When does Scorpio season 2022 start? What your sign should expect during transformative time

Scorpio season 2022 sees a deep spiritual transformation that's quickened by powerful solar eclipse: Here's what that means for your sign

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Scorpio season 2022 activates deep spiritual transformation which is quickened by the powerful Scorpio solar eclipse. This means that several elements are at play during this highly charged season.

The harmonious balancing act of airy Libra season 2022 has been the perfect energy to help prepare us for the intensity of the upcoming astrological weather: the metamorphic Scorpio season avec solar eclipse! Scorpio season 2022 is an invitation to deep dive into the zones of shadow, taboo, and self-transmutation and transform the areas of our lives that need it the most. 

Scorpio, which is the Latin word for scorpion, is the zodiacal archetype for sex, death, and rebirth. In other words, this serious archetype beckons us to embark upon the journey into the mysteries of life, taboos and spiritual transformations through deep and intense experiences. Because Scorpio is a water sign, the zones of profound emotions and their potent energies are key in the transformational process. 

A fixed sign ruled by both Pluto (modern ruler) and Mars (ancient ruler) Scorpio is concerned with the hidden, the deep mysteries and the alchemical process of the soul’s journey. The planet Pluto, embodies the universal life force which destroys and resurrects. The planet Mars, the archetypal warrior which pushes forward in order to accomplish. Work with both to kick some serious ass this Scorpio season! 

Ruler of the eighth house of sex, death, and rebirth, there is an emphasis this month on looking at all things hidden or taboo. From sexual connections, spiritual connections, and healing transformations, Scorpio season 2022 merged with the solar eclipse will be burning down what is no longer needed in your life only to have a stronger and more powerful version of yourself emerge. It’s time to rise up like a phoenix out of the ashes!


The scorpion emerges from its rocky hideout on October 23 and continues moving through the spooky season until November 21. The Scorpio New Moon on October 25 also happens to be the same day as a solar eclipse. Potent! Eclipses in astrology, in this case a solar eclipse, hold powerful energy that helps to quicken or accelerate any intentions made under that aspect. If you harness this energy for spiritual transformation, sit back and watch the results! However, the powerful nature of this alignment can do some MEGA shifts, so be mindful of what your intentions are. 

Check your astrology birth chart for your sun sign, rising sign, and moon sign to see how the season influences you and which days are heightened for your zodiac. 

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Dear Aries, it’s all about deep healing for you this Scorpio season. You will feel a palpable shift of energy right when Scorpio season begins on October 23. Don’t let it freak you out or get you down. See it simply as a prompt to go into your inner world and lean into some healing. With the sun entering your eighth house of sex, death, and rebirth until November, you may find that your deep inner healing could be around big life events and spiritual transformation. You may be feeling less social this season, but that’s okay! Take the time to commit to a spiritual practice, meditation, dreamwork, or therapy. The New Moon and Scorpio solar eclipse on October 25 is a perfect date for you to set intentions around bringing transformation into your life. Time to let go of some emotional baggage! 

Mantra: “I welcome my spiritual transformation.”


Hello Taurus, during Libra season 2022, there was a clear emphasis on taking it easy, taking care of yourself, and bringing your body back into balance. You can be happy to know that Scorpio season is moving on from self-care solitude to more social energy for you! With the Sun and Venus starting to move through Scorpio on October 23, you will be feeling the fun vibes for socializing and the sexy vibes for dating. Get yourself out there! There are people to greet and lovers to meet. This is also a great time for putting yourself out there with your career, collaborations, and projects, and applying for new work.  

Mantra: “I am feeling the transformation."


Lovely Gemini, your past two seasons have been all about home, cocooning, and creating a structure for yourself. Hopefully, you have created a good groundwork for yourself as we now move into the transformative effects of Scorpio season. You are now shifting into an emphasis on transforming your daily grind as the transit moves through your sixth house of routine starting October 23. Your daily grind includes your habits and your work ethic. Scorpio season is encouraging you to transform areas in your routine that is not working for you anymore. Use the powerful energy of the Scorpio New Moon and solar eclipse on October 25 to bring transformation into that area of your life.  

Mantra: “I transform my daily grind.”


It’s a deep, sensitive, and reflective season for all of you Cancerians! Welcome to the water season, you are at home here. Scorpio season is pulling at your emotions and finely-tuned intuition. This is prime energy for honing your witchy craft. You may be feeling more spiritually minded this month - connect to your inner worlds, join a Moon circle or step into a therapy session. You’ve come a long way through your healing journey. Don’t forget to look back on the past six months to see how far you’ve come. This process is important for the integration of your experiences. Engage in a ritual on the Scorpio New Moon and solar eclipse on October 25 and open yourself to the transformation. 

Mantra: “I am transforming into my best self.”


Hello Leo! The last two seasons were all about the material world and money matters for you. This is all changing for Scorpio season where there is a deep dive into your past. As the astrological shift occurs on October 23, you may find yourself remembering times from childhood or old emotional wounds from the past. This is all coming up to the surface for a reason, in order to heal and transform. Your sensitivities could be heightened this season but be mindful to work with them and not against them. Be gentle with yourself when memories and emotions arise. Don’t punch them down, give them an embracing hug. Lean into self-care through journaling, therapy, meditation, and honoring your feelings. The Scorpio New Moon and solar eclipse on October 25 is a powerful time to transmute whatever is arising for you. 

Mantra: “I transform my feelings connected to the past.”


Hey there Virgo! It’s been all work and no play the past few seasons, and all that hard work will pay off. You are moving more and more into your authenticity and self-worth. As Scorpio season kicks off on October 23, you will be feeling like you are being activated into an exciting new chapter. The energies that this season brings will have you feeling like you can take on the world. This boost in self-confidence will have you exploring new interests and making new friends. The Scorpio New Moon and solar eclipse on October 25 hold quick a bit of luck for you, so set an intention! 

Mantra: "I am transforming into a new chapter."

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Lovely Libra, welcome to Scorpio season. When the tides turn to the watery season on October 23, you will feel a shift of energy toward your self-worth. This is the perfect time to listen to your inner voice and what sort of script it is reading from. Be mindful of negative self-talk or self-limiting thoughts and beliefs. The transformative energy of Scorpio wants to heal you from these patterns. Use the powerful energy of the Scorpio New Moon and solar eclipse on October 25 to transform this inner voice into one that celebrates your highest self. You are a beautiful being. Shine your light into the world. 

Mantra: “I transform my inner voice.”


Happy Birthday Scorpio! This is your season. It’s time to shine big and bright! But before you shine that light you will be traversing through the deep dark Scorpio underbelly when the season kicks off on October 23. Not to worry though, it’s only for a few days and you got this. Like true Scorpio style, you are resilient and not afraid of the dark. Big healing transformations around family and relationships abound. Purging and resetting are in order. By the time the Scorpio New Moon and a solar eclipse occur on October 25, the energies will re-set. It’s time to move through the rest of Scorpio season forever!  

Mantra: “I am working with my transformation."


You’ve got this Sagittarius! This season is all about embracing spiritual lessons and if you mindfully pay attention, it will transform the way you live your life. As soon as the sun moves into Scorpio on October 23, you may feel quite emotional. It’s all good, you are just feeling the effects of this watery deep season. Let the tears flow if needed. It is a sign of healing. Be kind to yourself and lean into your spiritual practices. With the Sun moving into our twelfth house of endings, there will be a focus on letting go of things that no longer serve you. It is also a potent time for emotional healing, therapy, or learning a new spiritual path. Work with the Scorpio New Moon and solar eclipse on October 25 to let go and surrender to the transformation. 

Mantra: “I am open to transformation.”


It’s a new season for you Capricorn, and a great time to move out of the philosophical mode of last season and into a more social vibe. Old friends could be coming out of the woodwork right now either through chance meetings or synchronicity. See it as a chance to rekindle, review or resolve! With the Sun moving through your eleventh house of friendships and the collective, it is the perfect time for socializing, collaborating, hosting an event or launching a social media strategy. Have fun with it! It’s a highly creative time. The Scorpio New Moon and solar eclipse on October 25 is a powerful time to either create or launch. 

Mantra: “I am transforming my community.”


Hey there Aquarius! It’s all about career for you in Scorpio season 2022. It’s time to get innovative and revolutionary. When Scorpio season kicks off on October 23 you will feel a shift of energy that highlights all things to do with work. Big transformations are in store. The sun moving into your tenth house of career will shine a light on the reality of your work situation. Are you in a job that resonates with you or do your work habits need a massive transformation? This is the season to make some shifts into a long-term plan. The Scorpio New Moon and solar eclipse on October 25 is the perfect time to set an intention around your career. 

Mantra: “I am transforming my career.”


Watery Pisces, it’s all about personal growth and expansion for you this Scorpio season. A big part of this growth is releasing old relationships and toxic power dynamics. Endings and healings could be part of the theme this season. The exciting thing about this is that there is a wonderful new chapter emerging:  one that is empowering and abundant. As soon as you let go of that old stagnant energy, it makes room for new energy to come in. Around the Scorpio New Moon and solar eclipse on October 25, lean into some energy rituals with either Reiki, acupuncture or crystal healing. 

Mantra: “I am transforming my energy.”

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