How To Wake Up Early And Maximise Your Morning

Learn how to wake up early and kickstart your career, health and happiness by making the most of your mornings

Wondering how to wake up early and train yourself to become a lark rather than a night owl? One w&h staffer has mastered it and now she’s making the most of her mornings:

‘It didn’t surprise me to hear that Michelle Obama, Sheryl Sandberg and Ariana Huffington are larks.

What do I mean by that phrase? Well according to the sleep experts, there are two defined sets of sleepers. There’s those who go to bed early and rise early (larks), and those who burn the midnight oil and struggle to function before 10am (night owls).

I definitely used to be the latter. Sleeping was missing out and I’d rather be bleary eyed the next day than risk that.

Then everything changed. I decided I needed to make the most of the day – and with a busy job – that meant waking up earlier. So I trained myself to be a lark.

Instead of sleeping through my alarm and rushing to get ready for work, I decided to change my body clock. Now, I wake up at 5:30 every day and take an hour for myself before work.

Simply making the most of those few hours before breakfast can apparently also make all the difference to your health and happiness too. Follow my guide for early morning motivation…

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