Here's what your zodiac sign says about your spending habits...

Astrologer Eloise Skye explains how zodiac signs shape our relationship with shopping

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It turns out that sometimes, what we buy and why we do so are matters that are completely out of our control.

As Eloise Skye, the resident astrologer at Wellness Foundry explains, our spending habits are very much connected to our zodiac signs. 

So if you seem to be always out of money, or have a stash of cash hidden away for a rainy day it might just be down to which zodiac sign you fall under...

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The insights commissioned by Wellness Foundry show Geminis, for example, "spend a lot of time making sure they are maximizing their returns," Eloise explains. Which is why they might spend hours doing the sort of research that will guarantee them the best bang for their buck.

The Aries temperament seems to be diametrically opposed to that. In fact, the expert defines them as impulsive buyers seeking instant gratification. "If they want something, they will get it," she says. "They value their independence and won't want to rely on others for money."

Although not exactly an identical disposition, Leos also tend to spend a lot. "Even if [they do so] beyond their means, Leos love a good time and won't scoff at paying a premium price or high-ticket items," explains Eloise.

Overall, it seems like Capricorns are most concerned with saving dough. "They are notorious for being good with money, hard work and a methodical approach to working toward and reaching their goals," says the astrologer. "They love money to the point of hoarding it."

Zodiac signs inside of horoscope circle

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Speaking of hoarding, Libras apparently seek to collect life experiences above all else and they are therefore usually easily pulled into spending money on events, art and other similar subjects. 

Similarly, Sagittarius like to "fund their endless quest for experiences." Which is the only way they'll be happy.

Virgos are, according to Eloise, the most meticulous money managers out there, often taking stock of their finances through detailed budget documents. Similarly, Scorpios need to be in control of their finances but are generally thought of as generous with their cash.

The most stable when dealing with monetary matters is the Taurus, says Eloise. "Taurus understands work, value and quality," she explains. "[They] work hard and are known for their stability so will prioritize and build on their finances steadily."

Cancer and Aquarius do like to spend, says the expert, but are very particular on what they'll open their wallets for. 

The former zodiac sign tends to spend money on "fluffing their nest," always concerned with building a comfortable home. Those who fall under the specter of the Aquarius, on the other hand, tend to prioritize spending cash on innovation and human advancement. 

Pisces, the dreamers, usually have an altogether different relationship with spending. "They tend to be very creative, which can lead them down the path of [starving artist]," says Skye. "While they aren't money-focused, they always seem to land on their feet with the mantra that 'money comes, money goes.'"

Suddenly, our balance sheets make that much more sense!

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