The Cafecore trend welcomes cosy coffee shop vibes into your home and perks up your decor

There's a comforting new interiors trend brewing, and we think you'll love it as much as we do

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Picture your favourite coffee shop. Cosy lighting, comfy chairs and that dreamy smell of freshly roasted coffee beans – absolute heaven. Why not hop on the Cafecore trend and recreate that same feeling in your own home? 

With all the latest kitchen trends you might feel overwhelmed to find one that not only allows you to be up to date on the latest interior design styles but also one that you can feel at home with. Cafecore is the perfect example of this as the trend blends comfort with elevated luxury all whilst providing you with a space to enjoy a perfect cup of joe. 

So avoid all the common kitchen design mistakes and follow this expert advice to create your very own cafe at home. And the best part? Your coffee order will never be wrong. 

What is the 'Cafecore' trend? 

Similar to the 'Kitschens' trend, people are looking for more fun and personable ways to decorate their kitchen spaces and we're so here for it. But what is this new trend and what perks are there for incorporating it into your home? 

"This year, at-home coffees are getting a serious upgrade as people look to recreate the cafe experience in the comfort of their own homes," explains Matt Siberry, head of home at Pinterest UK

Matt goes on to say, "Pinterest’s annual trends report reveals the rise of ‘Cafecore’ as coffee lovers are bringing designs from their favourite cafes into their home interiors. One of my favourite things about this trend is that it’s a great way to show off your personal style, which can be brought to life in so many different ways." 

For example, many users are investing in retro coffee machines, quirky cafe chalkboards or creating their original cafe aesthetic with stylish mugs and customised syrup set-ups. And should you be tight on space, trying to figure out how to organise your small kitchen then there are also space-saving tricks too.

How to get the Cafecore look 

Now you know what it entails and if it's to your taste, we asked interior design experts to share the key steps and tips for recreating the Cafecore trend in our homes. 

Whether that's incorporating this year's lighting trends in a warm welcoming way or finding the comfiest seating options for you to curl up on with a hot drink. These interior design tips have got you covered.

1. Pick your designated cafecore spot

Picture of coffee nook underneath stairs

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Whilst you may be thinking that the obvious choice is your kitchen, if you're lucky enough to have a lot of space in your home why not create your cafecore spot in your office, living room or pantry? If you're already trying to figure out how to keep counters clear in your small kitchen then choosing a different room to host your coffee corner can be helpful. 

"The main purpose of the cafecore trend is to create an ambience in your home which reflects that of your favourite coffee shop, allowing you and your family and friends to relax and socialise over a coffee or even something stronger," says Kate Duckworth, trends and interior expert at Swift Direct Blinds

This is why it's important to choose a space you don't mind socialising in and which allows you enough space to do so without feeling cramped or overwhelmed. Something no one likes feeling in their favourite coffee shop. 

2. Warm colour palette

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If you're up for the commitment then changing the colour palette of your space can immediately transform it into your coffee shop of dreams. Whilst there are some exciting new interior paint colour trends for 2024 and classic paint colour ideas for a kitchen you could go for, simply changing your soft furnishings or painting your furniture can also make all the difference. 

Bethany Riley, a celebrity interior designer, points out that there is a certain colour palette you should be aiming for. She says, "Embrace earthy tones, soft neutrals, and warm whites to create a soothing backdrop. Layering rich hues with gentle tones adds depth and interest." 

Might we suggest decorating with a magnolia paint colour to set a creamy base and layering rich accent colours on top to create a delicious coffee-inspired scheme?

Choosing these softer colours and tones has an immediate effect on the overall mood of the space and ensures the atmosphere stays relaxing and inviting. And why not add those layers of rich hues with your chosen accessories and mugs? 

Limewash paint in London Stone, 5L: £63 at Farrow & Ball

Limewash paint in London Stone, 5L: £63 at Farrow & Ball

Looking for a warming, welcoming shade to redecorate your space with? This limewash paint from Farrow & Ball is perfect for a Cafecore transformation, not only does it provide a rich chocolate hue but the limewash texture also creates depth. 

3. Soft cosy lighting

picture of woman putting up edison style filament bulbs

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Once you have your colour palette finalised and to your liking, it's time to nail down the mood lighting. To avoid common lighting mistakes, it's important to go into this decision knowing exactly what mood you want for your cafecore space. 

Bethany suggests setting a welcoming ambience with soft, diffused lighting from floor and table lamps as these will create 'inviting pockets of illumination.' Whilst you might be used to having your main light on, opting for smaller sources such as lamps or LED strips can take away that harshness and recreate the cosy coffee shop feel. 

Why not try out some filament bulbs too? They'll give off a warm orange light that will complement and richen the earthy tones in your colour palette. 

Set of 3 Marsden 5W ST58 ES LED Dimmable Bulbs: £12 at Dunelm

Set of 3 Marsden 5W ST58 ES LED Dimmable Bulbs: £12 at Dunelm

These bulbs are perfect for adding ambient lighting to your space without having to invest in a whole new lamp or fixture. 

4. Consider the seating options

dining table with booth seating in bay window

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Perhaps the most important step when it comes to creating your cafecore space, after all, comfort is indeed key. And if you're looking for ways to create a stress-free home, ensuring you'll use and enjoy your space is a top priority. 

"Create a comfy seating area which is open and bright and allows for friends and family to socialise," says Kate. "If you have a window or patio doors in your dining area and if space allows, place a seating area in front of them so that you can look out into the outdoors while enjoying your favourite hot drink." 

Alternatively, if your fave coffee shop has a particular set of chairs or cushioned bench you like why not copy them as exactly as you can? The best thing about this trend is that you can customise where you see fit so that all your needs and tastes are met, exactly like making the perfect cup of coffee! 

5. Add your coffee station

espresso machine with white espresso cup underneath

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What is a cafecore space without one of the best coffee machines? Although getting the decor right is of course paramount to successfully participating in the trend, creating your perfect coffee (or tea!) station is what it's about. 

Ady Heaton, Head of Design at Howdens is quick to point out all the ingredients of a good coffee set-up. "For those looking to throw themselves into cafecore, then a dedicated coffee machine or coffee pantry is the way to go," he says. 

"Often in the form of a double kitchen cabinet, hidden behind the doors is your coffee machine, jugs, scales, grinder, beans, syrups and mugs. Everything needed to make a Cappuccino, flat white or cortado is neatly integrated or stored to keep your worktops clutter-free and accessible to make your morning brew or afternoon pick me up.’’

No matter what type of coffee you prefer, the kitchen appliance trends of this year can offer you a good quality model to choose from. Why not opt for a bean-to-cup or espresso machine and take advantage of it as a way to make your kitchen smell good

6. Finishing touches

picture of green chair with plants, pink tea cups and a glass table in loft flat

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Now your coffee station is set up, you've chosen your favourite seats and the ambience has been created, it's time for the finishing touches. This is where you can add your personality to the Cafecore trend, no more rules need to be followed you can go as crazy as you'd like! 

Whether you're into dopamine decor or perhaps prefer the minimaluxe look, you can find accessories that suit your style and will help your coffee corner function too!

"There are now so many cool coffee accessory brands out there that you’ll certainly be able to have your pick, depending on the look you are after. Think about all the parts to coffee making and then pick the right product for each job," says Ady. 

Aside from the coffee making, Bethany points out that you can layer soft textures like rugs, blankets and cushions to enhance to comfort of your chosen cafecore space. She suggests opting for natural fabrics, but it's completely up to your taste and overall aesthetic goal as to what little trinkets, mugs and colour elements you go for. 

It's now time to simply enjoy your new Cafecore space filled with the comfort of being in your own home, with a freshly ground cappuccino in hand of course. 

The trend is also super beneficial for anyone who works from home, as Bethany points out, having a cosy yet functional home environment is crucial when remote working. 

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