Claudia Winkleman's outfit last night on the The Traitors is our favourite look yet - the host stunned in chunky green knit jumper and cashmere coat

Here's where to shop for Claudia Winkleman's gorgeous green look from last night's episode

Claudia Winkleman's green jumper and coat on The Traitors series 2
(Image credit: BBC)

We adore Claudia Winkleman's green jumper and moss-coloured coat from Wednesday night's episode of The Traitors and it's got us ready to fill our wardrobes with muted forest hues. 

Like many people watching season 2 of The Traitors, Claudia Winkleman's Traitors outfits have become a complete fashion obsession as the presenter has worn incredible looks for every episode. Whether it's Claudia Winkleman's cable knit Traitors jumper or even Claudia Winkleman's fingerless gloves, which were a more avant-garde look for the host, we can't get enough of her style!

On Wednesday 24th January the host stepped out in an entirely green look that is arguably our favourite yet. And we're even more excited for what's to come – no doubt stylist Sinead McKeefry is saving Claudia's best look for Friday's season finale.

Here's how to shop the exact look from last night, plus some more budget-friendly alternatives. 

Claudia Winkleman in The Traitors season 2

(Image credit: BBC)

Shop Claudia Winkleman's Green Coat

Shop Claudia's Green Jumper

Shop Claudia Winkleman's Hunter Wellies

Claudia Winkleman in The Traitors series 2

(Image credit: BBC)

The Traitors final is fast approaching, so there will only be a few more looks from Queen Claudia before the series finishes. Fortunately, the series has given us more than enough inspiration to fill our wardrobes and keep us going until the next season of the show.

The Traitors final episode is set to take place this week on Friday, January 26th, 2024. Per the normal schedule, the penultimate episode will air tonight on Thursday 25th January, and the last episode will air on Friday.

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