Helen Mirren's Wordle tactic revealed as she 'quite often' solves the game in under three guesses

Helen Mirren's Wordle tactic has been revealed as the star unveils her hidden love of the daily word game that's sweeping the nation

Helen Mirren's Wordle tactic
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Helen Mirren's Wordle tactic has been revealed as the actress opens up on the red carpet and talks about her talent for the word game everyone is talking about right now.

In New York at a screening of the film The Duke, Helen Mirren wowed in a neon pink cape and a clashing yellow dress as she walked the red carpet and spoke about her film with Jim Broadbent.

While chatting to reporters, Helen revealed to Page Six that she is in fact a Wordle enthusiast, and much like the rest of the country has loved playing this daily word game. "I’ve just discovered it, I love it," Helen told Page Six on Tuesday night. She then revealed that she is actually fantastic at this game and 'quite often' solves the game in just three attempts—impressive!

The Oscar-winning actress then hinted at her secret as she revealed that she takes a great deal of time to finish the game. After saying that she only needs three attempts to solve the puzzle she added, "but it takes me a long time to get there."

It appears that Helen's advice to players would be to take their time when taking on this challenge and don't rush to put in an answer. This is a common Wordle tip that is repeated by a lot of players who prefer to treat this challenge as an all-day event rather than something that can quickly be solved during a coffee break.


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Helen's ability to guess the solution within just three attempts is particularly impressive given the challenging words that have recently been cropping up on the game.

The words 'foray,' 'lowly,' and 'natal' have infuriated players over the past couple of weeks and many have gone so far as to swear off the game entirely in favor of Wordle spin-off games.

There are a variety of Wordle alternatives that fans can try that are a bit like wordle, but with a fun twist. Letterle is a recent invention that requires players to guess just one word.

For foodies, there is Foodle, a food-themed Wordle spin-off that only features five letter food-related words as answers. There is also Quordle, a game that consists of four word challenges that must be solved simultaneously. Plus there is Heardle, a song-based challenge that's perfect for those trying to expand their music knowledge.

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