Valentine's Day horoscope and ritual for your star sign whether you're single or in a relationship

Your Valentine's Day horoscope takes a look at what your star sign might expect and the fascinating history behind this celebration of love

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Your Valentine's Day horoscope comes just in time for you to get all of your romantic plans in order - whether you're in a relationship or not. Although this time is regarded as a time for couples to celebrate each other - it's also a fantastic time to meet people too!

As February 14 approaches, you may well be taking a side glance at your love horoscope 2023. Hopefully, you'll have used the February Full Moon 2023 to shake off any drama in your romantic life (trust us, it's a hectic one) and are intending to make the most of this time - that has a lot more to it than cuddly toys and love hearts.

Valentine’s Day is a festival that divides ferocious opinions. Some see it as a day to celebrate love. A chance to be romantic and playful with a partner, and exchange gifts and cards. And others see it as a marketing trick, maintained by sellers of those material gifts.

Anti-consumeristic attitudes have contested Valentine’s Day’s significance, thinking of it as a commercial, Hallmark Holiday, rather than a day of love. But it has roots going back many generations. In fact, modern Valentine’s Day is loosely based on an Ancient Roman fertility festival called Lupercalia. 

What is Lupercalia?

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Originally set on February 15 in Rome, every year, Lupercalia was one of several rituals practiced on this date annually. The meaning of a fertility festival wasn’t necessarily romantic – fertility was linked with good health and vitality. Cleanliness and hygiene were seen as contributing factors to fertility, and so February and its festivals were designed to promote purification, as well as pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Followers of the cult of the Luperci revered breastfeeding and pregnancy, and young men ran through the town, whipping those who got in their way with leather straps, torn from the hide of a sacrificial goat. Women who wished to get pregnant would get in their way on purpose, as the whipping was said to bless them with healthy pregnancy and childbirth. In comparison with those rites, our modern traditions of chocolate and love hearts are decidedly tame! 

If you enjoy Full Moon rituals, why not enjoy your very own Valentine's and Lupercalia ritual, remembering ancient times, while still keeping things modern, by giving thanks and making petitions to the Roman Gods Pan and Juno? On the evening of February 14, if single and date-less, or on the evening of February 15 if you’re busy on Valentine’s - prepare a little magical ritual. Here's what you need and how to enjoy your very own ritual.

Valentine's Day ritual inspired by Lupercalia

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  • A white cloth.
  • A small image of the God Pan.
  • A small image of the Goddess Juno.
  • Two white tea lights.
  • A rounded rose quartz crystal.
  • Sweet floral incense such as rose or jasmine.
  • Sweet floral essential oil such as rose or jasmine.

Place all the ingredients on the white cloth which can be on a tree stump or right on the ground. This is now your altar.

In the top left-hand corner, place the image of the Goddess with a white tealight in front of her. In the top right-hand corner, the God and a tealight. Drip three drops of oil into each tealight. Place the rose quartz in the center of the altar, light the incense, and carry it in a circle around yourself and the altar. This will be your magical circle. 

As you walk the perimeter of the circle with your incense, say, "I cleanse and purify this sacred space, for my Lupercalia magic."

Place the incense on the altar and light the Goddess candle.

Say, "I welcome Juno, Roman Goddess of marriage and fertility, to join my circle."

Light the God candle and say, "I welcome Pan, God of the Wild, to join my circle."

Pick up your crystal and hold it tightly. Ask Juno and Pan for any help or inspiration that you need for your love life. Take three deep breaths and feel your energy merging with the rose quartz. Focus on the crystal and meditate, and see if any specific messages come to you. Write them down if they do.

When your rite is done, thank the Goddess and the God and release the energies that you raised. Remember to always leave the space cleaner than you found it when magicking in nature.

Valentine's Day Horoscope for single and coupled star signs

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Whether you commemorate the ancient Lupercalia festival or modern Valentine’s Day, your stars align in a specific way on February 14 and 15, 2023. With romance in mind, here are your zodiacal predictions, for those flying solo or if you’re happily paired up.

Here is what the romantic days hold for each astrological sign. Study your astrology birth chart for your sun sign, moon sign, or rising sign. Even better, why not check all three to get the most thorough message?



Jupiter, the planet of generosity and growth, is in your sign on Valentine’s Day, so it is a day of growth for you - go big! Big up your dating profile, add extra photos - maybe even sign up for extra dating services.


Expansion planet Jupiter is in your sign, which means it’s time to add to what you have. Valentine’s Day 2023 is a great time to have that conversation about adding to the family or building an extra room for your mansion.



Your ruling planet, Venus, is in romantic Pisces this Valentine’s Day, so if you’re out there looking, you’re going to be finding. Let luck lead you in love, dress up as if for a date, and go a-cruising. Your favorite haunts are now the ideal spots to meet a mate.


The warm and loving Piscean influence over your ruling planet, Venus, on Valentine’s Day 2023, will help boost your relationship to the next level. Let your emotions do the talking, and leave your ego to one side. If there’s something your partner feels strongly about, be their dream lover and let them have it.



Mars, planet of passion is in your sign on Valentine’s Day  - this increases your chances of finding a date for the night. In true Mars fashion, this is likely to be a short, fun relationship full of laughter, and not a lifetime’s commitment. But you’re a Gemini, and a lifetime’s commitment is not your jam anyway.


Planet of sex and war, Mars, will make this a Valentine’s Day to remember, as it spends the day in your sign. The planet will make the evening extra passionate, but also carries the risk of discord, so stick to mocktails, and safe conversation topics, so that you and your partner don’t end up annoying each other.



You are ruled by the Moon, which governs dreams and fantasies. On February 14 and 15, 2023, the Moon happens to be in travel-loving Sagittarius. This may forecast a new lover from distant shores, someone with a different accent to you, who does things in their own special way.


The Moon is the ruler of Cancer, which adds to your romantic nature, and makes you so at home in dreamland and the imagination. The Moon is in free-spirited and expansive Sagittarius on February 14 and 15, so you and your partner can dream of your future together and plan your relocation.



The Sun is always in Aquarius during Valentine’s Day and Lupercalia. The Sun is your ruler, and Aquarius gives it a selfless, charitable aspect. Now is the time to consider your dating boundaries. Are you keen on someone over a certain height? Specific eye color? It’s time to switch those requests and attract someone with a social conscience, or a selfless approach to life.


Since Valentine’s Day and Lupercalia are always during Aquarius season, it means that your ruler, the Sun, is in humanitarian Aquarius. You and your partner see eye to eye in wanting to help those less fortunate than yourselves. Stay home and donate your Valentine’s fund to others.



A single Virgo is a happy Virgo. You can do all the house jobs yourself, and no one messes with your sleep pattern. Your ruling planet is chatty Mercury, and this Valentine’s Day Mercury is in Aquarius, a sign that’s not unhappy alone either. Take this single time as a gift, and spend the day journaling and improving yourself, peacefully.


Mercury, the planet of communication, is your ruler, and it is in Aquarius for Valentine’s Day. Aquarius isn’t the most romantic of signs, so you and your loved one will most enjoy a date spent doing something useful. Clearing a beach or a forest, volunteering or watching a historical film.

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Venus, planet of love and the home, is your ruling planet, and so romance is never too far from your mind. Venus spends Valentine’s Day in romantic Pisces. If you look around, you’ll find a secret admirer awaits.


Never knowingly single, you are so super sociable that you find yourself in a relationship almost every day of the year. Venus is your ruling planet, and as it governs love, you know that romance plays a big part in your life. Venus is in romantic Pisces Valentine’s Day 2023, so you’ll have a very peacefully loving evening with your partner.



You’re one of the few signs that have two ruling planets – a traditional one, is Mars, the planet of sex and war, and a modern one, which is Pluto, the planet of death and rebirth. Mars is in flirty Gemini whereas Pluto is in financially-savvy Capricorn on Valentine’s Day, so you get both worlds – a big saving from Capricorn as you’re not going out, with lots of laughter from Gemini as you chat to all the singles online all night.


The planet of transformation, Pluto, is your modern ruler, and it’s been in serious Capricorn since 2008, causing all sorts of global financial mayhem. This Valentine’s Day, book everything in advance, and stay in if you can – you and your partner could use some one-on-one time, without overspending.



Both on February 14 for Valentine’s, and February 15 for Lupercalia, the Moon is in Sagittarius. This is a time for dreams and fantasies. Create the perfect relationship in your mind, and light a candle under the Moon to manifest this person into your life.


The Moon is in your sign, both on the ancient Lupercalia date on February 15, and also on the modern Valentine’s date of the 14. When the Moon is in your sign, you can dream and imagine your future – so have a nice non-date afternoon with your partner, chatting about your joint plans for your relationship, and all the places you’d go.



Even though Pluto, the planet of transformation, has been in your sign since 2008, it’s worth mentioning that it’s still there, causing financial discomfort and economic uncertainty. Because it will soon leave. Take advantage of Pluto and let yourself be transformed, be the person you want to attract.


Pluto, the planet of death and rebirth is in your sign, where it has been for 15 years, wreaking havoc with your jobs. Soon, Pluto will leave Capricorn, so take one last chance to bring your relationship into the death-and-rebirth cycle, and talk to your partner about everything you’d like to transform.



Valentine’s Day is always during Aquarius season, which makes it a special day for you, whether loved up or proudly solo. In 2023, Mercury, the planet of communication is in your sign on Valentine’s, so the messages from potential partners will be flowing in.


Communication planet, Mercury, makes your Valentine’s Day date with your partner a lot more practical than magical. With this planet in your sign on Valentine’s Day 2023, you’ll have all the conversations you need, to figure out where you both stand in your relationship.



What a romantic moment for you, Pisces – the planet Venus, which rules love and the home, is in your sign until the 19, so love will be coming to you. Get ready, in case you need to schedule multiple dates with many potential lovers.


As the planet Venus, the planet of love, travels through Pisces until the 19, it allows the pair of you to swim in the waters of love. Especially if your loved one is a Taurus or a Libra, both signs governed by Venus.

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