November Full Moon 2022 is also a lunar eclipse and it’s about to get chaotic - here's what that means for your star sign

During the November Full Moon 2022 the stars call on us to keep things simple and avoid any eclipse related drama – because it’s in the air!

November Full Moon 2022
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Full moons are like a monthly collective exhale – truths get revealed and emotions are released as the Sun and Moon stare across each other and begin lighting up the sky. And as the conventional wisdom goes, big feelings get stirred up and people often act out in demonstrably noticeable ways. 

That’s just a regular date in the Full Moon calendar 2022! But when that Full Moon is a lunar eclipse that is in close conversation with wildcard, rebel planet Uranus, we can expect seismic activity to give us a bit of a rattle during this super intense, super powerful, and super transformational time. Did we also mention that Mars retrograde 2022 is in full swing too? Change is in the air on November 8, 2022, as the Full Moon lunar eclipse culminates at 16 degrees of Taurus. 

If you're familiar with eclipses in astrology, you'll be all too aware of their bombastic ability to hurry things along - whether we're ready or not. With all the dynamic signatures between the stars playing out at this moment, there is the distinct possibility for volcanic eruptions, unforeseen circumstances occurring, or more likely, the thing we didn’t want to pay attention to or resolve because we blindly hoped it wouldn’t become an issue is now a full-blown, intervention-style situation.

And with Mercury in a tight conjunction with the Sun, expect illumination and revelation around what was previously hidden, submerged from the depths of Scorpio, to come to light. Libra season 2022 has been and gone and Scorpio season 2022 is ready to show you the sting in its tail.

Remember that with the November Full Moon 2022 in the sign of Taurus, this lunation is all about keeping things simple practicing the importance of self-care. Be sure to be extra kind to yourself during this intense period, as with any supercharged Full Moon like this one, external dramatic events or surprising revelations can rattle our interiors and stir up deep feelings and emotions. If you feel called to sit this one out, you are encouraged to do so from the comforts of your own home, cozying up with loved ones, with comfort food and pleasures, and watching the drama and chaos unfold from the safety of your sanctuary.

Here's how the November Full Moon 2022 will affect you depending on your star sign. For the most accurate reading, look at your sun or rising sign according to your astrology birth chart. For added insight into the month ahead, check out woman&home's November 2022 tarotscope.

November Full Moon 2022

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Shakeups in your house of money can seem scary or daunting, especially given the fraught global economy we’re all currently experiencing. But remember that as a stargazer, Aries, you have a chance to take control of your narrative – or at least understand where the planets are planning to throw you a curveball. How does talking about money feel to you? Are you operating from a scarcity mindset – or one of abundance? This is about not counting yourself out – but it is about making smarter choices and reducing wasteful spending. Don’t take any unnecessary financial gambles right now – start saving for that rainy day fund and investing in yourself, your future, and your peace of mind.


What other people think of you is none of your business. With this lunar eclipse in your first house, keep this as a reminder that the only business you need to take care of is your own. This eclipse may feel personal. Your identity could be undergoing a transformation. But just as likely is the possibility that you are letting go of other people’s judgments, opinions, and expectations of what you should and should not do and who you should and should not be – and just allow yourself to live on your own terms. It’s a brave new world out there for you, Taurus.


While you live for being in the know, what if you didn’t hit refresh on your newsfeed for once and unplugged? This energy is urging you to lay low and focus on your own self – and self-care – as this lunar eclipse is activating your twelfth house, the area of your hidden self. Drama has the very real possibility of swirling right now – and you do not need to be in thick of it or weigh in. It’s far better for you to take this time to meditate, take a bath, dig deep, and uncover how you truly feel – and more importantly, why. This could be just the jolting perspective shift you’ve been looking for, Gemini.


Your social circle may be undergoing some major shakeups now – and it’s up to you to decide which ones you still want to be part of. Remember that friendships shift uplift, inspire, and encourage you to pursue your greatest hopes and dreams. Friendships that don’t – and instead, actively hinder, hard, or drain you of time, energy, and other emotional or physical resources – have long reached their expiration date. You don’t need to hold on to a friend just because of prior history, either in terms of longevity or expectations. Align yourself now with more like-minded, like-hearted people as you write this new chapter after this lunar eclipse in your eleventh house, Cancer.


Leo, the November Full Moon 2022 will see a lunar eclipse that activates your tenth house of career. As a sign that’s born for leadership and the limelight, the last twelve months have felt like you’ve had to bottle your enthusiasm – and hence, the greatest source of your power. It’s not like you, necessarily, to be shy, but you’ve been holding back from showing up as your full self. Is it your work environment? Is it pressure at home? It’s time to listen to your heart about where you really want to be and what you really want to do – and allow the Universe to bring in change.  


Your mind is a sponge right now, Virgo, and will be extra absorbent to new and even salacious information. Your job right now is to be incredibly discerning about what you hear – and more importantly, what you believe. With a lunar eclipse in your ninth house of higher learning, your job is to tap into the Taurus way of looking at life - by keeping it simple. While others weave complex webs of conspiracies or salacious gossip, your job is to release the very human urge to give into the salaciousness or allure of groupthink, and instead, see through any lies or deceit. Your power to do so will be extra potent now, so don’t be afraid of what truths you may see.


You’re craving intimacy and affection during this lunar eclipse in your eighth house of resources, but you’re currently struggling with feeling worthy or deserving of it. This could be a time to evaluate if indeed your partner is 'stingy' with their acts of service or words of affirmation to you – or if you are not able to receive what they do offer you. Delving into the depths of your inner fears, anxieties, and self-doubts is no easy or fun task, but that’s what’s before you during this lunation that’s highlighting your need to caretake your innermost vulnerabilities. In the end, there’s a chance for you to see and regard yourself as others who appreciate you do, Libra.

November Full Moon 2022

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Be open to excitement in your love life, Scorpio. With this lunar eclipse in your seventh house of partnerships, someone could unexpectedly enter your life and rattle all your expectations about what you thought you wanted in love. As a deeply feeling, emotional, and intuitive sign, you love the idea of love but can find that the actual experience of it is more difficult. You are notorious for having your guard up, but love – and fate – are knocking on your door. This November Full Moon 2022 could transform your life. Allow old patterns or relationship beliefs that are holding you back to fall away – and make room for something new.


Keep it simple, Sagittarius. The November Full Moon 2022 says do what matters and leave the rest behind. It’s one of those sayings that sounds simple because it is – but it’s not quite that easy to pull off. Life has only gotten incredibly more complex for all of us – and for you, this complicated dynamic has shown up in your daily routine. This is about becoming a better multi-tasker or about shirking responsibilities for another day. This is about drawing firmer boundaries about what you can and can no longer do or carry on with you to this next chapter. Let it go. Cut it out of the schedule. Say no. It’s no longer optional. It’s a means of self-care and survival.


You’re a hardworking sign, known for your ambition, leadership, and power. But are you able to have fun with what you do and enjoy who you spend your time with? This lunar eclipse will have you longing for more of the simple pleasures in life – and really experiencing them. Because this eclipse is promising some intense waves, take this energy and redirect it towards a night – or week – of doing what you want. One small thing or several big ones, it’s up to you during the November Full Moon 2022. But life is too short, and pleasure can be too fleeting to not make more of a deliberate effort to make it part of your self-care routine. Allow this eclipse to give you a reason to relax and enjoy, Capricorn.


As this lunar eclipse rolls into your fourth house of home, you could find yourself suddenly questioning if a change would do you good. During the November Full Moon 2022, you could suddenly find yourself with a domestic situation to take care of – like an unexpected burst pipe or home repair that needs immediate attention. But what’s just as likely is that you’re considering change as a concept – whether you’re ready for a new home, expanding your family, or having a difficult conversation. Like with all things eclipse-related, notice what thoughts or events come up, and give yourself some time to deal with them. You don’t have to do anything right now – except feel it, Aquarius.


You’re craving more comfort and joy, Pisces, as this lunar eclipse highlights your third house of communication. Are you doing equal amounts of giving and receiving? You could feel like your efforts are hidden or that others should just know what you’re thinking and how much you care. But has that led to strain and tension among neighbors, close friends, or siblings? While the November Full Moon 2022 is actively encouraging a lay-low mentality, even showing a little extra effort with a thoughtful or timely response, or reaching out to let someone know you’re thinking of them can go a long way in soothing any eclipse-related drama and intensity.

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