Pisces season 2023 - your horoscope and everything you need to know about magical zodiac season

Pisces season 2023 is here to nourish your soul, activate your imagination, and connect you to the metaphysical potential in your life

Pisces season 2023: Art representing the zodiac sign of Pisces, with two fish on a green and grey background.
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Pisces season 2023 is here to nourish your soul, activate your imagination and connect you to the metaphysical potential in your life.

The tides have changed and we are flowing out of the revolutionary energy of Aquarius season 2023 into the dreamy oasis of Pisces season 2023 - springing forth the well of imagination, spirituality, dreaming, fantasy, and all things mystical. 

Romantics among us may be considering their Valentines Day horoscope during this mystical month, which also features a pretty dreamy date in the Moon calendar 2023.

This refreshing astrological pitstop is perfect for channeling your creativity, engaging with your nightly dreams, leaning into spiritual practices, and connecting to the music of life. Think of this as a spa for your soul!

About Pisces zodiac sign

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Pisces, which is the Latin word for fish, is the zodiacal archetype of the mystic. One of the earliest star signs on record, our mystical Pisces and its symbolic fishes date all the way back to c. 2300 BC where they appear on an Ancient Egyptian coffin lid.

A mutable water sign ruled by the dreamy planet of Neptune, Pisces embodies feeling through the expression of art, poetry, romanticism, fantasy, and otherworldly activity. 

Often wearing their hearts on their sleeves, Pisces wants to bring beauty, compassion and magic into the world in order to heal, inspire and bring transformation. 

If Pisces was a stock character type in a Hollywood film, it would be right at home being the ‘Manic Pixie Dream Girl’ and in terms of zodiac sign compatibility - romantics need only apply.

Ruler of the twelfth house of the unconscious, watery Pisceans are guided by a compelling surge of emotions, psychology, and creativity. But it’s not all self-indulgent personal exploration here, this is a serious invitation into some deep and transformative life-changing work. 

As Swiss psychoanalyst Carl Jung once said, "until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate." So embrace the Piscean wave down into the depths of your soul and retrieve your creative potential, your spiritual spark, and your deep-feeling nature, carrying it back up to the surface in order to flow forth out into the world. 

When does Pisces season 2023 start?

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The flowy fishes begin swimming their synchronized dance through the realms of the unconscious on February 19 and continue to flow upwards breaking the aqueous surface of the conscious on March 20.

Check your astrology birth chart for your sun sign, rising sign, and moon sign to see how the season influences you and which days are heightened for your zodiac.  

Pisces season horoscope


Hey there Aries! It’s all about love and attraction this season for you. Venus, the planet of love enters your sign on February 20 bringing with it an activation in all matters of romance. Venus, the archetype of beauty and abundance will have its effect and you may begin to notice others becoming drawn to you. Adoration, prolonged eye contact, increased attention, compliments, flirting, and surprise dates could all be part of the mix. This astrological alignment can also bless you with abundance. Enjoy the Venus vibes! 

Mantra, “I receive the abundance of love.”


Hello Taurus!  This season could be starting off on a mystical journey, either through a deeper connection to your dreams or profound synchronicities in your waking life. Pay attention to the happy coincidences. The universe is speaking to you! As the season progresses, your ruling planet, sensual Venus will move into your sign on March 16, shifting the energy towards all things intimacy.  Love, beauty, and money will flow freely during this time. This is also the perfect time to get back into the dating game or for some of you it will be all about committing yourself more deeply to someone close to you. Love is in the air!  

Mantra, “I embrace love." 


Hi Gemini! It’s looking like a fresh start around work, projects, and collaborations this season. This can especially be potent energy if you lean into some career intentions during the creative New Moon in Pisces on February 20. Call it in! When it comes to matters of the heart, the theme of self-love, friends, lovers, family, and home are strong for you in 2023. Reflect on who is worth your energy, time, and love. Focus on creating new and healthy boundaries where necessary. These conscious forms of self-care will help support any areas in your life where you struggle with mental health. Bring in the light! 

Mantra, “I am creating healthy boundaries."


Dear Cancerians, It’s time to work with some moon magic this Pisces season. Lunar living not only fits right in with the energy of your celestial ruler, the Moon, but it also is a perfect time for self-care, spiritual connection, new beginnings, and cathartic release. The New Moon in Pisces on February 20 will be a perfect time to set intentions toward what you want to manifest in your life. The Full Moon in Virgo on March 7 holds tremendous power to help you release something that is no longer serving you. Engage in a ritual at home or join a Moon Space for rituals online and watch how the power of the moon can transform your life. 

Mantra, “I am working with the energy of the Moon.”


Hey Leo! Some good shifts for you during Pisces season 2023, especially moving into March. The season starts out a bit dreamy, creative, and insular but when Venus moves into your tenth house of public image on March 16, it's all systems go. This transit will bring a lot of attention your way. New friendships, networking, party invites, and social functions could all be in the mix. Venus will highlight your beauty and ability to attract people and money, so enjoy this abundant time. You are very much in the spotlight, so it's a perfect time to launch something new - apply for a new job or show off your talents. 

Mantra, “I am shining bright.”


Hi Virgo, there is more self care on the cards for you this Pisces season. The last two seasons were all about restructuring your routine and prioritising your health. Hopefully you are feeling better energy! This season the focus shifts into your unconscious worlds and looking at releasing old patterns in order to live a happier life. The most powerful symbol of the unconscious becoming conscious is the Moon. We start the lunar cycle in the darkness of the New Moon and it gradually moves into the brightness of the Full Moon. Engage in some rituals on the New Moon in Pisces on February 20 (set intentions) and the Full Moon in Virgo on March 7 (release emotional baggage) Lean into the shadow work, you got this!  

Mantra, "I am making the unconscious conscious."

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Hello Libra! Welcome to Pisces season 2023. It’s off to a positive start on February 20 when your ruling planet Venus moves into self-initiated Aries transiting through your seventh house of relationships. This is an empowering transit as it allows you to step into confidence around all matters of love and intimacy. This can play out in many ways - ending a relationship or perhaps starting a new one. It could also highlight a boost of courage around your expression of personal beauty or the ability to attract money. In whatever way this newfound confidence manifests itself, channel it into creating more love, positivity, and abundance in your life. 

Mantra, “I am empowered and abundant.”


Hey there Scorpio, it’s all about sticking to those New Year’s resolutions this Pisces season. You may have been off to a good start in 2023 but then started to fall away from your healthy new habits. If this is the case, get back to the active goals. You could feel a boost of motivated energy on the New Moon in Pisces on February 20 that gets you back into a fresh groove. Additionally, on that same day (February 20) the exquisite planet of Venus enters Aries, which will initiate your inspiration to pamper yourself around all things beauty and self-care. Think beauty makeover. Love yourself Scorpio! 

Mantra, “I am sticking to my goals."


Hello Sagittarius. It’s all about social enjoyment and career networking this Pisces season. Try combining the two! The Full Moon in pragmatic Virgo on March 7 in your tenth house of social status will highlight all things career. This is a perfect time to release anything around work and career that is no longer serving you. When you do this, you make room for wonderful new opportunities to come your way. Get organized with how you want to improve your career trajectory and level up into a better working version of yourself. 

Mantra, “I am leveling up my career.”


Hey there Capricorn! Pisces season 2023 is here to soften up some of the hard edges that you’ve been experiencing lately. Surround yourself with creativity, art, culture and let your imagination run wild. When the sensual planet Venus enters tactile Taurus in your fifth house of pleasure on March 16, feel the sultry vibes! It’s all about being sexually carefree and liberated. Explore your passionate side either with a partner or with yourself - maybe even try the best vibrators on the market to add a little spice to your Pisces season 2023. Alternatively you can engage in reading some erotic storytelling or listen to some sex positive podcasts. Enjoy yourself Capricorn! 

Mantra, “I am sexually liberated.”


Hey there all of you Aquarians! There is a lot of dreamy energy to swim around in this Pisces season and although it can be a fantastical zone to almost entirely lose yourself, be mindful to keep one foot firmly on earth. This is mostly because there is a focus on your money matters. It will all get a bit easier when Mercury enters Pisces on March 2, which will make communications around work and ideas flow more directly. Get organized under this aspect as it will be very beneficial to your budget. When the Full Moon in Virgo rises in the night sky on March 7 this is an ideal time to release anything that is not serving you around all things career and money. 

Mantra, “I am organizing my finances.”


Happy Solar Return Pisces! Congratulations, the Sun has returned to the exact same spot in the sky as when you were born. With the New Moon in your sign on February 20, this is a perfect time to pamper yourself and initiate something new in your life. Get yourself into a relaxing and self-loving bath. Water is your element, so make sure you get enough of it this season. Stay hydrated! If you like a bit of an alcoholic drink, be mindful of your consumption even if you are celebrating your birthday. For some of you, when the strict planet of Saturn enters your sign on March 7, it could bring up areas in your life that need an overhaul. Think wellness! 

Mantra, "I celebrate myself, I take care of myself."

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