Look And Feel Great At Any Age

How to get those sleep filled nights, plenty of energy and a radiant complexion, whatever your age...

The average woman in the UK now has her first baby at 30, meaning many of us spend the decade juggling a young family with a career. ‘Hormonal imbalances often show up in our thirties, which can affect skin particularly’, says anti-ageing expert Dr Terry Loong.

For immunity

Practise Saucha. Kids pick up twice as many colds as adults do, exposing you to them too. Combine that with immune-sapping stress and it’s a recipe for sniffles. Saucha is a yogic idea that flights both problems, says Carol Krucoff, author of Yoga Sparks:108 Easy Practices for Stress Relief in a Minute or Less (New Harbinger). To do it, simply soap your hands and rub them for 20 seconds, and while doing that, repeat a calming mantra or focus on your breathing. Try it six times a day and you’ll create a few moments of stillness – and fight bugs – in one.

For energy

Sprinkle some spriulina. Iron is one of the most common nutrient deficiencies for women in their thirties – and low iron causes low energy and tiredness. The newest way to increase levels naturally is with Spirulina Crunchies, £12.95, from Gourmet Spirulina. One 5g serving contains 5mg of iron (women need 14.8mg a day), and you can add them to salads, soups and smoothies, or mash into avocado with some lemon to make a glowing green guacamole of goodness.

For skin

Try cycling. No, we’re not talking about getting on your bike. Instead, it’s Dr Loong’s recommendation to tackle the havoc hormonal imbalances can create by tailoring your needs to your menstrual cycle. ‘The skin does alter week by week’, she explains.

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