The Best Diets Of 2015

The diets driving weight-loss this year...

What is it?
It may sound counterintuitive for a diet to revolve around high fat foods, but this plan from Zana Morris and Helen Foster is all about making the most of avocado, cheese, yoghurt, nuts – and even steak. Of course there’s always a sacrifice, and in this case, you’ll have to almost completely cut out carbs. The idea is that this encourages your body to burn fat rather than sugars found in the carbohydrate foods. You’ll also need to adopt an exercise routine: 12 minutes of high-intensity exercise per day.

How much can I lose?

6-8lbs, and 1-3 inches around your middle, in two weeks.

Even for the busiest people, it should be possible to squeeze in a short burst of intense exercise every day. Don’t expect those 12 minutes to be easy though!

Maintaining the weight loss means permanently adapting to a routine with limited starchy carbs, regular high-intensity workouts and protein with every meal.

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