaring.

Experts say that masturbation is self-care and it appears that many folks are giving their hands, for want of a better phrase, a helping hand—with sex toys! Interestingly enough, a recent study found that 39% of people who had never used sex toys before the pandemic, now do so.

Yep, female masturbation is so hot right now and, according to research, people are figuring out how to orgasm more frequently with the best sex toys on the market.

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Leading sexual happiness company Lovehoney partnered with the Kinsey Institute in a survey of 2,000 US adults aged 18-45, with an oversample of 200 respondents who identify as LGBT+.

Although it wasn't good news for everyone surveyed (we're looking at you couples) 65% of singles said that they’ve found new sources of pleasure or sexual turn-ons. As well as this 40% say they’re masturbating more often than they did before the pandemic and 39% of people who had never used sex toys before the pandemic now do so. Which is exciting progress for individuals seeking to explore themselves more, and couples wondering how to have good sex when you're in a long-term relationship.

The sex toy industry is one of the few realms where female pleasure is prioritized over their male counterparts and, in an age when sex positivity is changing how people view female sexuality, there's no surprise there. 

In recent years, there have been incredible developments in the design of sex toys, and not all of them need to be charged to pack a lot of punch. A total lifesaver if the battery dies on your best vibrator!

Le Wand Arch, $140 (£103.61) | Le Wand

Le Wand Arch, $140 (£103.61) | Le Wand

Beloved by sex experts all over the globe, the unique design means its angle, weight, and potential for temperature play make it like nothing else you've ever experienced.

Director of Education at Satisfyer and Certified Clinical Sexologist Megwyn White says, "The stress from the pandemic could put a damper on libido." However, the expert explained, "it really depends on how people respond to stress. For some, their nervous systems may respond by going into a state of overwhelm, and for others," she adds, "there actually may be an increase of arousal and a desire to release stress through sex."

Megwyn points out that, per the New York Times, sex toy sales increased from the moment the pandemic began. A fact that she says, "points to a decrease in stigmas around sexual health solutions."

Of course, when most people consider restocking their bottom drawers, they think of classic items like the best body wands and vibrators. However, new technology means that more advanced and direct ways to help

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