What is the downward dog sex position? Plus, how to do this yoga-inspired move right

The downward dog sex position might get its origins in yoga but it's a winner in the bedroom. Here, a certified sex expert explains why

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While there are normally very few overlaps between the worlds of yoga and sex, the downward dog sex position is one of them. It's named after the traditional mat-based move after all and looks identical - well, almost identical.

When built in as part of a yoga routine, the downward dog has several benefits, including elongating the spine, strengthening the hands, wrists, and fingers, stretching out the hamstrings, and improving circulation. Who's to say you can't reap all those benefits when you perform the move in the bedroom too? Combined with all the benefits of having an orgasm, it sounds like a winner to us.

Whether you want new things to try in the bedroom, an update to your list of best sex positions, or you're just looking to stretch your legs, this is what a certified sex expert and educator wants you to know about the downward dog sex position. 

What is the downward dog sex position?

The downward dog sex position is a fun and exciting way to spice up your sex life if you haven't tried it before, says Charlotte Johnson, a sex expert and specialist in psychosexual therapy. "The position entails a partner on all fours, slowly raising their hips up to achieve an inverted V-position, just like the well-known yoga position, with their feet hip-width apart and bottom up in the air," she explains. 

Out of all the positions out there, in terms of difficulty, it sits right in the middle between collapsed doggy style and the butter churner sex position. Even if you don't have an amazing amount of flexibility, it's entirely achievable as the partner on the bottom can bend their knees to the desired level of flexibility. The top partner behind can then kneel instead of standing to meet them as needed.

This angle allows the other partner, standing up behind the partner bent over, to penetrate from the back, says Johnson, who works with MegaPleasure.

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What are the benefits of the downward dog sex position? 

1. G-spot penetration

If you're a fan of deep G-spot penetration, the downward dog will undoubtedly become a firm favourite. "Due to the concept of this sex position, the downward dog allows for deeper penetration for both partners and so an enhanced sexual experience," says Johnson. 

"Particularly for the receiver, as the G-spot is on the anterior wall of the vagina, which will most definitely be met during the downward dog sex position."

2. Add variety

It's fair to say that the downward dog could be counted among the crazy sex positions out there. While the move is very standard in yoga and most people will be able to do it, perhaps with a little stretch to begin with, in the bedroom it does require a little more flexibility given that penetration or stimulation of some kind is going to be happening at the same time. 

"If this position isn't something you've tried before, it can help add variety to your sex life and enhance your experience in the bedroom," says Johnson. "Plus, you may find that trying something new creates more excitement." It can be a great way to spice up your relationship if you're looking to reignite the spark, for instance.

3. Suitable for stimulating other erogenous zones

When it comes to having sex, you might find that you need a decent amount of foreplay to get going. That's totally normal, research from the University of Kansas reveals, considering that many women feel foreplay is actually the most important part of any sexual encounter.

The downward dog offers the perfect opportunity for some of the best oral sex positions pre-penetration. 

Plus, Johnson says, "For the women who try this position, as you're bent over, your partner can cup their hands over your breasts." Engaging in nipple play during penetration can make a world of difference where pleasure is concerned, building intimacy, and excitement. 

How to make the downward dog sex position even better

If you find the downward dog sex position uncomfortable, the best thing to do is switch things up, says Johnson. "Doggy style, for instance, has you simply dropping to your knees for extra support and comfort." 

Another way to improve the move but stay in the zone with your partner is to alternate from the downward dog into the spooning sex position, she suggests. It's not the most predictable of changes but the specialist explains that doing this still offers penetration from behind.

"This can allow for 'rest time' and slightly more comfort but you'll both still stay aroused," she says. "Then when you feel ready you can switch back to the downward dog position if necessary."

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