Nature’s secret to an instant immunity boost

Discover fermented foods that help aid digestion, boost immunity and have anti-aging properties

You’d be forgiven for thinking that fermented foods meant big jars of soggy pickles. But what if we told you a daily glass of kombucha could offset the ageing process? The truth is that real fermentation, the kind that relies on salt rather than vinegar, is fast becoming the trendiest way to get a complete health reboot.

But how does it work? Vegetables, such as cucumbers and cabbage, are left to steep in a salty solution until their natural sugars and carbs become bacteria-boosting agents. The resulting fermented foods aren’t just tasty – they’re great for your health. In other words, that everyday cucumber becomes a probiotic powerhouse!

It’s the prevalence of bacterial cultures that make fermented foods such great immunity boosters. But it doesn’t end there. Fermented foods are great for pumping up the energy levels, enhancing weight loss and even calming food allergy flare-ups. Already partially broken down due to the fermenting process, these foods are easily digested, which prevents bloating and helps the fight to a flatter tummy.

In fact, many people take probiotics supplements to boost their health. Probiotics are essential for a healthy gut, which in turn affects your overall health from your mood and energy levels to your digestion and weight. Experts say that 70% of our health stems from the gut so it makes sense to invest in making it healthy! But there’s no need to turn to supplements – you can get the same benefits from fermented foods.

With so many delicious types of fermented foods to choose from, there’s something for everyone. So whether you’re adding a spoonful of sauerkraut to your sandwich, or choosing sourdough instead of your usual white loaf, it only takes a few, simple switches to supercharge your diet with fermented foods.

Find out which foods pack the biggest punch and get ready for a healthier you…

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