Spring Equinox 2022—meaning, rituals, and your horoscope for this new chapter

Spring Equinox 2022 wants to show you it’s okay to start over and here's a ritual to help you celebrate changing seasons and fresh starts

Spring Equinox 2022—Standing Stones at Avebury at sunrise on the Vernal (Spring) Equinox, designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the purpose of the ancient obelisks remains an enigma.
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Spring Equinox 2022 is upon us and as the days get longer and flowers begin to bloom, we're reminded that new beginnings are afoot.

It’s time to set intentions and start fresh! It’s only March and you’ve already made it through some serious astrological events in 2022, and it’s finally time for an energetic shift. 

March full moon 2022 occurs shortly before the Spring Equinox, hitting us as the seasons begin to change. This lunation, also known as the Worm Moon, is a Virgo full Moon and with all that Pisces season energy pushing us towards the Equinox as well as Aries season—big things are coming.

So what does this annual event mean? How do you make the most of this highly charged time? And, most importantly, what will it mean for your star sign?

When is Spring Equinox 2022?

The Spring Equinox, also known as the astrological new year, arrives on March 20. This Equinox coincides with the start of Aries season each year. This means that it marks when the sun returns to the first zodiac sign and begins its journey through the 12 signs all over again.

What Is the Spring Equinox?

The Spring Equinox, also known as the Vernal Equinox, is when the sun crosses the equator and begins moving north in the Northern Hemisphere. It marks a period of time when light and day are more balanced. 

Astrologically speaking, we’ve made it back to the beginning of the zodiac and we’re ready to travel through each season again. It signals the astrological new year and is a perfect day to set intentions and focus on what you’d like to manifest for the year ahead. If your New Year’s resolutions didn’t stick, this is your cosmic green light to get back on track. Our manifesting power is at an all-time high under this energy and, similarly to full Moon rituals—this makes it a great time to really consider what you want!

The Equinox occurs twice a year, once in spring and the second in autumn, the Fall Equinox. Throughout history and different cultures, many celebrations also line up nicely with the astrological new year. 

For Wiccans, Ostara occurs on the same day as the Spring Equinox, as does Nowruz, the Persian New Year, which signals the start of Farvardin, the first month of the Solar Hijiri calendar. Easter and Passover are also celebrated around this time. It’s hard to ignore the celebration in the air at this time, as we watch flowers begin to bloom and Spring’s bounty begin to emerge.

What Is the Astrology of the Spring Equinox?

Every year on the Spring Equinox, the sun has re-entered Aries, the sign of the Ram. As one of the fire signs, Aries is ready to initiate and go after what sets its heart on fire. 

We may feel reborn in a sense with a renewed desire to go after our goals, hopes, and dreams. Aries’ motivation and determination set us up for success. We are full of passion, enthusiasm, and drive to push for a new beginning that we deserve. 

As the first zodiac sign, Aries also signals a period of creation. Now that we’ve returned to the start of the zodiac wheel, it’s a wonderful time to start fresh, set intentions, and focus on the changes we’d like to call in for the year to come. This is a powerful portal and we’re able to re-establish a deeper connection with our hopes and dreams and bring them about.

Spring Equinox Ritual

If you want to tap into this magical and magnificent energy, try this Spring Equinox ritual to maximize your manifestations. This is a three-part ritual that will heighten your connection with your heart’s desires.

What you need for your Spring Equinox ritual

  • Paper
  • Pen
  • Fire
  • Bowl
  • Dirt
  • Seed
  • Planter

How to do your Spring Equinox ritual

First, grab a piece of paper and write out some limiting beliefs. What are some key factors that keep holding you back? 

Write down some of your self-defeating behaviors and patterns that you’re ready to release. Set that piece of paper on fire. Once the fire dwindles down, throw some dirt on top. Throw the remaining contents away outside of your home or bury it in the ground.

Next, pretend it’s March 20, 2023. What does your life look like? What’s changed and shifted? What newness have you invited in? Start by journaling about the version of your life you’d like to see by next year’s Spring Equinox. 

Get detailed. What does your morning routine look like? Who are you interacting with on a daily basis? Do you have a new partner? A new pet? What are you wearing? What emotions are you feeling? Bring your vision to life and express the deep gratitude you have for this next phase of your life.

To seal our intentions, grab a seed and plant it. Here’s the kicker, as you’re planting, visualize that you are planting your manifestations. Embody the feeling of what you wrote about in your journal entry. 

Trust that the Universe will show up for you. Over the next year, as you water your plant of choice, imagine you are energetically watering and feeding your heart’s desires. If you can, continue to take small actions toward your goal on a regular basis. Action is key for manifestation work. The Universe will meet you there, but it has to see that you’re investing in yourself and committed to the end goal, too.

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Spring Equinox 2022 Horoscope for Your Zodiac Sign


Aries, this is your season and it arrives with an extra sense of gratitude and deep feeling that a fresh start is needed. You’re leaving past versions of yourself in the dust, and embarking on a life of authenticity. Focus on you, your needs, and your desires. You can make anything happen now.


Taurus, this is a quiet time. A time to go within. Use this energy to reflect deeper on your rest cycle. Life is not sustainable when you are not taking care of your physical, mental and spiritual needs. How can you find more alignment in your work-life balance? Developing a spiritual practice at this time will help bring about your desires.


Gemini, as the days grow longer you want to fit in more activities. You’re eager for some social time. Joining a community with people who share the same interest as you will inspire you in new ways you never thought possible. Sharing information and learning from others will unfold new options for your path.


Cancer, you may feel more exposed than normal at this time. All eyes are on you. This is a time for celebration. The more you allow yourself to take up space and be seen, the more the Universe will reward you for it. Your accomplishments are worthy of attention. Release the role of playing small and step into a new version of you.


Leo, expansion is on your mind. You’re looking at a big picture and options feel endless–anything is possible! This is not the time to hold back, but a time to take risks. Allowing yourself to dabble in spiritual practices and flexing your psychic muscles will also lead you to new avenues of success at this time.


Virgo, this season reminds you that vulnerability is a superpower. You’re tasked with going inward and learning more about your internal world and what you’ve been stuffing under the rug. Learning to lean on others during difficult times will help you take your power back. This is your phoenix moment, rise!


Libra, spending time with loved ones will illuminate new parts of your soul and being. You have the gift of recognizing pieces of yourself when you spend time with others. Fresh starts in relationships or business contracts can occur during this time. Manifest away, your thoughts and energy have a cosmic boost!


Scorpio, it’s time to find more balance in your work. This season reminds you that the more you prioritize your needs and schedule in time for rest, the easier it becomes to develop an intuitive routine and daily schedule. You can make magic through the mundane now. For example, visualize releasing bad habits as you take out the trash. These small mindfulness shifts will bring about massive change.


Sagittarius, when you invite more play into your life, you’re doing everyone a favor. Risk, romance and entertainment are on your mind. Go back and ask your inner child what they need to feel full and safe. Spend time doing inner child meditations and care for yourself in a way you wish you had been cared for when you were younger. Incorporating more play and fun into your daily routine will bring massive mindset shifts.


Capricorn, it’s time to go within. You’re all about work, but this season you can access magic when you find time for solitude and reflection. Fresh starts around home and family can come up during this time. This is a karmic time to reflect on family patterns. What did you pick up through your family line that isn’t serving you? This is a magical time to release and reframe.


Aquarius, mental stimulation is everything to you. This is a wonderful time to get lost in a novel or start a course in a new area of interest. Remind yourself that you are an eternal student of the Universe. Learning from others and diving into a new area of interest will illuminate new ways of moving forward in more alignment.


Pisces, sink deeper into your self-worth. As one of the most compassionate signs, you are always giving to others. Think about your needs. Are they being met? Are your values shared amongst those who you hold in high regard? This is a transformational time to reclaim your worth and release any fears of playing small. You’re worth it and this new chapter confirms it.

Stephanie N. Campos

Stephanie Campos-Powell is a Mexican-American astrologer, modern mystic, writer, editor, and serious cat lover. She's got four obnoxious planets in Leo and thanks the stars every day for her grounding Virgo moon. Reading celebrity birth charts just puts the wind in her sails, and so does Zumba. In her spare time, you can find her helping others step into their power with the help of magic, spellwork, astrology and various healing modalities. And creating passive-aggressive astrology memes about her loved ones.