These are the best sleeping positions based on your zodiac sign—so you'll finally get a great night's sleep

Turns out that sleeping properly has more to do with your birthday than the mattress you pick out

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Getting a proper night’s sleep is fundamental to a functional life—so how can we maximize our chances of feeling well-rested on a daily basis? Turns out it all has to do with our zodiac sign.

Astrologist Inbaal Honigman has teamed up with Furniture specialist HSL to look at the very best sleep positions, what they say about us and how they align with our star signs. After all, zodiac signs say a lot about our spending habits and go-to sex positions and even teach us what to expect from the upcoming full moon. It’s no wonder that they influence the way we sleep too.

Aries and Scorpio

Although, according to Inbaal, Aries is "fiery and extroverted" while Scorpio is "watery and shy," the two signs are always "on the go" when awake—which is why the soldier position comes in handy when trying to fully recharge their inner batteries. 

The position calls for sleeping on your back, with your legs straight out and your arms by your side. According to Julie Jennings, an independent occupational therapist at HSL, the soldier "can benefit your sleep health as it can help spread pressure evenly across the length of the spine, neck and arms." One note, though: only use a single pillow when resting in this manner.

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Taurus likes to defy orders, says Inbaal. Hence their preference to sleep on their stomach, which, according to Julie, is a big "no-no" because of the inability to keep your spine in a neutral position. However, "the star sign of Taurus, the bull, will not be told what's right and what's wrong," says Inbaal. "When they get to bed, they dive right in, and that's it—you won't hear a peep until sunrise."

Gemini and Aquarius

Inbaal suggests that both Aquarians and Geminis sleep in the yearner position, which calls for laying on your side with arms outstretched. "They only go to bed if they absolutely have to, because there's still so much to do and to discover!," says Inbaal about the two signs. Hence their arms being stretched out, as if trying to reach for something.

Cancer and Pisces

The foetal position should be the go-to for both Cancerians and Pisceans, says Inbaal. Why? "Both are signs that love to love," she says. "They adore human contact and the sensation of being encircled by somebody." In fact, the foetal position—which is one of the most common ways to sleep—it's like a full body cuddle. According to Julie, resting this way is also great for lower back pain and helps reduce snoring.

Leo and Sagittarius

It's the starfish for Leo and Sagittarius, who, according to Inbal, "need to know what goes on in every corner over the bed and have limbs in different post codes." Although counterintuitive, Julie notes that the position protects against shoulder, lower back and neck pains. It's particularly great if you work at a desk all day.

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According to Inbaal, Virgo is actually the most sensible sign, choosing "the wholesome option every time." It comes as no surprise, then, that Virgos like sleeping on their side, a position that, according to Julie, reduces joint and back pains and even lowers the risk of snoring.


The mummy position calls for sleeping on your back with your spine, neck and head aligned—and it's a widespread go-to way of resting, which is why Librans tend to prefer it, says Inbaal. "Librans might not naturally sleep on their backs but if you tell them that it's a healthy way, they'll train themselves to lay that way until it becomes habit," says the astrologer.


The freefaller is a slightly odd position in which the sleeper extends his or her arms on either side while bending knees. "The position isn't for everyone," says Inbaal. "But the unusual combination [...] demonstrates that the sleeper is a person of unique tastes and quirky standards. Someone like a Capricorn."

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