Your love horoscope for 2023 - what does the New Year have in store for your romantic life?

Your love horoscope 2023 is an insight into what the stars have in store for your romantic life when to keep an eye out for love

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Your love horoscope 2023 is a look at what the stars have in store for you and is a reminder that love, in all its forms, is waiting for you.

Our expert astrologers, the expert astrologers behind our weekly horoscope and your work and money horoscope 2023, Penny Thornton and Sally Morgan look to the year ahead and what your love horoscope 2023 has in store. 

Penny says, "In numerology, 2023 is a seven year and one that resonates with planet Neptune. Compassion, healing and matters of the heart and spirit should be at the fore, but we face a continuing battle with mysterious syndromes, conspiracies, and dwindling resources. Whatever your sun sign, there will be moments of happiness in 2023, and even when times seem dark there will always be light at the end of the tunnel."

Sally says, "2023 is a year of multiple changes. We are already accepting a new King and Prime Minister, and looking ahead to see what this will mean for the country. Things will be different as we move into this new era of environmental concern, green energy, and increased family values. Wellbeing is key, as more communities are engaged and helping each other."

Read your love horoscope 2023 via your sun sign, rising sign, and moon sign - which you can find in your astrology birth chart. This will offer you the most accurate reading for the year ahead.

Your love horoscope 2023


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Penny says, "Assume nothing. This is a year of surprises. It’s also a year when your ambitions could interfere with your private life. A partner could feel sidelined and may look elsewhere for attention. You’re on fire in the first half of 2023, attracting people of power and influence. Late September sets the stage for a happy ending or a parting of the ways."

Looking forward, Sally adds, "Offers of love from family and close friends are highlighted this year, along with more adventures and air travel. Exotic foreign destinations beckon as a holiday of a lifetime is planned with your family."


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Penny says, "You may marry this year, but the journey to the wedding will be a tad bumpy and dates may change. By contrast, if you’ve decided love is for the birds, someone will come along who changes everything. That’s 2023 in a nutshell: the reverse of what you expect. Key periods for your love life are late April through mid-May and late October."

Sally adds, "During January, while the full moon is in Cancer, you’re embracing your spiritual side and maybe joining a development group, this will lead to interesting experiences later in the year. Parties, commitments and celebrations in March will bring closer family ties, as well as reunions with old friends. These friends will become an important part of your present and future life. Weekends away in the countryside with a partner or close friend will be magical in September and give you plenty of time to relax."


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Penny says, "You may decide to settle down, but not necessarily with the person you’re with at the start of the year! You run the risk of not seeing people for who they really are, and you yourself may be hiding your feelings. Don’t be afraid to do background checks or confront someone with your suspicions. April and Christmas/New Year are stand-out periods for love and romance."

Sally says, "A fantastic year ahead when new opportunities appear around every corner. Your spiritual side is highlighted and your psychic dreams will show you the way forward. You can’t take on everything, so choose the best of what’s on offer and run with it. Love comes in many forms and you may have multiple offers, choose wisely!"


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Penny says, "Ditch internet dating for the real thing. Love can be found and fostered in faraway places and at celebrations and gatherings. Partners turn out to be your teachers – literally in some cases – and couple’s therapy could set a relationship in trouble back on track. Think of 2023 as a year of putting in the building blocks for happy-ever-after-ness."

Sally says, "A house move may be planned and spoken about in March, especially if you’re looking to move your family from a town or city to a countryside location. A child may introduce you to someone who very quickly becomes important in your life. This could be a new friendship or a romantic relationship. News of a new addition to the family brings joy and celebrations."


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Penny says, "An affair of the heart begun in the above periods could turn your life upside down, and, in general, people you meet and merge with are agents of change. With Venus in Leo from June through September, love is high on the agenda, and old patterns and alliances heading for the out tray. Early February and mid-August are now-or-never points."

Sally says, "This year is filled with love, family, partnerships, friends, and a romance equal to none. Poetry, love letters, and romantic music all feature, as someone tries to steal your heart in April. You’re flying to an exotic destination in June, and with new cultures and time spent exploring, this holiday will fire your imagination. In September the new moon in Virgo gives you the strength to express your sensitive side."


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Penny says, "In March, Saturn, the planet of time and timing, enters the relationship zone for a two-year period during which you may marry and make other long-term decisions. Reality sets in in 2023 and Valentine’s Day answers a lot of questions. From mid-May, romance has a long-distance aura to it, and some Virgos will start a romance that needs to be kept under wraps."

Sally adds, "You may be feeling head-over-heels in love, but be wary of wasting money on things that you don’t really need. This could be the year you move in with someone new or make a commitment to an existing relationship."


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Penny says, "Jupiter continues to preside over love and relationships making 2023 a year to meet someone special and/or marry. Fate plays a big hand in your love story in April, and an Easter wedding could be in the stars. Your job or your travels could bring you in contact with people of power and influence, and from those connections great things will come."

Sally says, "Things don’t always go your way to start with, but by giving it a little time you should get the outcome you desire after a few weeks. A new health kick in June could see you retreating from the outside world until you get everything in place. In November you’re finding a way to drop some of your commitments to concentrate on the things and people you love."


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Penny says, "This is the second year running that eclipses have targeted relationships. People with whom you sense a karmic connection enter your life and compelling attractions are born. There is also a trend for short, but passionate liaisons, and with individuals who are emotionally unavailable. Forget stereotypes and throw tradition to the winds: in 2023 your love story breaks new ground."

Sally says, "Travel over water will herald a well-earned break in June, bringing fun and laughter to all you meet. A year of new beginnings lies ahead for you Scorpio, start something that you have been meaning to start for quite a while. A new relationship or friendship comes into your life in September, tugging at your heartstrings. Embrace your sensitive side."


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Penny says, "Commitment beckons, and it’s crunch time for a relationship. 2024 is more the year for marriage, but in 2023, you’re getting there. Until late March, there could be friction in love land, but thereafter you’re into a new and better phase. New love interests could be older than you and in a senior position and/or they could be Capricorns or Pisceans."

Sally says, "What a year this is going to turn out to be, you're looking forward to the future with motivation and anticipation in January Sagittarius. You might be considering undertaking a lifetime adventure with your partner or perhaps going back to school for an advanced degree. In February a creative project fires your imagination and you’ll feel like a butterfly emerging from a cocoon, taking your first flight. You feel whole, happy, and ready to take on the world."


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Penny says, "In 2023 it will be more important for you to find true love, unconditional love. In some cases, this will involve leaving a relationship for an affair of the heart. For others, a change of lifestyle/location will breathe new life into a long, established union. The best times to meet a new partner or set the date are mid-May through early June and October."

Sally says, "You are independent, but also very romantic Capricorn, this could lead to relationship and family changes. You want to find the right balance between love and life, but sometimes it seems so hard to achieve. Trust that everything will work itself out quicker than you thought when romance arrives in early April and in late November. Commitments are likely to be made in early December, as Venus enters Libra."


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Penny says, "With Venus in your sign until January 27, some Aquarians will be starting out the year newly engaged or with wedding plans in preparation. Others will find new romance. June is a great month to tie the knot; August is a period when love takes a chill. There is also a trend for meeting or marrying a long-lost love or renewing your vows."

Sally says, "Surprises and sudden messages come from unexpected sources in June. A family member will surprise you with a relic of the past, as they have found something very interesting while researching your family tree. It turns out that you are related to someone of high status, maybe even a King or Queen. Relationships hot up in August when the full moon is in your sign."


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Penny says, "You’re in the driver’s seat. You’re the one with the power. You get to decide whether someone is or is not worthy of your love. Be cautious with new romantic interests – they may not be who they claim to be – and a long-term partner could be keeping a secret. February sings; November is the time to say I do or I don’t."

Sally says, "Making some small changes to your image in January could put you at the center of your social circle. You will be surprised at the extra attention you receive from friends and colleagues when you’re at an exclusive party in March. Your new look will be a great boost to your confidence. There is talk of a house move in December, as plans are being put in place for 2024."

Sally Morgan

Sally Morgan is Britain's best-loved psychic. She was just four when she reportedly saw her first spirit and since then has developed her skills to be one of the top 5 psychics in the UK. She even read for Princess Diana for four years.