5 Reasons You Should Donate Blood

This week the NHS launched a campaign that’s been trending on social media with the hashtag #missingtype. The campaign sees the letters A, B and O disappearing from logos and has received praise across social media for raising awareness of the importance of donating blood. Big brands such as Tesco, Lloyds and Google and many more, have shown their support for the campaign by removing the letters from their logos.

If you haven’t donated before – here’s five reasons why you should donate blood.

It’s good for your body

Donating blood regularly reduces your risk of heart disease, in fact, one study showed that those who donate blood bi-yearly were 88% less likely to suffer a heart attack due to the lowering of iron levels in the body. Regulating iron levels is important because having too much iron in your blood is not good for your blood vessels.

It’s quick and easy

The whole process, from walking in the door to leaving the donation centre, takes no longer than an hour and in this time you’ll be asked to fill in a short form before you donate blood. Specialists at the donation centre will usually check in with you afterwards to make sure you’re not feeling unwell and advise you on how to stay well in the hours after your donation.

Your blood could be used up to 22 different ways

There are many different ways your blood could be used to help someone, from surgery to helping a woman get through childbirth. The blood could also be used to improve the quality of life for terminally ill patients. There are many different ways donating blood can help people and you never know when you might need to rely on someone who has donated their blood.

You could save someone’s life

Each donation you provide could save or improve up to three lives. Your donation is an incredible gift to those who need it in an emergency or for those with on-going treatment.

More blood donors are needed

According to the NHS, only around 4% of the population donate blood regularly and in England around 8,000 blood transfusions take place every day – so there’s a real need for blood donations. Find out more information about donations on the Give Blood website.

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