If you think you're amazing at Wordle, Letterle is the game for only the best of the best

Letterle is the new word game that Wordle fans are obsessed with, but this new and confusing game is not for the faint-hearted!

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Since Wordle became the internet's fixation just a few months ago, there have been plenty of spin-offs that have cropped up to meet the world's need for word games.

Among the many Wordle alternatives, a new completely impossible game has been created by Wordle lovers who just can't get enough of this game.

Letterle is a new invention that challenges players to guess a single letter, and that's it! Unlike all of the other Wordle alternatives, this game requires very little strategy and can be completed within a moment.

It is the perfect game to figure out whether the best player in your family is actually a Wordle genius with all of their Wordle tips, and Wordle hacks, or whether their talent is just down to pure luck!


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How to play Letterle

Letterle is a very simple game to play, but it is not easy to be good at. The game challenges players to guess a single letter, and there are 26 chances for the players to win. 

This means that you are entirely relying on fate to be good at this game as there is no strategy involved or any way you can improve, just dumb luck!

Unlike Wordle, the letter is different for different players and it is updated every day at various times. This means that if at first, you don't succeed, you can play this game endlessly until you get a score you're happy with. 

It may sound ridiculous but fans are loving this game and many have taken to social media to share their results.

"Got the letterle in one y'all stay safe tho," said one player. "I m the best at guessing letters," said another player who guessed correctly in just two attempts.

Sadly, some fans are somewhat less fortunate when it comes to this game."No f**king way did I just play Letterle for the first time and take TWENTY SIX GUESSES, EVERY SINGLE LETTER Letterle 26/26," said one player

If this silly game isn't quite doing it for you, don't fret! There are plenty of other Wordle spin-offs that you can try out.

Foodle is the food-themed Wordle spin-off that only features five letter food-related words as answers. This game is great for foodies but be warned, if you play this on an empty stomach you're definitely going to hear your stomach growling as you think of delicious potential answers.

Quordle is another fantastic spin-off but this one poses a real challenge for players. This game consists of four word challenges that must be solved simultaneously, so it is quite the head-scratcher!

Heardle is a great alternative for music buffs who want to test their music knowledge. This game plays a small snippet of an intro of a song and asks players to guess which song is playing. This one is particularly good if you want to widen your music knowledge, but it can be a real challenge for novices.

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