Mars retrograde 2022 reminds us that self-control matters - especially for these star signs

Mars retrograde 2022: Any planet that rules both sex and war is not to be messed with and some star signs will struggle while others won't

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Mars retrograde 2022 comes to remind us that self-control matters and brings with it both positive and negative elements.

Mars is named after the Roman God of war, and his name is still used to denote combat – like Martial Arts and Martial Law. He is equated with the Greek God Ares. It is the ruling planet of fire sign Aries, and the traditional ruler of the astrological sign Scorpio, now ruled by Pluto.

The planet Mars is associated with qualities that were traditionally perceived as masculine. On the positive side there is sex, passion, courage, and drive. The fire in the belly, the fire of creation, making things happen. On the less positive side there is war, combat, and aggression - the fire of destruction.

Those two sets of fiery traits aren’t opposites, rather they are two sides of the same coin. Tame aggression and it becomes a force for good - driving you to reach further, achieve more, and faster. Leave passion unchecked, and it can put your whole life in danger - risking friendships, families, and careers.

In truth, the differences between the empowering sides of Mars and its destructive aspects are as simple as the differences between control, and being out of control. Without mastering our emotions, we are enslaved by them. So how are these aspects affected by Mars retrograde 2022?


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The most infamous of all the planetary backspins is, of course, Mercury retrograde - but Mars retrograde 2022 is just as capable of shaking things up.

It’s ironic that Mars, which normally rushes through the signs, tends to have longer retrogrades. Normally, Mars would stay in each sign for about two months, but when it goes retrograde, it can spend a good seven months in a sign! And this is what we have here. Mars is in Gemini from October 20, 2022, until March 25, 2023.  Nearly this entire time Mars is either in retrograde or in the pre-and post-retrograde shadow.

People born with Mars in retrograde will take longer to realize their ambitions. They’ll take a while to even find out what it is that they’re passionate about. Their fieriness will be tempered, and their determination will be uneven. They’ll question their personal resilience.

During the time of Mars retrograde, as a society, we will observe this stop-start energy within global events. Wars will go through a time of uncertainty when the winner isn’t known. Governments will struggle to jump-start new strategies, and individuals will be stuck in a push-pull relationship with those around them.

When we say, in astrology, that a planet is going retrograde, meaning it’s going backward in the sky, this isn’t a literal explanation of the retrograde. Of course, the planets cruise in an orbit, each within their own, always moving forward, never literally reversing.

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However, people only see things from their own perspective, so from our perch on Earth, we may perceive a planet going backward for a period of time, because Earth is in its own orbit, and so the planet could be appearing to change direction, even though it isn’t. 

The sky, in astrology, is divided into 12 signs, and the planets appear to move between them, so during a retrograde, a planet is going back to parts of the sign that it’s just been in.

When a planet goes retrograde, it lets us experience the shadow side of its regular traits. So when Mars is direct, it shows us both our temper and our passions and gives us the drive to go for what we want. But when retrograde, Mars could see us get caught up in self-doubt, and a stop-start routine. Instead of feeling energized, we feel drained and discouraged. It requires us to think whether the effort is worth it for every desire, and makes us choose between what we really want, and what is just a flight of fancy.

The long months of Mars retrograde in Gemini call on us to get our energetic house in order. Is all the drive and fire worth it, for the results desired?

The previous Mars retrograde occurred between the dates of September 9, 2020, and November 13, 2020, in the very fiery sign of Aries. Back then, we were in the midst of collective global panic, going from lockdown to lockdown, with the COVID-19 vaccine entering the final stages of its pre-distribution trials. This Mars retrograde of 2022 should be a lot less fiery, but the sense of confusion will come about again.


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Mars appears to be standing still in the sky, and then starts to move backward from October 20, 2022. This starts the retrograde. Since Mars rules our fiery side, expect to feel very sleepy, especially if you’re ruled by Mars, like Aries and Scorpio, or if Mars is in your sign right now, like Gemini.

The shadow phase, which is the time during which Mars makes its way through Gemini at the exact locations that it will later reverse, starts on September 3, 2022. Watch out for feelings of unchecked anger or a period of unease around fiery emotions.

Mars goes direct on January 12, 2023, which marks the end of the retrograde, but it’s not exactly over yet. The proliferation of openly fiery emotions and their associated behaviors may be done, but the repercussions will endure for the rest of the post-retrograde shadow period, which is the time that Mars needs to get back to where it was when the retrograde started. This is finally over on March 15, 2023.


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Mars is an intense planet at the best of times and of all the astrological events in 2022 - this is one to watch. During the retrograde, intensity bubbles under the surface. This is a time for looking within. Whatever is bubbling under your skin, is exactly the thing that needs addressing. Check what’s causing you annoyance, unease, or tension.

Those triggers on the inside, the situations, and behaviors that cause you to feel horrifically jealous, furious, or contemptuous, show you the elements that you struggle with on a personal level. The things that seem annoying in others, only reflect your own annoyance in yourself.

Give yourself the space to think long and hard – when was the last time you felt like this? When was the first time you felt like this? Sit with those feelings and let your soul understand its own triggers.

When you can see your own weaknesses, you can start working to repair them, and they’re no longer vulnerabilities. No one can hurt you by pointing out that which you already know.

Your journey to self-empowerment rests in seeing your fury for what it is – a natural response to powerful emotional triggers.


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Check out your astrology birth chart and read your sun sign and your moon sign to see how the Mars retrograde 2022 affects your emotions. If you know your rising sign, read that as well.


Your ruling planet Mars and your sign Aries are so closely linked, it’s hard to describe one without the other. Your fieriness is primal, all-encompassing, and infectious, you bring that Mars energy with you wherever you go. During the retrograde, you’d find it harder to exercise self-control, and your tolerance for fools may hit an all-time low. Make the confusing times pass fast by catching up on entertainment and bingeing viewing box sets.


Calm and peaceful signs can end up feeling quite drained by all the drama of the Mars retrograde, especially since it is in Gemini and so extra active and extra draining. Mars brings fury, Gemini brings endless socializing, and the retrograde brings unexpected pivots, and you can’t be doing with all that mess, Taurus. Take yourself on a social media detox, and allow yourself to recharge in peace. 


This entire retrograde is in your sign, Gemini, so you’d be forgiven for taking this a bit personally. You’re a sign that needs a lot of stimulation anyway, but with Mars in Gemini from August 20, 2022 to March 25, 2023, even when it goes direct, your chilled-out tendencies could be challenged, and you’d get easily annoyed. Slap a retrograde on top of that, and you find yourself feeling angry every time you’re a bit bored. Avoid boredom at all costs, and cruise through the retrograde with a friend in tow.


You’re not a sign that tends to have a temper, Cancer, so the comings and goings of Mars are of no concern to you. In a funny way, this retrograde is playing on your side, since after Mars in Gemini, which takes seven whole months due to the retrograde, you’re next in line. Mars in Cancer will start on 25 March 2023, which will mix up your moods and turn you into a passive-aggressive little crab. This retrograde delay is quite welcome. Feel the joy in this Mars transit as it hasn’t got you yet!


As a fire sign, you’re reliant on the drive and ambition that the fire element gives you. When Mars is strong, this helps propel you forward toward your goals and desires. When Mars is not doing so well, you find that you need to take a step back and involve yourself with your second favorite pastime, haircare. It’s ok to take time to yourself this Mars retrograde, recharge those batteries. You deserve a day off.


You’re an organized and meticulous sign, so the uncertain path of Mars retrograde 2022 isn’t easy on you. As a logical Virgo, you try not to take it too personally, but the extra bit of fun is, that the tail end of this Mars retrograde is joined by the dreaded Mercury retrograde, from 29 December 2022 until 19 January 2023, and Mercury is your own ruling sign. So try as you might, you can’t circumnavigate it. Try instead to sharpen your dodging skills, and dodge each unexpected change as it comes. 


Gentle and elegant, you’re no friend to the planet Mars, Libra. Its open fieriness was never your thing, and now that it’s retrograde you feel that finally, you can see people’s true intentions. Rather than charge forward on a whim, you see those around you influenced by the retrograde, take a moment to consider, and you love it.


As a matter of fact, you quite enjoy mind games and mental challenges, so this retrograde could be fun for you, Scorpio. Mars is your traditional ruling planet, which is one of the reasons you’re the sexiest of signs. The Gemini influences bring a certain unpredictability into the mix, and the retrograde turns it on its head. This season you’ll find yourself drawn to role play, dress up, and all types of sexual experimentation. 

Personal freedom is very important to you, a trait that you share with your opposite sign, Gemini. As Mars spends this whole retrograde in Gemini, you’ll find unwelcome limitations come to invade your individual liberty to make decisions. This could manifest itself in finding that your online banking system has locked you out, or that your gym membership has expired. Recapture that sense of adventure by engaging in fiery new activities, like hiking and kickboxing.


Direct and sensible Capricorn, you like those thoughtful times that make people stop and think. Mars retrograde 2022 is causing everybody else to consider their actions, and to you, this is a blessing. Even though you are as fearless and forthright as the most Martial of signs, you lack the impulsiveness and the ferocity of true Mars signs, and this retrograde does away with impulsiveness for all, so you don’t mind it.


Since this retrograde takes place in a fellow air sign, you may find that some of your favorite coping mechanisms don’t work quite so well, Aquarius. You enjoy a bit of alone time as a self-care strategy. A quiet moment, a drink, a book. Since the Mars retrograde is entirely in Gemini, a sign which is also a fan of a book and a drink, those things might be harder to obtain than usual. Online shopping could take longer to deliver, and won’t have any of the drinks you asked for, so prepare well in advance.


Intuitive and emotional, you believe that love is the strongest force in the universe. In your Piscean mind, good overcomes bad, and a happy ending is inevitable. You’ll need this unbridled optimism to get you through Mars retrograde 2022. As those around you vacillate between open aggression and repressed fury, remember who you are and don’t get dragged into arguments and situations that will soon pass.

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