Claudia Winkleman's cable knit Traitors jumper reminds us of When Harry Met Sally in the best possible way

Claudia Winkleman's cable knit jumper in The Traitors might be one of her best looks yet - here's how to steal her style

The Traitors -Claudia Winkleman's cable knit jumper is our latest obsession
(Image credit: BBC)

Claudia Winkleman's cream cable knit jumper in The Traitors is the perfect winter look - here's how to copy her style.

Since The Traitors season 2 began on BBC One, viewers have been treated to some stunning wardrobe choices from the host, Claudia Winkleman. Claudia Winkleman’s green jumper from The Traitors was a sell-out look and Claudia Winkleman's red fingerless gloves were a surprising talking point from the series as fans became obsessed with the tweed-heavy wardrobe choices from the presenter. 

Well, we have a new look that we're obsessed with, as Claudia Winkleman wore one of the best oversized jumpers we have ever laid eyes on.

Claudia Winkleman's cable knit jumper in The Traitors

(Image credit: BBC)

On The Traitors season 2 episode 8 Claudia Winkleman presented the show in the most perfect cream cable knit roll neck knitted jumper. The jumper was so on-trend with the spring fashion trends of 2024 but also completely timeless and can be worn season after season. 

The fashionable look is thought to have been purchased at Albaray, and there are several brands that are selling this popular style of knitwear. 

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Scene from When Harry Met Sally

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The look reminded us of the classic cable knit jumper Billy Crystal wore in the iconic rom-com When Harry Met Sally. The thick knitted material, chunky cable pattern and wide sleeves gave off a vintage, high-quality look that was so present in 1980's fashion.

Claudia's jumper featured a more modern roll-neck cut rather than a crew-neck, bringing this piece of quiet luxury style most certainly into the modern era. 

Claudia Winkelman's cable knit jumper on The Traitors

(Image credit: BBC)

Claudia's stylist paired this look with a knee-length tartan black and white skirt, opaque tights, and Chelsea boot style Dr Martens. The look perfectly highlighted Claudia's style for The Traitors, quintessential British meets Gothic librarian meets panda with a fantastic hair care routine.

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