Virgo full moon 2022—powerful dual-energy and star signs most effected by this lunation

Virgo full moon 2022 arrives during uncertain times and brings with it an invitation to prioritize self-care and release perfectionism

Virgo full Moon 2022—Zodiac Signs in the night sky.
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The Virgo full Moon 2022 culminates on March 18, while almost all the planets are clustered together in the signs of Pisces and Aquarius. At this time, the Moon, the smallest celestial body, stands alone on the other side of the zodiac.

As the March full Moon 2022, also known as the Worm Moon, is in Virgo and occurs during Pisces season, we balance two equal-but-dueling thoughts in our minds. Pisces is about culminations, completions, and conclusions, while Virgo is about preparation, persistence, and perfecting. 

During this date in the Moon calendar 2022, Pisces wants to let it go. Virgo wants to make it better for the next go-around. Pisces is about the big picture. Virgo is about the small details. Together, these two signs ask us to trust the process—the process of continuous evolution and renewal. 

It calls our focus on the Virgo and Pisces axis and simultaneously reminds us of how seemingly little things can take on great power. It reminds us that in choosing to direct focus that we can yield the greatest results.

The ruler of this lunation, Mercury, is now in the watery, emotional realm of Pisces, the domain of Jupiter. When Mercury is in Pisces during this full Moon, we leave behind colder, calculating, and more clinical processing and are tasked with finding more creative ways of expressing our innermost thoughts and feelings. 

So what should we consider if we partake in a full Moon ritual this lunar cycle?

Encouraged by both Mercury and the Moon, we are more likely to favor abstract communication, like using a song, a quote, a poem, or even a drawing to say what our own words often cannot. 

Now more than ever we are aware of the immense power and importance of compassion, for ourselves and for others, whichever way we choose to communicate.

In fact, the most notable aspect this Virgo full Moon makes is a harmonious and flowing trine to Pluto in Capricorn. When a planet contacts Pluto, especially the Moon which is symbolic of our emotions and what we require to maintain an inner sense of safety, it is often a time where we are called to dig deeper into our underlying thought patterns and hidden feelings. 

Virgo full moon medidations

Questions that may arise during this full Moon could be—where am I giving my power away, even subconsciously? Why? What can I do to release this dynamic?

A full Moon marks a release point—a call to let go of imposter syndrome, self-doubt, and a fear of failure, or fear of success. It’s knowing that we don’t always say or do the perfect thing, allowing ourselves the grace of being human, messing up out loud, and allowing others the same. We can also acknowledge that often, events are outside of our own control—as are other people’s personal responses, actions, behaviors, or beliefs. 

It’s knowing we can always strive to do better and do our best in every moment, and that others are likely doing the same. Ultimately, it’s not about attaining an elusive or unattainable concept of perfection. It’s about living in imperfection.

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Virgo is typically known as a fastidious sign, one fixated on the details. It is the sign of the harvest, of taking stock of all that’s coming before to prepare for the long dark ahead. And with this full Moon, it is about seeing the benefits of this cosmic energy and using it to its highest capacity for serving our greater good and sense of personal wellbeing.

In the context of everything that has preceded this lunation in the collective, from an evolving but not entirely fading pandemic to an increasingly escalating geopolitical crisis, it is important to acknowledge the collective sense of loss, grief, and uncertainty. By doing that, we can see this moment as an invitation from the cosmos to prioritize self-care in the form of keeping sacred our daily routines and rituals.

Virgo notices everything, categorizes it, processes it. Thus, being able to identify your emotions and acknowledging feelings of anxiety, overwhelm, exhaustion or even compassion fatigue is the first step in prioritizing your self-care. Just as vital in this process is honoring those feelings without self-judgment or criticism. 

It is also important to remember that like astrological transits, our situations are never permanent. So, when we feel uncertain about the future, sticking to a daily routine can be very beneficial in creating a sense of structure and predictability.

Honor the Virgo part of your astrology birth chart by being purposeful and intentional about where you put your focus. Is it dedicating a block of time to consume emails, texts, social media, or news headlines instead of feeling bombarded by constant notifications all day long? Is it committing to at least thirty minutes of physical exercise or meditation to release pent-up energy? Is it about creating a morning or afternoon ritual, like a coffee or tea, playing a game on your phone, calling a trusted friend? 

The joy is in the discovery. You’re not only trusting the process—but enjoying it. Because as the saying goes—it’s about progress, not perfection. 

The essence of this full Moon is that it is a time to edit what in your day does not bring you a sense of peace and stability and let that go to make room for activities and practices that cultivate inner security and calm to get ready for the astrological new year of Aries season. 


This full moon is particularly potent for anyone with planetary placements in Earth sign Virgo and Water sign Pisces, especially in the later degrees of those signs. If your sun, rising, or moon sign falls between 25-29 degrees of Virgo and Pisces, you may experience this full moon as a completion point. It could also be a release valve in topics around your physical and emotional self as well as your most intimate relationships with others. 

The other two signs that may also experience a major completion phase are Gemini and Sagittarius, especially those with placements at those degrees.

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