The Calorie Myth

Ditch confusing calorie math and discover how to eat and exercise right for lifelong weightloss...without the points system!

Ever met someone who can eat whatever she wants and does no exercise yet still manages to stay slim? Of course you have, and how many times have you wished that you could do the exact same? 

Well according to leading researcher and former personal trainer, Jonathan Bailor, you can. His best-selling book, The Calorie Myth (HarperCollins; £8.99), has sparked a revolution across the Atlantic with its smarter science of slim, which is informed by over a decade of medical research. Unlike other popular regimes, it focuses on the quality of food and exercise, rather than the quantity.

As Bailor says, “By eating plenty of higher-quality food and doing less (but higher-quality) exercise, we can unconsciously avoid over-eating and provide our body with a unique combination of nutrition and hormones that reprogram the body, causing it to behave more like one of a naturally thin person.”

In other words, it’s possible to eat more, exercise less and still lose weight. If it sounds too good to be true, then keep reading. Because according to The Calorie Myth, everything you think you know about weight loss could be wrong!

Bailor says that the common weight-loss model of counting calories that go in and out, is basically, rubbish. According to Bailor, depriving our bodies of calories actually tends to slow down our metabolism. Over time, this calorie counting causes us to gain more unwanted weight.

A healthy lifestyle should be easy and enjoyable, says Bailor, and he’s got the science-backed strategies to show you how.

So we’ve rounded up the key principles of Bailor’s myth-debunking regime, including how and what to eat and the best exercises to offset your new menu. See if it works for you…

Buy a copy of The Calorie Myth (HarperCollins; £8.99).

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