Pluto return—the planetary shift that brought down empires is hitting the US today

Pluto return—the planetary shift that has historically brought great change to countries is hitting the US for the first time ever

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Pluto return is happening in the US for the first time ever. Pluto is known as the planet of creation and destruction, as well as the great revealer. According to astrology, this planet's return, which only happens every 248 years and is historically associated with great change

If you're the type of person who follows the moon calendar, you're up to date with your 2022 horoscope, and an all-around astrology whizz your mind is about to be blown by a certain little planet's return.

Of all the planetary returns, Saturn return is probably the most recognizable, but did you know that countries, just like people, also have planetary returns.

Considering the huge length of Pluto's return cycle, a remarkable 240 years, its return is a very notable and important event. On top of this, it's also brought great change to countries throughout history.

So here's everything you need to know about Pluto return.

Pluto return—what does it mean?

According to, a return is, "when celestial bodies make a complete circuit around the sky and return to the zodiacal position they once occupied." 

"Astrologically, a Pluto return is when the heavenly body returns to the same position in a birth chart where it was when the chart began. It happens around every 248 years, meaning this is the Pluto return in the United States since the country was founded in 1776."

Speaking to My Imperfect Life, astrologer Stephanie Campos Powell explained why you need to keep an eye on the news around this date. "For many countries, the Pluto return signifies a period of upheaval, radical reassessment, and change," she explained.

"It has marked the end of empires, but also new forms of government and structure. There is no going back to how it once was, Pluto destroys what no longer serves us and creates a new path forward."

When is Pluto return in the US?

Numerology fans, especially those who believe in angel numbers, will know the date in question as it happens on February 22, 2022.

However, speaking to Bustle, astrologer Astrodim explained, "America’s Pluto return technically started November 26, 2008, when Pluto entered Capricorn—which was when Pluto entered the same sign it was in when the USA was created 7/4/1776."

They also pointed out that this was around the time that Barack Obama was elected, whose campaign slogan was 'change.'

“[His] slogan was ‘change’ and that’s what Pluto is all about!” The February 22, 2022 date marks when Pluto will enter the same exact degree it was in on July 4, 1776, Astrodim says, which was 27 degrees Capricorn."

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