Aquarius season 2023: When does it start and how will revolutionary season affect your star sign?

Aquarius season 2023 invites us to connect to new ideas, cosmic consciousness, and embrace freedom in your life - but some signs take heed

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Aquarius season 2023 invites you to connect to new ideas, cosmic consciousness and embrace more freedom in your life. 

The transition away from the earthy and pragmatic structuring of Capricorn season 2022, into freedom loving Aquarius season, shifts the energy into zones of independence, innovation and enlightenment. Astrologically speaking, this weather is ideal for brainstorming, practicing non-attachment and connecting to the higher vision for your life. After an emotional Cancer Full Moon January 2023 - it's potential you may have experienced some – temporary – setbacks. Luckily, Aquarius season 2023 is here just in time for you to get right back on course!

If you had consciously approached Capricorn season by creating a solid framework for your goals moving forward into 2023, Aquarius season is here to revolutionize them. This is thinking outside of the box energy! 

Aquarius, which is the Latin word for aquārius (water carrier) is the zodiacal archetype of radical individuality. Often mistaken for a water sign (‘aqua’ which is a Latin root word for water) our rebellious Aquarius is more of a wave-maker than a water-bearer and is very much at home in the realms of its ruling element of air. 

A true eccentric and a fixed sign ruled by the planet Uranus, Aquarius embodies all things radical. Concerned with the plight of social change, networking, invention, innovation, humanitarianism, political activism, communication and technology: If the essence of Aquarius was distilled down into a Netflix series, it would be a riveting Sci-Fi epic adventure called ‘Paradigm Shift’.

Ruler of the eleventh house of community, Aquarians are inspired by the visionary future of a better world. So get futuristic and ride the cosmic wave of the Aquarian energy and bring more originality, reformation, freedom and weirdness into your life.

When does Aquarius season 2023 start?

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Our airy rebel changemaker swoops into action on January 20 and flies its alien spacecraft upwards towards its climax on February 18. 

Check your astrology birth chart for your sun sign, rising sign, and moon sign to see how the season influences you and which days are heightened for your zodiac.  



 Hello Aries! Last season was all about pouring energy into your career. Aquarius season now invites you to enter the zone of making new connections, exploring new ideas and making plans for community events. The Sun in Aquarius is motivating you towards brainstorming new ideas around how you can help make change in your community. On January 26, Venus moves into Pisces and your twelfth house of the unconscious and dreams. Pay attention to the creative prompts from your nightly dreams.This energy may also want to express itself through eccentric changes to the way you dress or express yourself. Think new tattoo! 

Mantra, “I am exploring new ideas.” 


Hey there Taurus! You will be bubbling over with big brainstorm energy this season. Harness the vibes of the New Moon on January 21 to bring an intention around manifesting some of these exciting projects. Be mindful to not throw some of your brilliant ideas out to the wind. In other words: some plans are best to write down and keep to yourself rather than tell others out of excitement. This might dissipate the energy and also others might run off with your ideas!  Nurture your objectives like you would a baby seed and watch them take root and grow.  

Mantra, “I am nurturing my ideas."


Dear Gemini, it’s a passionate Aquarius season 2023 for you with lusty Mars advancing through Gemini from January 12 through to March 25. Get yourself out there! Networking, dating and experimenting with new concepts and ways of living. Aquarius season is also a highly productive one for you as you lean into manifesting your passion projects. Creative flow is go! Harness the element of air to activate all of your intellectual pursuits. This can involve researching, learning and increasing your knowledge around a topic of interest. 

Mantra, “I am revolutionizing my ideas."


Cosmic Cancerians! It’s time to embrace the magic this Aquarius season. Last season was a focus on your physical health and now this season focuses on your metaphysical health. Lean into some spiritual practices like meditation, dreamwork, moon circles and energy healing. The Full Moon on February 5 is the perfect time to release any obstacles in your life that have been holding you back from your full potential. Channel the strong willed and non-attached Aquarian energy to set yourself free from self limiting beliefs. 

Mantra, “I am setting myself free.”


Hello Leo, forge ahead this Aquarius season! The energy has shifted for you and synchronicities, chance meetings and promising opportunities are flying in. The Sun in Aquarius will be a powerfully creative time for you so take the time to channel it and be productive. Step out with intentions around The New Moon on January 21 and watch them manifest into action. These new goals could evolve into some interesting developments by autumn 2023. Keep the vision going! 

Mantra, “I am manifesting my vision. ”


Hello Virgo, it’s time to revolutionize the way you take care of yourself. Hopefully you harnessed the Capricorn energy last season to restructure the way you approach your home life, it will provide a good groundwork for your innovations around self care. Prioritize renewing your energy during Aquarius season 2023. Think reiki sessions, acupuncture and crystal healing. It’s all about energy! This will help you not only regenerate but also help with your personal and professional life. Even though you have created the perfect daily routine for yourself, the Aquarian energy is encouraging you to have a few radical days where you set yourself free from the grind and have some fun. Energy shift is go! 

Mantra: "I am renewing my energy."

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Lovely Libra, this season is buzzing with social energy for you. Events, parties, get togethers and travelling are all on theme for you, the Sun in Aquarius could have you feeling slightly rebellious so just be mindful to not get yourself into any trouble, particularly around your words or actions. Channel the rebel energy into lifting up others, standing up for those who are oppressed or bringing ideas for positive change. The peacemaker within you may also may feel called to help resolve a sticky social situation between friends or colleagues. Lean into the clear communication of this air season and find balance in all things. 

Mantra: “I am harnessing rebel energy.” 


Dear Scorpio, I bet you are relieved that Mercury ended its retrograde on January 18! Communication will flow much easier now and you won’t be carrying around all of those unspoken conversations. It’s an ideal time to sit down and resolve any issues with relationships, families and friendship. Communicate your needs! There is an emphasis on self care this season. You need to be healthy and happy yourself before you are able to help others. The New Moon in Aquarius on January 21 also coincides with moving into your fourth house of home and family. This alignment is perfect for focusing your energy on continued self care and balance in your loving relationships and home life. 

Mantra: “I am communicating my needs."


Welcome to Aquarius season 2023 all of you Sagittarians! Just like Aquarius, you are a true free spirit, even slightly bohemian and you might be feeling this strongly lately. This season you may feel the pull to set yourself free through travel, freeing up your schedule for more fun and activities or taking up physical exercise. The effects of Mercury Retrograde could have caused frustration for you, so when it goes direct you will most likely feel an immediate shift into freedom. The New Moon in Aquarius on January 21 might have you feeling some humanitarian vibes. Join in on some community events around social causes, charities, political activism or simply reach out to friends or family in need. 

Mantra: “I am standing up for a cause.” 


Hello Capricorn! This season allows you to free yourself around caring about what others think of you. Harness the eccentric weirdo energy of Aquarius and let go of fear of judgement. See it as a cosmic form of self care! Try not to take yourself too seriously and have a bit of fun. The New Moon in Aquarius on January 21 also coincides with moving into your second house of material value, so you might see a shift in energy around all things money. You may be feeling dreamy, romantic and communicative around January 26 when Venus moves into Pisces and your third house of communication. Take the opportunity to get expressive and creative! 

Mantra: “I am not taking myself too seriously.” 


Hey there Aquarius, it's your season! Happy Solar return. And what more to celebrate than having your ruling planet Uranus, that’s been retrograde since August 2022, go direct again on January 22.  This will give you a shift of energy that’s focused on your will power and forging ahead. Embrace your cosmic creativity by fueling some of your passion projects with direct action and watch how they evolve over the course of the year. On January 26, you may feel a powerful surge of creative energy when Venus moves into Pisces in your second house of material possessions. Channel that towards attracting money! 

Mantra: “I am a cosmic creative being.”


Hello Pisces! It’s adventure time during Aquarius season 2023 and all about self-discovery for you. This can come in the form of taking up a course, a new passion, new activities or travel. The revolutionary planet of Uranus goes direct again on January 22 after a long retrograde (since August) so you will feel the shifting effect into more clarity around your self confidence and worth. Push ahead with that galvanizing energy and begin to take chances and leaps of faith. January 26 could be a good astrological alignment around dating when romantic Venus enters your sign Pisces! Take a chance with love. 

Mantra: "I am up for the adventure."

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