The White Company's new festive candle is our favourite yet – no wonder it's already a best-seller

Here's why the new Nordic Woods home fragrance has become a White Company best-selling scent

Lifestyle shot of new The White Company Nordic Woods signature scent candles and diffuser
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There's a new White Company scent for this season and we're already obsessed and it seems we're not alone, as the new Nordic Woods signature scent has already become a best-seller since its launch.

If you can't wait for The White Company sale, it's worth knowing that many of The White Company's best-selling scents are determined by the seasons with Winter and Summer being some of the fan-favourite fragrances – this new scent is no exception as it's perfect for inviting cosy Christmas vibes. 

The new White Company Nordic Woods signature scent is already selling out in the form of scented candles and diffusers – and for good reason.

The White Company Nordic Woods signature scent candles on a table in the darkness with candle light and an earthenware jug

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This new unmissable scent smells a lot like Christmas – and yet there’s not a hint of cinnamon or spiced cloves in the blend.

Much like how Pumpkin-spiced scented candles are often the most dominant autumn candles Christmas scents are often loaded with notes of clove and cinnamon, which can sometimes feel somewhat overpowering. Although, not this

The new Nordic Woods seasonal scent feels reminiscent of 'The Holiday' feel-good Christmas movie, with a scent that transports you to a snow-covered frosty winter forest to create a Christmas scent that is fresh and invigorating.

"Imagine the smell of fresh pine, with cold air that lingers after every breath you take," said the fragrance experts at The White Company rather poetically. "After daylight nature trails, you return to a cabin that’s tucked away in a luscious, Scandinavian woodland before nightfall hits. Nordic Woods captures the feeling of seeking warmth and comfort." Ideal for making a home feel cosy for sure.

The top notes of the new aromatic woody scent are Eucalyptus, Birchwood and Amber, which blend to create a heady mix of a fresh but distinctly earthy scent that feels like a woodland walk in fragrance form. If you close your eyes and take in the scent you could very well imagine a fir spruce in your midst, like a real Christmas tree nearby.

How does it differ from the Winter signature fragrance? The original and best-selling Winter scent has top notes of Cinnamon, Clove and orange so offers a spicy take on a seasonal scent therefore is more suited for those who like a more traditional, unequivocal Christmas fragrance.

And what about the best-selling Fir Tree signature scent? The distinctive difference between the two alpine scents is the sweetness of amber notes in the new Nordic Woods blend, making the new aroma more warming than the 'cedar' notes of the Fir Tree fragrance.

This new home scent is ideal for those who want to make a home smell good without introducing the traditional Christmas scents of heady cloves and spices. We're already looking forward to hopefully securing discounts on all the best-selling home fragrances in this year's promising White Company Black Friday sales.

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