How This Social Media Star Has A Better Bum at 49 Than 23


Laura Gordon has a body most people can only dream of. She's slim, toned, and has an impressive bum to boot! And no, she's not a 20-something model. Amazingly, she's actually 49 years old.

Laura has risen to Instagram/social media fame with her @cttchickentuna account (an ode to her love of protein), regularly posting snaps of her enviable figure through a series of posts direct from her home in America.

Most pictures on the account show off her fabulous behind, and it's clear that she's definitely put in the work to sculpt a toned and enviable bum! Her derriere has earned her a whopping 488,000 followers on Instagram (for some contrast, Helen Mirren has just 114,000), and she's clearly won the admiration of all of those trying to achieve a similar figure.

Unlike lots of other social media stars, she's also not profiting from her online posts. She said, "So far I've only been sharing my example of staying fit as a hobby."

Explaining her goal for the Instagram account, she said, "I want to set an example of 'long term' fitness for people to see.. where a person gets fit and stays fit for life. Maybe in the future I will do it for a living...I'm still only 49!"

So how does she do it?

Laura admits, "My bum was never flat.. people actually made fun of me for it when I was younger and it was covered in cellulite and saddle bags before I started eating right and exercising. Some women have a bubble shaped bum and some are more of a flat shape. Any type looks great when you are fit!"

She adds, "I've always been pretty slim. I have a narrow build so that has a lot to do with it. I had a similar shaped body when I was younge, only now I am very strong, and toned. Nobody ever gets a 'new' body.. you only get a more fit version of your own unique body.

How old were you when you started exercising and really taking care of your body?

"I was 23 when I decided to start exercising. I had been working in an office job for a few years and I was really feeling weak and out of shape. My goal at first was to just prevent myself from being more out of shape!

"When I changed my eating along with the exercising, that is when I started to look fit and toned. It was a great feeling to be fit and healthy, and I wanted to stay that way so I kept going..."

What exercises do you do to maintain your bum? What would you advise others to do to get a toned bum?

"Dead lifts, squats and lunges are easily my top three best bum exercises. Doing them on a regular basis keeps things tight and toned.

"But, while exercise is key, the most important thing to do for a 'toned' look is eliminate eating junk food. When I stopped eating junk food, after a few months my body looked toned. You won't see the hard work from the workouts unless you change your eating."


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Do you do other exercises - running, or yoga for example - to help maintain your bum?

"Yes, I am a big fan of doing any type of exercise to keep fit. I'll do anything from yoga, pilates, kick boxing, weight training, walking - basically anything that gets me moving and sweating.

"I exercise mostly at home. I find that for me, I focus better and save time by not driving to and from a gym. But some people do of course find it better to be at a gym - it just comes down to whatever works best for you. It doesn't matter where the workout happens, as long as it happens!"


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How often do you exercise?

"I exercise everyday doing something, even if it is just walking to get moving. I also do weights three times a week and cardio five times a week, which I usually do from an exercise video.It's easy to fit in something every day."

What foods do you eat on a day-to-day basis to maintain your bum/figure in general? And what foods do you absolutely avoid?

I eat mostly oatmeal, eggs, chicken, rice, vegetables, fish, nuts, and fruit everyday. I absolutely avoid all fried foods, creamy cheesy sauces, candy and pastries.


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What sort of things do you snack on?

For snacks I tend to eat almonds, yogurt, peanut butter and apples, bananas or hard boiled eggs.

Do you ever find it hard to get the motivation to work out?

Yes, I find it hard everyday. Its always hard to fit a workout into the day for me and it isn't like I think it is 'fun' to work out at all. Daily exercise is hard work and it is rewarding, full filling, and beneficial.. but not fun for me.

Having a realistic outlook like that keeps me aware of why I'm doing it. It is hard work and it is a great accomplishment to take good care of yourself everyday. Feeling great when the workout is finished is what keeps me doing it and staying consistent. If you don't stay consistent, you won't get the benefits of exercise.

Have you found it harder to exercise as you've got older?

Yes, I have definitely found it harder as I get older! But at the same time, after investing over 26 years so far of being consistent, it's also harder to quit! I think about how long I've been doing this and there is no way I can stop at this point. There are so many benefits to keeping fit, mainly being healthy, so it's always entirely worth the dedication.

Have you ever had time off from exercising? Do you ever have 'cheat meals'?

I haven't taken any breaks or time off from exercise since I started at age 23! So there are no gaps in my training. Even if I'm on vacation I'll still do walking or yoga. I don't like to use the word 'cheat'.. instead I refer to it as a 'treat'.

I personally don't have treats because they typical give me a stomach ache so I feel better eating my plain food all the time. But everyone is different, and there is no right answer about how many treats to eat. Everyone has a different balance and it comes down to whatever works for you.

Do you have any tips for an older lady who wants to tone up and improve the shape of her bum?

For a woman starting at any age I would add walking a few miles a day to start. I walk my dogs everyday and it is great exercise for me and for them. It doesn't take very long, and when you do it everyday it really makes a difference in your overall fitness and health. Lunges and squats are easy to do at home to tone up the bum. Start with 50 squats a day and 50 walking lunges a day. Put a check list for it on your calendar so you don't forget. After a month you will definitely feel your bum tighter and more toned. It doesn't happen over night but small efforts eventually at up to nice changes.. You can even add weights for more of a challenge.

Do you have any tips and tricks for women to help them look their best in photos? Are there any lighting tricks or anything you do?

I definitely have a method of taking photos during the day for the best results. When day light shines through the window, it gives photos a brighter look. I don't use filters or any sort of editing, so rely on good lighting and angles to get the best pictures!

Do you ever get any messages from people who say that you've inspired them with your healthy lifestyle?

I have received so many great messages from people all over the world. Mostly they thank me for being so blunt about staying fit, and not offering any type of quick-fix potions or schemes.

Sometimes people have tried all the nonsense diets and crazy ideas out there and when they come across my website they are thankful to see a real example of a fit person who doesn't claim it is fun and easy. It is hard work, but it's so worth it!