Pisces season—everything to know and how to make most of Piscean energy

Pisces season's astrology forecast invites expansion into our lives and delivers cosmic shifts that could provide energy to push you forward

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Pisces season kicks off with a bang this year when the Sun enters Pisces and the collective energy shifts into a more compassionate vibe. While Pisces season sounds cute and whimsical, this next zodiac season is where we begin to pick up momentum

Pisces season follows a fairly turbulent few months this year, so open up your Google calendar or mark your moon calendar 2022, because after January’s Mercury in retrograde and Venus in retrograde—it's time for change.

We are cosmically ready to charge ahead after our wildest desires! This Pisces season is packed with energetic shifts that will encourage us to embrace the change we may have been fearing at the beginning of the year. Using all that Leo energy from the February full moon 2022, it's time to roar into Pisces season.

When is Pisces Season?

Pisces season begins on February 18 and ends on March 20, 2022. As it's coming after a lot of the bigger astrological events in 2022, it's a time to get down to business in many ways.

However, there are certain dates that it's better to retreat than put yourself out there and in light of that—take heed of the Pisces season forecast.

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Pisces season forecast

Pisces Season Forecast February 18—February 24

On February 18, rejoice as the Sun enters Pisces. Get ready for the collective energy to shift into a more compassionate vibe. While Pisces season sounds cute and whimsical, this next zodiac season is where we begin to pick up momentum

On February 23 Mars in Capricorn (the planet of action and determination) meets with creative Neptune in Pisces. This cosmic blend of energy invites us to pursue our dreams.

Neptune can represent our highest ideals, love, spirituality, and creativity. This is a perfect blend of energy to tap into our intuition and take action on the messages we receive.

Pisces Season Forecast February 24—March 1

The next day on February 24, Venus in Capricorn (the planet of beauty and finance) meets with Neptune. Venus also speaks to our interests, hobbies, and the types of creative outlets we appreciate and enjoy the most. 

This is a lovely day to journal, create art, express love, and put yourself in another person’s shoes. This energy can be blinding and overwhelming, so remaining grounded is important. Perhaps pull some Tarot cards and light some of the best scented candles to unwind.

Red flags still do exist. But this is a magical combo fertile for calling in more abundance in our lives. Or to practice some magic and do a spell, if you’re into that sort of thing.

On the same day, Mercury in Aquarius forms a tense aspect with Uranus in Taurus. These two zodiac signs are of a fixed nature–aka stubborn as all hell. Mercury is the planet of the mind and in Aquarius’ it can adopt a more emotionally detached perspective. We’re operating with logic at the forefront of our minds. 

Uranus wants to disrupt the status quo and shake things up. Words and conversations can be shocking, and misunderstanding can also occur. Speaking before really thinking through what you want to say is the name of the game today.

Patience is critical for side-stepping any regretful comments that could hurt other people’s feelings. On the positive side, some ah-hah moments and sudden insight could appear out of nowhere, changing the direction you move forward.

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Pisces Season Forecast March 1—March 3

The energy shifts once we kick off March. We’re feeling more ready to integrate changes into our identity as the sun forms a gentle aspect with Uranus on March 1. 

The following day there is a new moon in Pisces. New moons offer periods of new beginnings, and this moon is ruled by Jupiter in Pisces. As you'll recall from Jupiter in Pisces 2021—2022, these planets combine to bring a lot of positivity and luck. The moon, sun, and Jupiter will all be right next to one another, amplifying Piscean energy—so go get em tiger!

Magic is all around and we are tapping into all of the possibilities and opportunities around us. While this energy is extremely wonderful for channeling into creativity, love, and spiritual pursuits, the sky will also have some tension to contend with. 

Mercury and Saturn will both be in Aquarius at the same degree in the sky. As those are two planets with slightly tricky energies (hello Saturn Return and Mercury in Retrograde). We are communicating more serious matters and we may be discussing some heavier topics. 

We may also feel barred from sharing our true feelings and have a guard up. This combination makes for incredible mental stamina and determination, so if you’re working on a writing project, get to work!

Venus and Mars, both in Capricorn, will meet with Pluto in Capricorn on March 3. This energy will be present under the new moon too. Pluto represents what is buried; the taboo, some of our psyche, riches, and pain. 

When personal planets (some of the planets that are closer to earth, like Venus and Mars) activate Pluto in such an intimate way, there is no shortage of intense energy. This is a great time to get familiar with this planet’s energy before the US’ Pluto return!

Venus-Pluto dynamics can bring up relationship issues and themes of jealousy, power struggles, and manipulation. We may be faced with the shadow sides of ourselves and our partners. 

Mars-Pluto is a more combative energy that offers us insatiable energy to work toward a desire, but if we aren’t careful, we may have to face the underlying reason we are going after this goal. Are we craving power? This energy can also be triggering and have us engaging in some self-defeating patterns. Be mindful of your triggers today and stay present with them.

Pisces Season Forecast March 5—March 9

There is a massive energetic shift on March 5 when the sun in Pisces meets with optimistic and expansive Jupiter in Pisces. Our cup is half full. We are generous and operate with an empathetic lens. 

The same day both Venus and Mars enter  Aquarius, shifting our needs and we’re thinking more “we” than just “me.” Innovation influences the way we move forward in love and our creative goals. We’re changing the formula and charting new territory. 

On March 9 we receive one more burst of cosmic energy as Mercury, our chatty planet, enters emotional Pisces. Mercury is known as in detriment in Pisces, and that’s because Pisces’ energy is expansive and meandering at times. Mercury wants precision. We may be expressing ourselves from a more emotional place and speaking out about matters of the heart.

Pisces Season Forecast March 13—March 20

Things get a little hazy on March 13 when the sun meets with mystical Neptune. This energy can heighten our intuition, but also blind us from the facts. We can easily miss red flags today and overidealize a situation or person. While Neptune can often inspire creativity, it can also be a depleting force. 

Rest is paramount today and taking a cat nap in between work tasks is a must. Make sure you’re carving out enough time to unwind and sit with yourself. That’s when the insight will appear. Think about how much sleep you need to feel well-rested and allow your brain to soak up this energy.

Any downloads we may have received under this aspect may start to make more sense on March 17 when Mercury in Pisces forms a sweet connection with Uranus in Taurus. We’re processing new ways of thinking and ideas. This is a mental cosmic shift.

The full moon in Virgo on March 18 highlights communication and may have us rethinking our boundaries with others. How much energy do we invest in others and is the reciprocated? How is our work-life balance? Is there a way we can re-center for a more streamlined process moving forward? 

Full moons are periods of endings and completion. A time to release. This is an aligned time to do full moon rituals if you’re into that type of divination! 

To add to the full moon dramatics, Pisces season wraps up with some erratic Uranus action. Venus in Aquarius forms a tense contact with Uranus in Taurus. This energy may test many relationships. 

If you’re partnered, you may need to incorporate more freedom and independence into your schedules. For others, this is a breaking point and an opportunity to call in their worth and prioritize themselves moving forward, possibly solo. 

Single zodiac lovers out there might experience a random date, an out-of-the-blue connection, or find themselves falling for someone who isn’t their type. While the energy is most certainly unpredictable, it reminds us to surrender. We aren’t supposed to stick with the plan today, instead, call in some quirkiness and get out of your comfort zone.

Stephanie N. Campos

Stephanie Campos-Powell is a Mexican-American astrologer, modern mystic, writer, editor, and serious cat lover. She's got four obnoxious planets in Leo and thanks the stars every day for her grounding Virgo moon. Reading celebrity birth charts just puts the wind in her sails, and so does Zumba. In her spare time, you can find her helping others step into their power with the help of magic, spellwork, astrology and various healing modalities. And creating passive-aggressive astrology memes about her loved ones.