Full Moon February 2023 in Leo is lighting up major relationship drama for these signs

Your Full Moon February 2023 horoscope for this fierce and feisty Full Moon which could spell trouble in paradise - so be prepared!

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Lights, camera, action - the Full Moon February 2023 is in Leo and it’s got all the ingredients for a larger-than-life Hollywood blockbuster. The surreal vibe of this Full Moon will likely have all of us thinking, “wait, I thought this only happens in the movies” – except it’s really happening.

Are you ready for the Full Moon in Leo? Mark your Moon calendar 2023 for February 5, 2023, at 1:27 PM EST because ready or not - here it comes. Whenever there’s a Full Moon, we can expect dramatic revelations, shocking reveals, and inevitable conclusions to be reached. If that's not enough, these cosmic events often see simmering tensions or tense confrontations coming to a head. 

But this Full Moon is supercharged, thanks to two unique features. First, the Moon is in the already over-the-top sign of Leo. Whenever a planet is in Leo, expect the entertainment quotient to get amped to the nth degree. It’s a 'bring-the-popcorn' vibe as we may notice that the people around us – if not ourselves – are acting extra feisty or even ferocious. Take note as you may find people indulging in a more performative style of expressing themselves - but can we believe everything that we’re being told this time or is it all just for show?

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We will certainly be questioning motives, as during this Full Moon, the two lovers in the sky, Venus and Mars, are in a tense and passionate square aspect – the second major energy we’re contending with. This aspect invites conflict and tension, with someone either giving you the cold shoulder or you feeling left out or rejected. A decision has been made about the future of a union – and it could cause some hurt feelings or an unwillingness to compromise. Pride could get in the way of mending fences or taking back words someone may wish they could.

This could also manifest as the classic, “I don’t want you but I also don’t want anyone else to have you either.” So let’s put away our rose-colored glasses, to listen carefully to what words are being said – and also being left unsaid. As the adage goes, believe people when they are showing us (not telling us) who they are and what they want. The good news: diplomacy and harmony have the edge over chaos and destruction, thanks to an extra powerful Venus in her favorite sign of Pisces, so stay above board in your words and actions, even if others can’t or won’t.

Here's how the Full Moon of February 2023 will affect you depending on your star sign. For the most accurate reading, look at your sun or rising sign according to your astrology birth chart.

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You’re in a make-or-break moment as this Full Moon reaches critical mass in your fifth house of creativity, fun, and flirtations. Is it time to make a situationship official? Have you been questioning if you should share a creative project with others? Have you been sacrificing fun for “more important things”? Whatever your situation, the specific message this Full Moon has for you is that you deserve to take up space. To be seen and celebrated. To be your true, authentic self. Let your light shine – even if it means walking away from people or places that can’t fully embrace your sparkle. Trust that the right people will. Be bold, Aries.


Tension at home may reach a boiling point during this larger-than-life Full Moon in your fourth house of family, Taurus. You’re a person known for relying on your creature comforts – you want the home to be a safe space to relax and show your softer side. But someone may be sucking up all the oxygen in the room to the detriment of most of the people around you. This is a good time to examine your own personal role in the family drama or dynamics – and decide if you want to be cast in a new part. It’s never too late to break patterns that no longer serve you – or those around you.


When someone tells you a story, there is nothing wrong with adding your own personal observations or anecdotes to it. It’s part of bonding and relationship building. All you’re being asked to consider during this Full Moon is if you’re enhancing the conversation – or commandeering it. Conversations can be tricky during this Full Moon in your third house of communication – but it’s not a problem you can’t fix. First, observe your role and then decide if you’re better served playing the part of the main character in someone else’s story (probably not!) or if you’d both be better off if you were an active listener instead. 


You’ve been getting the attention of people in powerful positions, Cancer. With this Full Moon in your second house of income, it’s very likely that this lunation will soon have you in conversations with someone important who can help you step more into the spotlight. Maybe you’re leveling up at work or in an important partnership or relationship. Being the one who is celebrated or in the spotlight is not usually the most comfortable position for you – but the stars are encouraging you to own it. To take up space. To get what you deserve – and want. You’ve earned it. And now you get rewarded for it. 


During this Full Moon, take time to celebrate how far you’ve come, Leo. It’s highlighting your first house of the self, the most personal place in your entire birth chart. Over the last several years, the stars have handed you a lot to deal with – more than maybe any other zodiac sign had any business handling all at once. But you rose to the occasion, met the challenge, and are changed for it. And it’s your time to recognize that – if not for other people, most especially for yourself. Even if you’re not totally through it, it’s OK to be proud of yourself. And it’s even more OK to know that you can put your pride aside if it’s getting in the way and ask for acknowledgment or support.


There may be a surreal quality to this Full Moon for you, Virgo. Taking place in your twelfth house of the subconscious, you’re having a serious case of déjà vu. But is this sense of repetition a way for you to notice your patterns? A redirect to not just go through the motions when there’s no immediate drama to deal with or problems to solve? Look at this Full Moon as an invitation from the stars to dial back and focus on your own healing. You can discover a lot about the role you’ve assigned yourself to play by noticing how you show up – and what you feel compelled to do. Take this pause as a gift.


While romantic partnerships get all the fanfare and attention, our friendships are equally as important. They fulfill us, they sustain us, and most platonic dynamics are not rooted in needing one person to be all things to you, not in the way we frame love relationships. But that doesn’t mean friendships don’t require work. It doesn’t mean they don’t need you to show up, give them time, and make an effort. This Full Moon in your eleventh house of friendship is asking you to evaluate the quality of your community and the role you play in them. Pay attention to how you feel around certain people – who brings out your best; who drains your energy; who you just can’t be yourself around. Then decide what to do from there.

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When you hear a phrase about the workplace or your career that is rooted in, “everyone in replaceable,” that could stir up intense feelings. Perhaps it’s fear, anxiety, or even defiance. But there is wisdom in that as well. For who or for what are you giving all your energy? Because the push/pull you’re experiencing during this Full Moon in your job is not the role your soul signed up to ultimately play in this lifetime. Do you know where you’re not replaceable? Where your absence would be felt? With the people you love most. This Full Moon is saying, if anyone or anything should get your best, it’s them. Calibrate accordingly, if necessary, Scorpio.


You’re never one to shy away from voicing your opinion, Sagittarius. But with this Full Moon in your ninth house of beliefs, it’s asking you to question the delivery of your long-held assertions. It’s not that your beliefs are wrong, necessarily. But it could be that trying to persuade everyone to see things exactly as you do could be preventing you from the intellectual and emotional connections you crave. Think about your style – the volume, the tone, and the role you play in conversation. Because ultimately, it is all performance. Are you a passionate crusader, a condescending professor, or a devoted advocate? Choose your role wisely under this Full Moon.


As a Capricorn, you’re already feted for your accomplishments and capabilities. But what about your vulnerabilities? Instead of looking at them as your weakness, reconsider that they could be the source of your greatest strength. You don’t have to broadcast them, not if that’s not your style. But this Full Moon in your eighth house of intimacy is encouraging you to put the confide in the word confidence. By sharing your fears, doubts, and worries, you may just find a group of like-minded people who love, care, and support you – and needed to hear that from you. Remember, you’re not in this alone, not if you don’t want to be.


In every relationship, we play a role. Sometimes those roles switch, depending on the person you’re with, whether it’s family, friend, or partner. Sometimes your role shifts depending on if you’re at home versus at work. With this Full Moon in your seventh house of partnership, you’re questioning if you’ve been cast in a role that you never thought you signed up for. It may be time to have an open and honest conversation about any frustrations you have about interpersonal dynamics – and see if you can’t work together on a way to move forward so you can be in better alignment with your authenticity.


Wellness is your priority during this Full Moon in your sixth house of health, Pisces. Your trademark compassion and self-sacrificing tendencies are getting in the way of your ability to show up and stand up for yourself. Remember that your needs are just as valid and important as anyone else’s. Don’t deny or minimize those wants and subsequent feelings to keep the peace with anyone. Not a boss, coworker, roommate, friend, or family member. Now is the time to recognize where you may be giving yourself away to people-please and understand where that behavior came from – and if you can’t release it to be more in alignment with your current self. 

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