It's official: Sex experts claim masturbation is a form of self care

A recent study on sexual pleasure offers satisfying results

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Facials and bubble baths are important components to any self-care regimen, but sex experts believe there are other ways to make me-time more satisfying. A recent report delivers all the pleasurable details, and in good news, it encourages using the best vibrator to amp up your habits. 

TENGA, a company that aims to get rid of the stigma surrounding masturbation, is not only famous for its sex toys, but its Self-Pleasure Report. In the wake of the pandemic, its most recent study uncovered new behaviors. 

According to the findings, over 80% of Americans now consider masturbation to be a form of self care, and an important one at that. It was considered a coping mechanism during lockdown. What's more is that the discoveries indicate that a year of isolation has caused people to change their views on masturbation; nearly 30 percent of the study's participants feel more comfortable with the idea and over 60 percent plan to continue increased their sex toy usage. 

Talk about a pampering experience. Plus, a little self-love is said to have its benefits. Annabelle Knight, a sex and relationship expert at Lovehoney, believes it not only helps women feel empowered—in the bedroom and beyond—but masturbation also helps improves vaginal health and makes you less susceptible to colds. We're all for the multitasking, after all.

These results prove it's time for women to prioritize their orgasms and have a satisfying experience every time. In more good sex news, we've provided step-by-step instructions for explosive pleasure whether you're alone or with a partner.

And, whether you're alone or with a partner, these online erotic sex stories online will be a satisfying addition to that self-care day. (Fear not—we're doing all the dirty work for you and figured you've already seen Bridgerton a few times.)

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