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  • Want to banish cravings for good? Try tapping...

     16 June 2014

    We’re all guilty of reaching for a sugary, salty treat when those stress levels rise, but could a 5000-year-old practice banish cravings for good?

    American weight-loss coach, Jessica Ortner thinks so. She says she has seen the positive impact a simple tapping sequence can have on dieters who overeat due to emotional issues – and has even used the practice herself to slim down. As has singer, Lily Allen.

    Jessica believes most people who are overweight have an underlying problem with self-esteem or anxiety. And this is what tapping – or Emotional Freedom Technique – alleviates.

    ‘As all of that stress and emotional baggage faded away thanks to tapping’, she writes in her new book, The Tapping Solution (£12.99; Hay House). ‘I could finally sense what my body needed to thrive. It was incredibly liberating.’

    Tapping – or Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) – isn’t a new concept. It’s a tool that has been used by some psychotherapists to treat anxiety, fear and trauma for years.

    So, what’s the science? Chinese medicine is based on the body’s meridian points, believing that energy is carried through these channels around the body. Acupuncture hinges on these meridian endpoints, many of which we touch without realising when we’re stressed, including our forehead, chin and collarbone.

    As Jessica explains, this is what tapping is based on. 

’Dr Richard Callaghan, a traditionally trained psychologist, experienced his first tapping major breakthrough with a patient in 1979′, she says. 

’One of his students, a man named Gary Craig, began experimenting [and] created a simple tapping technique which has since become the basis to EFT – beginning with the side of the hand, then moves to inner eyebrow, the outer eyebrow, underneath the eye, under the nose, the chin, the collarbone, the side of the rib cage and finally, the top of the head.’

    Want to give tapping a try? Click through now to find out more about the Emotional Freedom Technique…

    Buy The Tapping Solution by Jessica Ortner (£12.99; Hay House)

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